Who Accepts Bitcoin? 50 Companies that Accept Bitcoin [2023]
Who Accepts Bitcoin as Payment? 50+ Companies that Accept Bitcoin
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Who Accepts Bitcoin as Payment? 50+ Companies that Accept Bitcoin

As of 2023, there is no denying that Bitcoin (BTC) is a major financial entity in global economics. However, as with any currency, its value lies in the ability to spend it. Therefore many people are asking the question How can I spend my Bitcoin?

In this guide, we have explored “Who accepts Bitcoin” and compiled a comprehensive list of which online stores, retailers, and companies that accept Bitcoin payments in 2023.  

Moreover, as Bitcoin gains popularity as an alternative form of currency, you no longer need to look for companies accepting Bitcoin payments. Crypto cards (or Bitcoin cards) allow you to spend Bitcoins practically anywhere, directly from your BTC wallet!

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How to Spend Bitcoins?

If you are currently holding Bitcoin and wish to spend it, then you have a range of options. 

Companies that accept Bitcoin: As Bitcoin has garnered global attention, the number of companies that accept Bitcoin has increased correspondingly. Companies accepting Bitcoins will typically have a crypto payment option at the online checkout.

Gift card purchase: Another option for purchasing products with Bitcoin is to purchase a gift card. If the company does not accept Bitcoin payments, it is often still possible to buy a gift card for that company with Bitcoin. The Gift card can then be used to purchase products on its respective site. There are a number of sites which facilitate this, such as Coinsbee and Bitpay. These sites offer gift cards for companies such as Amazon, Starbuck, Zara, Playstation, etc.

Crypto Card: Another way of spending Bitcoin is to obtain a crypto card. Crypto cards are directly linked to your crypto wallet and will automatically convert cryptocurrency into your local fiat currency. There are various reputable crypto card providers and they will have varying fees, perks and benefits. 

Crypto debit card - pay with crypto card

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Who Accepts Bitcoin Payment in the UK?

As of 2023, throughout the UK, there are many retailers and companies that accept Bitcoin as payment. To give an overview of the diverse range of products and services available, we have compiled a list of assorted, crypto friendly, companies for our UK readers.

  1. Express VPN  A popular VPN service that offers subscriptions paid with Bitcoin.
  2. Twitch: Amazon-owned game streaming platform accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment for its services.
  3. It’s A Mod Thing: This clothing shop sells vintage clothing and interesting furniture for crypto.
  4. C.W. Sellors: This high quality jewelers sells jewelry and luxury watches for Bitcoin.
  5. Cheap Air: A travel agency, which sells cheap flights with the possibility to pay in crypto. 
  6. Bimble Solar: This is a renewable energy company which sells solar panels, kits and accessories which allows payment in Bitcoin.
  7. Hosting.co.uk: This is a web hosting company who takes payment in Bitcoin. 
  8. Girl Meets Dress: This is a clothing company which specializes in renting designer dresses out for events.
  9. Academy For Distance Learning: This company provides flexible online learning, with fees payable in Bitcoin. 
  10. The Real Rug Company: This company provides high quality carpets and rugs for Bitcoin. 
  11. Art Galleries Direct: This company enables its customers to buy art using cryptocurrencies. 
  12. Maths Gear: This toy company sells interesting toys and puzzles, all available to purchase with Bitcoin.
  13. Prestige Kent Cars: An automobile dealership which will allow its customers to pay for cars and accessories in Bitcoin. 
  14. Private Fly: This company charters private jets for Bitcoin.
  15. 5wire.co.uk: An online retailer offering a wide range of products, from electronics to home appliances, and accepting Bitcoin as a payment option.
  16. Academy for Distance Learning: An educational institution providing distance learning courses and accepting Bitcoin payments for course enrollment.
  17. Bimble Solar: Specializing in solar power solutions, Bimble Solar allows customers to purchase solar panels and related products using Bitcoin.
  18. BitFolk: A UK-based virtual private server provider that accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment for their hosting services.
  19. Earth VPN: A virtual private network service allowing users to safeguard their online privacy, accepting Bitcoin payments for subscriptions.
  20. Jura Watches: A luxury watch retailer accepting Bitcoin as an alternative payment option for premium timepieces.
  21. Manchester VPS: A Manchester-based virtual private server provider that enables users to pay for hosting services using Bitcoin.
  22. Maths Gear: An online store offering unique and quirky math-related products, now accepting Bitcoin payments.
  23. Mullvad: A privacy-focused VPN provider allowing users to subscribe to their services using Bitcoin for enhanced anonymity.
  24. My Pashmina: Specializing in luxurious pashmina products, this retailer now offers the convenience of Bitcoin payments.
  25. Nitrous Networks: A game server hosting company accepting Bitcoin payments for their hosting services.
  26. Prestige Kent Cars: A luxury car dealership in Kent that embraces Bitcoin as a payment option for exclusive vehicle purchases.
  27. Private Internet Access: A renowned VPN service enabling users to pay with Bitcoin for enhanced online security and privacy.
  28. The Real Rug Company: A rug retailer accepting Bitcoin as an alternative payment method for their exquisite rug collections.
  29. The Seedbox Company: A seedbox hosting provider catering to users seeking privacy in their online torrenting activities, accepting Bitcoin payments.
  30. W Hamond: A renowned jeweler offering high-quality jewelry pieces, now allowing customers to purchase using Bitcoin.

