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How Can You Sell Crypto Using Your CW Wallet? Step-By-Step Instructions

Here’s everything you need to know on how to sell cryptocurrency. You’ll need crypto loaded in your wallet to begin.
Phone Coin
Sign in and visit the buy/sell page.
Choose the crypto you want to sell, and choose the currency you want to sell it for.
Exchange BTC USD
Select the amount you want to sell. Exchange rates will be displayed on-screen.
Confirm Transaction
When you’re satisfied with the details, select “confirm transaction.” Your new funds will arrive in your wallet shortly.


Where to buy and sell cryptocurrency?

You can buy and sell crypto using our app. Simply log in to, select the crypto you want to sell, choose the corresponding asset, and confirm your transaction.

When to sell cryptocurrency?

You can buy and sell crypto any time using The app works 24/7, allowing you constant access to the crypto markets.

What’s the best way to buy and sell cryptocurrency?

For the best user experience, we recommend that you order our debit card, as this allows you to buy and sell crypto with minimal fees.

Why is the Best Place to Sell Crypto?

Ease of use

Ease of use

You don’t need to know the technical details of how to sell cryptocurrency when using our platform. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to sell crypto.


Compatibility is compatible with hundreds of high-cap cryptocurrencies which you can sell for GBP, EUR, and the USDT stablecoin.


Security is licensed and regulated. You can rest easy knowing your funds are protected by best-in-class infrastructure when using, and that’s why we believe CW is the best app to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

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You can buy, sell, store, and receive crypto with our platform.

The debit card lets you spend crypto online or in any store, and you can even earn money with our affiliate program.

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