What Can You Buy With Cryptocurrency in 2023?
What Can You Buy with Cryptocurrency?

What Can You Buy with Cryptocurrency?

If you are asking what can you buy with cryptocurrency? the short answer is, pretty much everything! In this blog, we will explore all the possibilities, and learn where and how to buy things with cryptos.

In 2023, you can pay for pretty much everything with cryptocurrency. From commissioned art to airline tickets, or even a slice of pizza with a cup of coffee, the odds are, if you can name it, you can pay for it with crypto.

It is no longer required to find merchants that accept crypto payments. Thanks to crypto payment solutions like Crypto Cards, buying things with crypto is no different than shopping with a traditional debit card. You can effortlessly spend your cryptocurrencies wherever card payments are accepted.

So if you want to learn what you can buy with crypto and importantly, how to buy something with cryptocurrency? In this guide, we’ve got you covered, and we’ll even share some tips and tricks if you’re new to the world of crypto.

Can You Buy Things with Cryptocurrency?

People often ask, “Can you use crypto to buy things?” You can definitely use crypto to buy things online or even in person at physical stores. There are 4 primary methods to buy things with cryptocurrencies:

  • Retailers: Companies that accept cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto Card: Spend cryptos practically anywhere
  • Gift Cards: Buy gift cards of top brands with cryptos
  • P2P: Pay directly from your crypto wallet for goods or services

There are a lot of online retailers and companies that accept cryptos. On websites like Crypto Emporium or Gyft, you can buy things directly with your crypto or buy gift cards with crypto for top brand names like PlayStation or Starbucks.

But say you’re out on the town and you want to buy things with crypto, then you can use a crypto card, like our own CW Card. With this card, you can spend crypto directly from your CryptoWallet.com account with a simple tap, scan, or swipe of your card.

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Benefits of Buying Things with Crypto

Let’s go through some of the perks of shopping with crypto.


Today, shopping with crypto is a lot faster than it used to be, especially with crypto cards. Today, with QR codes, you can instantly pay at the checkout of an online store, and depending on the crypto you are using, the payment can be cleared in minutes or even seconds.

Global Use

You can buy things using crypto globally. Say you’re on holiday, with a crypto payment, you don’t have to bother with conversion fees or wait at the currency converters.


It is totally safe to buy something with crypto. Thanks to the security found in most crypto wallets, you’re in control of your money, and you can have all kinds of security features, like biometrics, passwords and verification processes, that keep your crypto safe while you shop.

Buy Anything using Crypto!

What Can You Buy with Cryptocurrency

A crypto card or crypto debit card, gives you all of the freedom that you would find in a regular debit card, letting you spend crypto on everything. From new clothes to a cup of coffee.

With CryptoWallet.com Card, you can spend more than 800 cryptos and shop with crypto practically anywhere, online or in person. You also earn crypto cashback of up to 3% on every transaction.

What makes the CW Card so easy to use is due to how it works. When you use your CW Card, you’re actually instantly converting crypto at the point of purchase, at ZERO conversion fee. This means you don’t need to find specific retailers that accept cryptos. 

It’s crypto shopping practically everywhere! Sign up and order your crypto card for free!

Things You Can Buy With Cryptocurrency

So can you buy anything with cryptocurrency really? It would be impossible to list every single thing you can buy with cryptocurrency, but you might be amazed to learn what is possible.

So let’s go through a short list of just some of the things you can buy with crypto.


From NFTs to paintings and commissioned comics, you can buy them with cryptocurrency.

Many artists these days will gladly accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or a range of stablecoins for their work. On websites like CryptoEmproium or Singulart, you can buy pieces directly with crypto.

But if you’re looking to invest in art, you can use Maecenas to invest in a percentage of an art piece via crypto.

Cars, Yachts and Motorcycles

When Lambo? Well, when you get the crypto, of course!

Today, buying cars, motorcycles, or even yachts directly with crypto is actually surprisingly straightforward. All you have to do is find the seller directly or look up a business that works via crypto.

To start, you might want to check out websites like BitCars, Carriage AutoGroup, or Import Marques to see the staggering variety of supercars and luxury models available to be purchased with crypto.

Computers and Gaming Consoles

Need a new graphics card, or think it’s time you upgraded to the new generation of gaming consoles? Well, crypto has you covered.

From spare computer parts to new video game releases and extra hardware for your gaming rig, there is a very high chance that you can buy that with crypto.

If you want to go the direct route, then Crypto Emporium would be a good place to start, but the most convenient way would be to use something like the CW Card, and then you can buy your tech pretty much anywhere that accepts cards.

Charity Donations

If, by any chance, you’re feeling generous, did you know that you can donate to a ton of deserving charities around the world with crypto?

Check out The Giving Block to see all the different causes around the world that you can donate to via a host of different cryptos.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards can be a lifesaver, especially when it comes to Christmas time, and you can get all kinds of gift cards with crypto.

Thanks to services like Gyft and Bitrefill, you can purchase gift cards from hundreds of top-brand companies via crypto. Major brands like Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Amazon, Netflix, and loads more can all be purchased with crypto.