Source (As of 20 April 2023). If you are looking for a more detailed list of crypto merchants then Bitcoin.com has one of the the best lists available.

who accept bitcoins

Companies That Accept Bitcoin in the US and Canada

If you are asking who accepts Bitcoin in the US, here is the list of major companies accepting Bitcoin as payment:

  1. Microsoft: accepts Bitcoin payments to top up Microsoft accounts, resuming the service after a brief suspension.
  2. Wikipedia: Wikimedia, the operator of Wikipedia, accepts Bitcoin donations through BitPay.
  3. Gyft: One of the biggest online marketplaces to buy & send gift cards online of some of the most popular brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Adidas, Playstation, etc. The company accepts Bitcoins and other cryptos as payments
  4. Travala: Cryptocurrency-friendly OTA providing travel services like hotel lodging and tours, accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum payments.
  5. Pizza Hut: In Venezuela, Pizza Hut allows purchases with Bitcoin following economic sanctions, indicating growing cryptocurrency acceptance.
  6. airBlatics: Back in 2014, airBaltic made history as the first airline to accept Bitcoin payments for flight tickets. In partnership with BitPay, airBaltic has extended its acceptance to include other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Dogecoin, and more, enabling customers to make bookings on their website using these digital assets.
  7. CheapAir: Online travel agency accepting Bitcoin to book flight tickets.
  8. Express VPN  One of the most popular VPN services that offers subscriptions paid with Bitcoin.
  9. Subway: Some branches (status uncertain) accept Bitcoin as payment for sandwiches.
  10. Twitch: Amazon-owned game streaming platform accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment for its services.
  11. NewEgg: Online retailer of computer hardware and electronics, an early adopter of Bitcoin payments.
  12. Virgin Galactic: Richard Branson’s company allows payment for space travel with Bitcoins.
  13. AMC: The American movie theatre chain plans to accept Bitcoin as payment for movie tickets across all its US theatres by the end of 2021.
  14. Mega.nz: Cloud storage and file hosting service accepts Bitcoin for account upgrades.
  15. AT&T: Offers cryptocurrency payment options to customers, becoming the first major US mobile carrier to do so.
  16. Burger King: The online website launched a Burger King Crypto Program that included crypto giveaways. Outlets in Venezuela accept various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether through a partnership with Cryptobuyer. Additionally, the German branch accepts Bitcoin on its website and mobile app (as of Sept 2019).
  17. Dallas Mavericks: Accepts Bitcoin for game tickets and merchandise purchases processed by BitPay through the team’s website.
  18. KFC Canada: Accepted Bitcoin temporarily in exchange for the “Bitcoin Bucket” delivered to customers’ addresses through BitPay.
  19. Miami Dolphins: Intends to accept Litecoin and Bitcoin for purchasing game tickets for the team’s 50/50 raffle, with proceeds benefiting charitable causes.
  20. Namecheap: A domain name registration company that accept Bitcoin payments since 2013.


