CryptoWallet Debit Card

Load Cryptocurrency to your new debit card and spend crypto directly in all major outlets!

  • Low Fees
  • Chip and Pin or Virtual Cards
  • Online and offline spending
  • Exchange crypto in-app and spend instantly with our prepaid card
  • Withdraw crypto as cash from an ATM

Finally, you can use your cryptocurrency funds as real cash! Crypto adoption is just a click away. Ready to take your crypto funds on a shopping spree?

A Contactless Crypto Wallet Debit Card With Cashback

Load Cryptocurrency to your new debit card and spend crypto directly in all major outlets!

Shop Anywhere

Shop Anywhere

You can finally spend your cryptocurrency on real goods and services anywhere that accepts Mastercard with our crypto debit card.


Converting your crypto to fiat for purchases is simple using the instant in-app exchange feature. Stop the crypto shuffle and let the CryptoWallet debit card do the work.
Unique Crypto Cashback

Unique Crypto Cashback

Take advantage of our crypto cashback feature, it puts money in your wallet – literally. Get cashback in crypto on purchases made in store with your CryptoWallet debit card.


Make crypto purchases in seconds by simply tapping your card. You don’t need to know how to buy Bitcoin or other crypto, as this is explained in-app.


What is a crypto card?

A crypto card is a debit card that allows you to spend Bitcoin and other currencies as real money in stores and online.

Info on crypto wallets with debit cards

For many people, crypto debit cards represent a massive step forward in terms of crypto integration, and with a companion wallet app, customers can take advantage of a host of complementing features.

A crypto debit card is exactly as it sounds, a card that allows you to spend your crypto online, offline, and in all debit card accepting stores, in the same way as one would use a fiat card. CryptoWallet’s debit card, for example, allows you to instantly exchange crypto in its companion wallet app and then seamlessly spend via your debit card, granting access to a host of benefits. Additionally, you can also withdraw cash from ATMs, and engage in cashback and low fees.

With a debit card connected to your wallet app, individuals are enabled to spend their crypto with something as easy as contactless payment, with added perks such as low conversion fees, unique crypto cashback reward systems, and broad stroke integration of one’s funds.

By having your wallet app system seamlessly paired with a crypto debit card, users are enabled to spend crypto anywhere and potentially save themselves money in the process.

How does a crypto card work?

The card works just like any other debit card, but gives you the option to spend cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies. Our crypto debit card is a prepaid card, meaning you’ll need to top it up with funds to use it.

How can I get a CW Debit Card?

To get a CryptoWallet debit card, simply download the app and order your card directly in the app. Your card will be delivered to your home for free!

How can I activate and top up my card?

You can activate your card in our app and then top up by wire transfer, credit card, or with existing crypto funds. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to add funds.

Where can I use my cryptocurrency debit card?

You can use the card with any merchant that accepts regular debit cards, allowing you to spend crypto just about anywhere!

What's the best cryptocurrency wallet with a debit card?

In a market that’s changing as fast as cryptocurrency, it’s difficult to say that one system is authoritatively better than another. While it is certainly true that some systems provide better rates, better security, a clean reputation, and better customer support, individuals’ needs will differ, so it’s impossible to say there’s a ‘one size fits all’ kind of answer.

Instead, allow us to highlight our very own cryptocurrency wallet and debit card pairing, and perhaps help you get a better grasp of the type of system that you might be looking for.

CryptoWallets’s integrated wallet to debit card system is one of the newer options available on the market, and as such has had the benefit of learning from its forebears. This system offers a simple and easy-to-use app, that’s straightforward to navigate and easy on the eyes. With the surprisingly rare benefit of top-tier customer support and the backing of a world leader in bitcoin payment processing, BitGo, CyrptoWallet has a healthy mixture of good design, customer care, and security.

While still in its early stages, with new features planned for the future, this system has already shown itself to be a popular choice amongst crypto enthusiasts, newcomers, and those looking to work crypto into their daily lives.

Can you get a Bitcoin wallet with a debit card?


If you are looking for a Bitcoin wallet system that has the integrated option of a debit card, there are many different options available to you. We here at CryptoWallet offer our own integrated app system, with its own native card that allows you to quickly and easily spend your Bitcoin online, offline, and in all debit card accepting stores. So if you are in the market, our system might be worth taking a look at.

While it certainly has been an interesting year for crypto, with quite a few ups and downs, crypto debit cards represent a key step forward for the technology in terms of widespread, daily crypto integration into the financial lives of millions of people. As such many different providers are rushing to meet this demand, enticing potential customers with differing rates, unique cashback systems, and perks. This has led to some very public successes and some very public embarrassments for certain vendors.

Therefore it’s always a good idea for savvy customers looking to avail of this system to look for a provider with good rates, customer support, and a clean reputation when shopping around for a bitcoin wallet–to-debit card vendor that suits them.

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