Real Estate

It might seem outlandish, but you can actually buy real estate with crypto.

Want to rent in Paris? Then check out Lodgis. Looking for something in Florida? Then you can use Title Partners.

To be honest, name the place you might want to rent or buy, and there’s a pretty good chance that there’s already a dedicated real estate company that specializes in taking in crypto payments.


Buying bling with crypto is actually a lot more common than people think. Getting top-end watches with BitDials, or Diamonds at Reeds Jewellers via crypto has become fast, simple, and secure.

Many jewelers are delighted to accept crypto as a form of payment, as crypto can be safe, fast, and transparent, which is perfect for buying and selling these kinds of luxury goods.

Luxury Brand Clothing

Many of the biggest brands in the world now accept crypto directly as payment, and for everything else, you can always use your trusty CW Card.

Brands like Nike, H&M, and Macey’s accept crypto directly as payment for clothing. Other online retailers like Amazon, Etsy, and others will often include the opportunity to pay with crypto.

And if, by chance, you find that perfect jacket or dress but the retailer doesn’t take crypto, remember that you can always use your CW Card in the same way that you might use a traditional debit or credit card.


Looking to upgrade to the newest iPhone, or looking to sell an old Android? Well, you can do all of this with crypto.

On websites like Bitrefill and Crypto Emporium, you can not only buy the newest phones on the market but also have access to catalogues of more affordable second-hand models as well as trade-in options, all of which can be done via crypto.

Plane Tickets

It’s far more common to travel via crypto than people might think. At the time of writing, it’s estimated that over 600 airlines around the world will accept crypto as payment directly, and on top of all that, you also have the opportunity to pay via a crypto card.

If you’re looking to jet set abroad, you could travel with little more than your crypto and crypto card and be able to pay for flights, hotels, and everything else with crypto.

How to Use Crypto to Buy Things?

So now that we have covered some of the things you can buy when shopping with crypto, let’s get into how to use crypto to actually get them.

So how do you buy things with cryptocurrency?

The first and probably most obvious way is, of course, to go online and find a merchant or seller who will accept crypto directly. A place like Crypto Emporium is a fantastic place to start if that’s what you’re looking for.

But the other option, when it comes to learning how to buy something with cryptocurrency, is to learn to use a crypto card, and here at CryptoWallet.com, we’ve got that covered.

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How to Get a Crypto Card – Step-by-Step

Getting a CW Card at CryptoWallet.com is really no stress at all, so let’s walk you through the process.

  1. Go to the CryptoWallet Card Page or
  2. Find your way over to our Whitelist here.
  3. Register an account with CryptoWallet.com.
  4. Verify your ID and complete the KYC process
  5. Order your card – ZERO sign-up fee and FREE delivery
  6. Start shopping with cryptos

At CryptoWallet.com, we believe that crypto is money, which is why we are so eager to make sure that you get to spend it in the most convenient and safest way possible.

Buy Things With Crypto: FAQs

We’ve covered a lot when it comes to learning how to buy things with cryptocurrency. Now we are going to cover some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to buying something with crypto.

How to buy something with cryptocurrency?

There are four ways to buy something with cryptocurrency
Retailers: Companies that accept cryptocurrencies
Crypto Card: Spend cryptos practically anywhere
Gift Cards: Buy gift cards from stores that accept bitcoins
P2P: Paid directly to the wallet for any goods or services

The best way is to use a crypto card. With the Crypto Card, you can shop online or offline and spend cryptos directly from your crypto wallet.

People often ask “Can you use crypto to buy things?” The second way is the more direct, and that means finding yourself a merchant, retailer, or seller who will simply accept crypto directly as payment for their goods or services.

How to use the CryptoWallet.com card to shop with crypto

Using the CW Card to shop is as simple as using a traditional debit card. With the CW Card, your card is actually converting the stored crypto you have in your CryptoWallet.com account at the point of purchase. This means that when you buy something online or in person, your card instantly converts the crypto with no mess or fuss. Get your crypto card here.

So when you have your CW Card, simply go out and tap, scan, or swipe your card!

What coins (assets) can I use to buy things with crypto?

It depends on the merchant, and it depends on how exactly you spend the crypto in question.

If you’ve found a store or seller online that accepts crypto, there’s a good chance that they will be accepting most main brand cryptos. Cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether are fairly safe bets.

But on the other hand, if you’re using a crypto card, you can spend whatever cryptos you have stored because how they work means you’re actually converting stored crypto to fiat at the point of purchase.

What wallets can I use for shopping with crypto?

If you want to learn how to buy something with cryptocurrency, it’s a good idea to start by getting a crypto wallet. CryptoWallet.com has its own great wallet system that you can learn about here

But other than our great wallet, lots of wallets, like TrustWallet, will actually allow you to purchase crypto directly with either a bank transfer or a traditional debit card. 

Can you buy anything with cryptocurrency?

Some newcomers will often have the question, “Can you use crypto to buy things?” It wouldn’t be fair to say you can buy anything with crypto; instead, it might be more accurate to say that there is a very good chance that whatever it is you are looking for, you can probably buy it with crypto.

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