How to Pay Bills With Crypto? Pay Bills with Bitcoin in 2023
How to Pay Bills With Crypto? Pay Bills with Bitcoin
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How to Pay Bills With Crypto? Pay Bills with Bitcoin

Monthly bills like rent, phone bills, credit cards, heating, and electricity are just a part of life. You can pay these bills in many ways, but did you know that you can pay bills with crypto?

If you make income from crypto, you can now pay bills with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Thanks to Crypto Neo-Bank like, you can use crypto to pay for almost anything.

So in this article, we are going to be covering how to pay bills with crypto and what are the best ways to do it. So let’s jump right in!

How to Use Crypto to Pay Bills?

Paying your monthly bills with crypto can be extremely handy, and there are three main ways that you can do it.

  • Crypto Card: Pay bills with Bitcoins and 800+ cryptos directly (use anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted)
  • vIBAN: Settle SEPA invoices with crypto (just like you would use a regular IBAN)
  • Companies that accept crypto payments: Pay bills with crypto directly or via P2P transfer

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So if you are asking how to use crypto to pay bills? let’s break them down into sections.

Crypto Card: Pay Bills with Bitcoins and 800+ Cryptos

A Crypto Card is the most flexible way of paying bills with cryptocurrency. Users enjoy free and instant conversion of Bitcoin and over 800 other cryptocurrencies whenever they make a purchase.

With a crypto card, you can pay bills with crypto, spend crypto at your leisure, shop online, or get a coffee at a local cafe. Card allows you to spend hundreds of cryptos available, either online or in person, in the same way you would use a debit card. Simply tap, scan, and go!

pay bills with bitcoin

This is the best way how you can use crypto to pay bills. As long as the company accepts card payments (Visa or Mastercard), then you are good to go with the CW Card!

If you’d like to learn more about our CW Card, then check out the Whitelist here for more information. vIBAN

Think of an IBAN that is powered by 800+ cryptocurrencies! offers virtual IBAN (or vIBAN) that allows users to transfer fiat currency to any bank account in Europe and the UK (using their crypto balance). This means, you are spending cryptos and the recipient gets fiat.

With IBAN, you can pay bills with cryptos, settle any other SEPA invoices, or bank transfer fiat currency using your crypto balance. is a crypto neo-bank with a mission to make crypto just as spendable as fiat, and this is a major step in that direction! Sign up for an account to get started.

Pay Bills Directly From Your Crypto Wallet

If you’re the type of person who finds themselves in possession of a lot of cryptocurrencies, paying bills directly from your wallet is very handy. So let’s walk you through how you can pay your monthly dues straight from your crypto wallet.

This method involves working with a company that accepts cryptocurrency, often via a third-party app like BitPay.

How this works is pretty straightforward. In your app, the utility company can request payment once you share your details. In your wallet app, enter the appropriate amount and send them their funds directly.

Some big-name utility companies, like AT&T, accepts crypto payment, but make sure to ask your provider, as you might be surprised to find out that they accept crypto as payment wallet-to-wallet. In the UK and Europe, we believe that Crypto Card is currently the best option.

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What Bills Can I Pay With Crypto?

We already explained how to pay bills with Bitcoin. Thanks to Crypto Card, you can pay all kinds of bills in the same way as you would with a traditional fiat debit card.

Now let’s take a moment to talk about the different types of bills you can pay with crypto.

Pay Rent With Crypto

Paying your monthly rent with crypto is more common than you might think, and there are 4 main ways that both landlords and renters go about it.

  1. You can pay rent with crypto directly if the landlord agrees to accept the rent via P2P (wallet-to-wallet) each month.
  2. If your landlord accepts card payments (via invoicing platforms), you can use Crypto Card to pay the rent with crypto (via payment link)
  3. If the landlord accepts cash, you quickly convert cryptos to cash at any ATM using your Crypto Card. Alternatively, you can use a Bitcoin ATMs.
  4. You can use vIBAN to transfer money to the landlord’s bank account using your cryptos (for UK and EU residents only)

Pay Credit Card Bill With Crypto

Banks commonly provide an online payment option for settling your credit card bill using a debit card through a payment portal or an online channel. You can use your Crypto Card on these portals to pay credit card bills with crypto.

