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Hello family! If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that we love to reward our users for being a part of our growing community. That’s why we’re launching this exciting new rewards program with lots of opportunities to earn crypto!

This time, we’ve planned something a little different – we’re going on a quest together. You’ll be rewarded in crypto, and also in a whole lot of brand new Web3 experience that will put you ahead of the vast majority of crypto users in the world!

Strap in – this is an epic journey through Web3 that you’ll never forget.


First things first – make sure you’re registered on our Discord! Simply log in and react to the welcome message with a thumbs up to get started.

After that, visit the #server-roles channel and click on the button in the last message – you’ll be redirected to guild.xzy where you can claim your new Discord role!

Once you’re all set, onto the next step!

Complete the Web3 Quest and Receive 3 Discord Roles

OK, so here’s the deal. If you weren’t already a Web3 power-user, you’re about to become one! This rewards quest spans multiple different platforms throughout the Web3 space, including Mirror, Zealy, and Link3.

Every time you complete the activity we have set out for you on one of these platforms, you’ll get a new role on Discord!

And we have a very special role laid out for people who complete the whole quest and get all 3 roles combined.

Discord Roles

Mirror — Reflective

Zealy — GangGang (get via Zealy quest)

Link3 — Connective Champion

Be sure to use the same wallet address for all the activities!

Verify Progress on

Ready to get started?

To begin our journey, we’ll need to verify the completion of activities on

Connect your wallet as well as Discord and Twitter accounts to get set up. We have a bot in the #server-roles channel in our Discord – when you’ve completed an activity, use the bot to confirm the task!

Click “Join CryptoWallet Guild” in the bot options and you can view open roles and receive new roles when you’re finished a task.

You can complete tasks in any order, but the Zealy quest is completed separately from the other tasks, so make sure it gets fully finished!

OK, that’s it – we’re ready to begin our journey. 😎

Mirror Quest

On, you can receive tokens for reading articles! Read the post, scroll to the bottom, click “collect entry,” and connect your wallet to do this. It’s as simple as that!

There’s a limited amount of tokens per article, and we’ll be posting several articles here for you to earn from. Make sure to subscribe on Mirror, follow our Twitter (with notifications on!), as well as remain active on our Discord server in order to get notified when we post articles so you don’t miss out.

To finish this quest, all you need to do is collect one token (although why stop there, right?). When that’s finished, you can visit our #server-roles channel in Discord, and use the bot (click Join Contribution Program) to receive the Reflective role on Discord.


To receive the GangGang Discord role, you’ll need to do some social media activity. The more you do, the more XP points you earn! Examples of possible tasks include:

  • Connect your Discord on Zealy
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Invite two friends to join Discord
  • Make sure your friends complete one of our quests
  • Create a thread on a social media network
  • Like us on ProductHunt

And many more!

To collect the reward, simply visit the quest page on Zealy and click Claim Reward. Users will need to reach level 5 on Zealy by gaining XP in order to complete this task, and unlike the other tasks, you don’t need to use the bot to verify it when you’re done.

For the Link3 leg of the journey, connect your wallet on You’ll see that we have events posted – add an event to your calendar so you don’t forget them. To gain our Connective role on Discord, you just need to attend the event on Discord and stay online for at least 15 minutes. It might be a movie night, or maybe one of our famous AMAs.

When it’s over, go to the Link3 event page and click Claim Web3 Status Token to get verified. Once again, connect your wallet and visit the #server-roles channel on our Discord to claim the role.

Say Hi to Our Telegram Bot 🤖

Activate our Telegram Bot here and confirm your crypto wallet address so you can receive rewards.

The Telegram bot is a great way to stay up to date with our news and updates. Even better, we are running an invite-only competition with it! The bot will send a referral link where you can see your stats and leaderboard of all participants.

One Role to Rule Them All

The highly coveted mega-role we mentioned earlier is reserved only for people who complete all 3 roles in the entire quest.

If you’ve made it this far and claimed all 3 roles, you’ll be granted the final role of Champion!

This gives you the right to mint your own NFT avatar that could come in very handy later on – so hang on to it and celebrate a highly successful quest!

To get this role, say hello in our #CW-Champion channel in Discord and we’ll verify your roles and hook you up.

The deadline to receive this role and mint your own NFT is 08.09.23, so don’t miss it!

Reap Your Rewards

So what’s it all for?

Once you’ve won all the roles, we’ll add you to your own special Discord channel with the other champions. Every champion will receive their very own NFT, specially minted for them personally! The NFT is a way of saying you’re an early adopter, and it might even come in handy for future rewards as well, so don’t miss out on it.

And then there are the crypto rewards, and they are BIG ones:

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place on Zealy: 30,250 SPEND tokens and 1,000 USDT each
  • Places 4 – 10: 20,000 SPEND each
  • Places 11 – 100: 3,250 SPEND tokens each

To the victor go the spoils!


How do I complete the quest?

Join our Discord, activate the Telegram bot, and complete tasks on Mirror, Link3, and Zealy. When you complete a task on a platform, follow the instructions in this article to activate the corresponding role on Discord, and when you’ve got all the roles, you’ve won!

You’ll get your very own NFT as well as potential crypto rewards for winning.

What’s the deadline for the quest?

To receive the final role and your rewards, you’ll need to finish the quests by 08.09.23.

What are my rewards for winning?

There are crypto rewards for the first 100 winners, including:

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place: 30,250 SPEND tokens and 1,000 USDT each
Places 4 – 10: 20,000 SPEND each
Places 11 – 100: 3,250 SPEND tokens each

For completing the tasks, you’ll also get your very own unique NFT which could unlock future rewards and bonuses!

I’m not sure about one of the quests – who can I talk to?

If you’re in any doubt about this campaign, contact us on Discord in the #get-help channel to work it all out!

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