Card - The Only Crypto Card You Need Crypto Card

  • Spend hundreds of cryptos directly from your wallets, while enjoying the lowest transaction fees.
  • Spend-to-earn: Get up to 3% cashback on purchases with the best crypto rewards card.

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Zero monthly fees
3% Crypto Cashback
Real-time Conversion
0.8% transaction fee
Card that makes you money as you SPEND With card, earn up to 3% cashback on card purchases in the form of our $SPEND token. Why sell your crypto when you can SPEND it?

Crypto Card With The Lowest Fees

  • 0.8% transaction fees and no hidden fees
  • Real-time crypto conversion
  • Hundreds of cryptocurrencies to spend
  • Order the crypto card in a few clicks
  • Connect with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or GPay

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How CW Crypto Card Works

Spend Crypto Directly Our crypto card allows you to spend your crypto directly at any store worldwide — any time your card is charged, so is your crypto balance
Crypto Cashback Get up to 3% Crypto Cashback in our $SPEND token for your crypto card transactions
Real Time Crypto Conversion Convert your cryptos at market price when you pay with crypto card at a 0.8% fee
Free Card Order and Delivery Order your crypto card in just few clicks and start SPENDing cryptos practically anywhere!

The Best Crypto Card You Need

Card Order Options Available in Virtual and Plastic options.
Freeze-to-Order Free, both for virtual and plastic
Staking Rewards 0%
Cashback Rewards 0%
Monthly Cashback Limit
Card Issue & Delivery Fee Free
Monthly Service charge per card Free
Spending Crypto Fee 1.05%
Card Order Options Available in Virtual and Plastic options.
Freeze-to-Order Freeze 290 EUR equivalent in SPEND for 180 days
Staking Rewards 1%
Cashback Rewards 1%
Monthly Cashback Limit 50 EUR
Card Issue & Delivery Fee Free
Monthly Service charge per card Free
Spending Crypto Fee 0.8%
Card Order Options Available in Plastic.
Freeze-to-Order Freeze 980 EUR equivalent in SPEND for 180 days
Staking Rewards 2%
Cashback Rewards 2%
Monthly Cashback Limit 100 EUR
Card Issue & Delivery Fee Free
Monthly Service charge per card Free
Spending Crypto Fee 0.8%
World Elite
Card Order Options Available in Plastic.
Freeze-to-Order Freeze 5000 EUR equivalent in SPEND for 180 days
Staking Rewards 3%
Cashback Rewards 3%
Monthly Cashback Limit 150 EUR
Card Issue & Delivery Fee Free
Monthly Service charge per card Free
Spending Crypto Fee 0.8%

CryptoWallet Crypto Card Benefits

Free order, free delivery, free from hidden fees

Only 0.8% transaction fee – the cheapest crypto card in the market

One crypto card to spend hundreds of cryptocurrencies

Spend cryptos online & offline – anything, anywhere, anytime

Make contactless payments via Apple Pay and GPay

High card limits to cover all your needs

Introducing the best Crypto Card.

Get your crypto virtual card and enjoy our full range of benefits right in the app — absolutely for free. Make contactless payments via Apple Pay or Google Pay and earn cashback on card purchases

Crypto Card FAQs

What is a crypto card?

A crypto card, also known as a cryptocurrency card or a crypto debit card, is a physical or virtual payment card that allows users to spend their cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions. It acts as a bridge between the crypto wallet and traditional financial systems. 

With a crypto card, users can spend various cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, directly from their wallet. Your cryptos are converted into fiat currency at the time of the transaction. Crypto cards also offer additional features like ATM withdrawals and crypto cashback rewards.

How does the card work?

You can spend crypto from the  card just like you would use a fiat payment card, by tapping the card or inserting/swiping it in a card reader. The crypto in your account is spent directly, meaning it is automatically converted into fiat at the time of transaction.

Unlike many competitors, this conversion is handled automatically in real-time, with no action needed on the user end. The Card allows the direct spending of over 800 coins and tokens, while the average competitor only supports about ten coins – the most amount of supported cryptos out of any crypto card in the world… by a lot! Card works just like a regular debit card, enabling purchases online and at physical stores, and ATM withdrawals. You also earn cashback as well as enjoy various other crypto card rewards. To spend crypto, simply deposit your choice of cryptocurrency to your account, or buy crypto directly from the exchange.

How to order Card? Card comes in different tiers each having different crypto card rewards. The Starter Card (available as both a physical and virtual crypto card) can be obtained without requiring the locking up of any $SPEND tokens.

You can choose to upgrade your Card tiers and gain access to higher crypto card rewards by staking a specific amount of money equivalent to $SPEND tokens for a period of 180 days.

You can order you Crypto Card for free and enjoy free delivery. Simply sign up and order your Crypto Card directly from your account.

Which cryptocurrencies can be used with the crypto card? card supports more than 800 crypto assets, allowing you to conveniently spend directly from your wallet. card supports more cryptocurrencies than any other crypto card currently offered in the market.

Users can spend Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Binance (BNB), Polygon (MATIC), Cardano (ADA) and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies.

What are the crypto card fees? offers 0.8% transaction fees – the lowest transaction fees, compared to any other crypto card in the market.

The card is completely free to use. There are no monthly or annual fees associated with the card.

Ordering the Card is also completely free, with no charges for registration and delivery.

We offer transparent fees, ensuring there are no hidden charges associated with the card. Please refer to the fees section for further information.

How to earn crypto cashback on purchases?

Depending on the tiers of your card, you can earn crypto cashback of up to 3% on card purchases. All crypto card rewards or cashback are paid in the form of $SPEND tokens and directly deposited into your account.

Please note that there are monthly limits on the crypto cashback you can earn. Upgrade your card tiers to increase the cashback limits and earn higher crypto card rewards.

What is a crypto virtual card?

A crypto virtual card or virtual card is linked to your crypto wallet, just like the physical crypto card, that allows you to make online purchases and transactions using your crypto funds. 

The crypto virtual card operates in a similar way to traditional virtual cards and can be instantly added to your Apple Pay or Google Pay. You can easily manage your crypto virtual card from your account and mobile app.

Is this a crypto reward card?

Yes, the card functions as a crypto reward card, enabling you to earn more than 6% APR in staking rewards and up to 3% crypto cashback on every transaction.

The Crypto card rewards are based on card tiers, determined by the quantity of $SPEND tokens you lock up for a duration of 180 days. You have the flexibility to upgrade your crypto reward card tiers anytime, enabling you to access greater benefits.