Alternately, thanks to services like SwapinPay or SprtizFinance, customers can now pay their credit card bills with crypto. These companies act as the third-party go-betweens that handle the payments.

Pay Phone Bills With Crypto

Most mobile network operators offer a customer portal that you can use to add and remove services from your account. And most importantly, to pay your phone bills online. You use your Crypto Card to pay your phone bill with Bitcoin and other cryptos just like a regular debit card. 

Services like Crypto Refills support paying your monthly phone bills, or mobile top-up bills via cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. They can offer phone bill crypto coverage for over 600 different companies. Which includes companies like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Airtel, just to name a few.

Pay Internet and Cable Bills With Crypto

Most internet and cable providers usually offer an online payment portal that supports card payments (Visa and Mastercard). Use can use a Crypto Card on these portals to pay your bills with Bitcoin and other cryptos that you hold.

In Europe, most utility bills also come with an IBAN (bank account number) which you can use to make payments (via bank transfers). vIBAN allows you to make SEPA transfers with your crypto balance anywhere in Europe or UK.

Water, Electricity and Other Service Bills

You can use Crypto Card to pay your water, electricity or heating bills directly using the payment links or online portal that offers card payments. 

There are also some third-party services that offer crypto bill pay for your water, electricity, and various other services.

Bitpay and Bitrefill, for instance, are constantly adding more companies to their coverage and currently facilitate crypto payments with companies like Groupo AES CLESA, Anda, and Del Sur Electricidad. 

Pay Student Loans With Crypto

It might seem a little wild, but you can not only pay bills with crypto, some people are paying off their student loans with crypto. Traditional banks don’t accept cryptocurrency as payment. 

However, you can use the services like vIBAN to transfer fiat currency to any bank account (SEPA transfers) and settle your student loan or any other SEPA invoices.

pay bills with crypto

Crypto Bill Pay FAQs

We have covered a lot of ground when it comes to learning how to pay bills with crypto. But now it’s time we take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions to help straighten out any lingering problems you might have.

Which Currencies Can I Use to Pay Bills With Cryptos?

That depends on how you are paying those bills.

For instance, with CW Crypto Card, you can spend any of the hundreds of cryptos we have available on any bill you want, just as long as they accept the card payments.

For P2P transfer of crypto directly wallet-to-wallet, you might be more limited to the larger, more well-known cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, XRP, LiteCoin, Dash, and a variety of stablecoins like USD, USDT, and others.

In Europe, you can also use vIBAN to settle invoices with a bank transfer. With vIBAN you can make SEPA transfers (in fiat currency) using your crypto balance.

How to Pay Bills With Bitcoin?

There are three main ways to pay bills with Bitcoin and pay bills with crypto in general.
– Use CW Crypto Card to pay bills with Bitcoin
– Use a virtual IBAN to settle SEPA invoices with crypto just like you would use a regular IBAN
– Fnd a company that accept crypto via P2P transfer or crypto directly
– Third-party service that will follows you to pay bills using crypto

If you want to pay bills with Bitcoin, make sure to ask your service provider to find out if they accept cards or are willing to accept Bitcoin directly.

Can I Pay Bills With Card?

Yes, is partnered with Visa and is therefore likely to be accepted wherever Visa is accepted. However, card offers bad exchange rate and supports less cryptos currencies when you spend you pay bills with crypto

The Card is unparalleled in terms of crypto hosting, supporting more than 800 crypto currencies with the lowest transaction fees in the market. You also earn crypto cashback up to 3% on every card transaction. 

Pay bills with Bitcoins and 800 other crypto currencies with ease. Get your crypto card here!

How to Use Crypto to Pay Bills?

Paying bills with crypto is a lot more common and straightforward than some people might think. To do so, either get your hands on one of the brilliant CW Crypto Cards and pay any bills directly that card payemts.

You can also contact your utility provider to see if they accept crypto as payment or use third part platform to pay bills with cryptos.

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