Buy Cryptocurrency with

Buy Cryptocurrency with

You can buy hundreds of different cryptos with Top up with a debit card, wire transfer, or existing crypto funds to access the exchange and buy crypto any time, anywhere.

Why is the Best Place to Buy Cryptocurrency?

There are a lot of ways to buy crypto. At, we think our platform is the best solution — here’s why.
It’s simple!

It’s simple!

The platform is designed to be user-friendly and lets you buy and sell cryptocurrency. You can even spend cryptocurrency with our upcoming crypto card! Pre-order a card at the whitelist section.

It’s safe.

It’s safe. is a licensed and regulated platform for buying digital assets. All CW funds are secured. This allows us to offer a safe, modern service with total user protection.

It’s the only crypto platform you need.

It’s the only crypto platform you need. is an buy/sell platform, a trading guide, and a wallet for multiple high-cap currencies. It offers users a full suite of tools and services for crypto users. You can buy cryptocurrency with a debit card or trade with other users, all in one place. Info

Order a card from the whitelist and spend crypto directly with no conversion necessary on your end. Simply tap the card and spend crypto! The card launches in 2023: Info


What is is a revolutionary new cryptocurrency platform that allows you to buy, sell, hold and even spend cryptocurrencies! 


The platform contains both an easy to use exchange to buy and sell hundreds of cryptos. 


Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of all is that will allow you to spend your cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world that accepts a debit card as payment! The card will support over 800 cryptos and launches later in 2023. Pre-order your card here! 

How can I buy cryptocurrency?

Visit the buy/sell feature and select a cryptocurrency and the amount you want to buy. Confirm your transaction to buy cryptocurrency! You can use a wire transfer, debit card, or credit card to buy crypto.

How do I know which cryptocurrency to buy?

The beauty of cryptocurrency is that there are different projects aimed at solving different problems. While we can’t advise you on which cryptocurrency to buy, we can tell you how to buy crypto, and we’ve given you the best options by selecting high-value, reputable currencies to trade. Hundreds of cryptocurrencies are available from

How to buy card wallet for crypto?

You can join the whitelist for a card here. Using the card you’ll be able to spend over 800 cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), and Tether (USDT) at any location that accepts card payments. This makes the easiest way to spend your crypto. 

Simply upload your I.D. and pass the KYC checks, and you are eligible for the card to be sent directly to your address. 

In addition to the card, also provides a secure wallet to hold your cryptocurrencies and an easy to use exchange where you can buy, sell and trade any of the cryptocurrencies listed above. All funds in the app are secured.

Can you buy cryptocurrency with a debit card?

Yes, you can purchase cryptocurrency with your debit card. But you might have to do a little shopping around and might have to look into your debit card a bit.

Purchasing crypto via your debit card functions much the same way as most online crypto services, and while some providers might have slight differences in service, price, and registration, they are often comparable in process.

Firstly, select an exchange that provides this specific financial service. Then simply follow the registration process that will require you to provide some personal information for KYC purposes. After that, navigate to the ‘debit card to crypto’ option, enter the amount, and the desired currency, and then enter your debit card details. Finally, enter your crypto wallet address and confirm the purchase. After a brief delay, which can depend on the currency and the platform, your new cryptocurrencies will appear safely in your crypto wallet.

Some cards in the EU may require you to enable the purchase of crypto via your debit card through the financial regulatory standard of 3D Secure. 3D Secure acts as a security layer to some debit cards and may require you to authorize the specific purchase or to authorize crypto purchases in general.

Can you buy Bitcoin with a wire transfer?

Yes, you can buy bitcoin with a wire transfer, but only through certain vendors.

Not every vendor provides wire transfer functionally, especially to buy bitcoin. Wire transfers are usually a domestic method of sending funds from individual accounts to other individuals or organizations’ accounts, often in the US. Other regions use the SWIFT network, SEPA transactions, and various other means that share many similarities to a ‘wire transfer’ but operate on different finance networks, at different speeds, and at varying costs.

Most providers of this service however will require more or less the same info and registration.

Coinbase is probably the most common user of wire transfers to buy bitcoin, so we will use them as an example. The process will require a Coinbase profile and all the registration information that entails. Once registered users can go to the profile select the deposit funds option, select ‘wire transfer’, and enter the details. Wire transfers require that details on both the bank, your name, and the recipient match, as well as a provided code from Coinbase.

After a brief time, the deposited funds will be available for use in your account, which you can then use freely to purchase bitcoin at your leisure.