Crypto Card: No Need to Find Who Accepts Bitcoin as a Payment

Crypto cards are debit cards directly linked to your crypto wallet. These cards act like any other debit card and can be used in any establishment which accepts debit card payments. These cards are a bridge between  the traditional fiat spending system and the cryptosystem.

When using a crypto card it will take the equivalent amount of crypto currency out of your crypto wallet and trade it directly for the local fiat currency. You can even take cash out at ATMs. 

crypto card - spend bitcoin and cryptos

While they make spending Bitcoin easier and more intuitive than ever before, they will charge a small networking fee, so be sure to inform yourself of the terms and conditions.  They also convert crypto in real time, so your holding can fluctuate violently up or down with the market. To help you choose your crypto card here is a link to the top ten best crypto cards in Europe.

The CryptoWallet.com crypto card launching in Q4 of 2023 has the most amount of cryptos and the lowest fees in the world – join the whitelist to order one now!

Who Accepts Bitcoin? (Indirectly via Gift Cards)

There is an abundance of online shops, retailers and companies that will not accept payment in crypto currency but have the option of purchasing a gift card with crypto. You can then spend that gift card on products or services from that company. If you wish to buy a crypto gift card then you can do so at Coinsbee or Bitpay.  

Here is an overview of the diverse companies that have gift cards available to purchase for crypto. 

There is an abundance of online shops, retailers and companies that will not accept payment in crypto currency but have the option of purchasing a gift card with crypto on platforms like Gyft or Bitpay. 

buy gift card with Bitcoins

You can then spend that gift card on products or services from that company. This is one of the best ways to spend Bitcoin (throigh Gift Cards) at some of the top brands in the world including 


  • Adidas
  • Starbucks
  • Playstation
  • Taco Bell
  • Uber
  • Twitch
  • Hotels.com
  • Domino’s
  • GAP
  • Burger King
  • Airbnb
  • Nike

and many others. Find the complete list of gift cards you can buy with Bitcoin at Gyft.

Bitcoin as a Payment Method

Initially, Bitcoin was primarily used by individuals trading on the internet. Then around 2014, cryptocurrencies started moving from the private world into everyday life when companies like Overstock and TigerDirect, started to accept Bitcoin.

Due to its nature, Bitcoin has several extremely advantageous elements when used as currency. It is decentralized and allows peer-to-peer transactions, which means transferring funds between countries is a non-issue. It is unforgeable due to its blockchain software. 

It also has a hard cap of twenty one million Bitcoin that can ever be minted, so it will never be subject to inflation. With all these amazing features Bitcoin is garnering a lot of interest from companies around the world and more and more businesses are starting to accept Bitcoin payments. 

Paying with Bitcoin can have its drawbacks as well, there can be high volatility in day to day prices which makes planning ahead essential. Furthermore, while it has been widely accepted, many countries have harsh regulations or even outright bans on Bitcoin trading. 

Despite these minor drawbacks, paying with Bitcoin remains an attractive payment option for businesses around the world. This article will discuss companies, retailers and online stores that accept Bitcoin as payment.

How to Accept Bitcoin Payments?

