Limited access to allocation to get a card!

  • Crypto is money.
  • Why not spend money on things you need?

Spending crypto is something that can get tedious with all the hassle that comes with converting it to fiat. Spend your time and money on what matters with’s Crypto Card. The offer is limited for early birds only – don’t miss your chance to get on the Whitelist!

Coming Soon Q3 2023

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What are we offering?

  • Enjoy with higher staking rewards (6% per whole period)
  • Early access to the token public sale
  • Exclusive Roles on Discord channel
  • Airdrop special Early Adopter NFT profile pic in your account
  • Exclusive access to private Discord channel with special lotteries
  • Partnership program’s bonuses
  • Airdrop of in–game tokens
  • Early access to ecosystem upcoming products

Early Access

Early Access to preorder the first 10,000 Limited cards.

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Limited card allocation with only 10,000 cards available

Special conditions for Whitelist members only