Now that there are so many ways to spend Bitcoin, you may be wondering if it is possible to get paid in Bitcoin. With the integration of crypto currencies into global economic institutions, getting paid in Bitcoin has become a possibility in many parts of the world. 

how to buy things with bitcoin

However, countries such as China, India and Nigeria have banned Crypto currency transactions and many other countries have severe limitations, If you are a UK reader then you can find a tax guide here, if you are from elsewhere can check your country’s crypto regulations here

To get paid in Bitcoin you will need a crypto wallet, you can set up a crypto wallet here. Once you have a crypto wallet set up there are many options for accepting Bitcoin payments. The easiest way to receive Bitcoin is to send your crypto wallet address to your client, from there your client can pay crypto directly into your wallet. You can read an in depth article about getting paid in Bitcoin here.

FAQs: Who Accepts Bitcoin?

Can Bitcoin be Converted to Cash?

It is currently possible to convert Bitcoins to cash using one of 3 methods:

Withdraw fiat from a Bitcoin ATM: some countries allow Bitcoin ATMs that will directly convert Bitcoins (from your BTC wallet) to cash.

Withdraw cash from a normal ATM using a crypto card: With a crypto cards you can withdraw cash with your crypto wallet at a normal ATM although there usually is a low limit of how much you can take out per day.

Sell your Bitcoin for Cash on CryptoWallet. Sell Bitcoins online and transfer the cash to your bank account. 

Does Amazon Accept Bitcoin? 

Currently, Amazon does not accept Bitcoin as payment. If you want to make a purchase on Amazon you can either pay with a Bitcoin Debit card or purchase amazon gift cards with Bitcoin.

Does Microsoft Still Accept Bitcoin?

Microsoft was one of the earliest companies to start accepting Bitcoin, they briefly stopped taking Bitcoin for a period around 2018, however, they are currently accepting Bitcoin as payment.

Does Starbucks Accept Bitcoin? 

Starbucks does not accept Bitcoin. However, you can purchase a Starbucks gift cards from popular gift card marketplaces that accept Bitcoons such as Coinsbee or Gyft or use your Crypto Card or Bitcoin Debit Card to pay directly at the stores. 

Crypto Card allows you to buy you daily morning coffee with Bitcoins (directly from your BTC wallet).

Do Hotels Accept Bitcoin? 

While most hotels do not accept Bitcoin, You can use a third-party websites and agencies like Travala to book certain hotels using a range of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. You can also use a crypto card for booking hotels, at any online website or hotel that accept cards payments (Visa and MasterCard).

Alternatively, you can also buy gift cards of popular hotel booking platforms like Hotel.com and Booking.com with Bitcoin.

What Can I Buy with Bitcoin?

What can’t you buy with Bitcoin? Bitcoin is gaining more and more acceptance worldwide and with more acceptance comes more possibilities. Bitcoin is a currency and like any currency, you can buy a wide variety of products and services, directly and indirectly.

The best way to buy almost ANYTHING with Bitcoin is using a crypto card (a.k.a Bitcoin debit card). Crypto Card allows you to spend Bitcoin directly from your BTC wallet. The Bitcoin is converted to fiat at the poit of sale at market price.

For a more in-depth look at what is available to buy you can check out our detailed guide on what can you buy with Bitcoin.

Does eBay Accept Bitcoin in the UK?

Ebay.co.uk does not currently accept Bitcoin as payment. However, you can use a Crypto Card to make purchases with Bitcoin on eBay and buy anything you want.

Does Apple accept Bitcoin?

Apple does not accept Bitcoin in the UK. It is possible to pay for Apple products such as iPhones and Macbooks from third party retailers that accept Bitcoin payments.

The best way to buy Apple products with Bitcoin is using a Crypto Card. You can spend Bitcoins directly from your wallet to buy iPhones from anywhere where card payments are accepted. 

Alternatively, you can also buy Apple gift cards or iTunes gift card with Bitcoins on popular gift card marketplace like Gyft. 

Does Tesla accept Bitcoin payments in the UK?

Tesla does not accept Bitcoin as payment in the UK, but you can purchase certain Tesla accessories with Dogecoin. These products will be clearly marked on the Tesla website.

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