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What is Lambo?

Lambo refers to a term often used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts in excitement and optimism that their crypto investments will someday be profitable enough to own a Lamborghini.

Lambo – shorthand for Lamborghini – is a luxurious brand of sports cars averagely priced above $200,000, and some crypto investors have flaunted purchases of the automobile, usually after a recent bull run.

Do “Lambo” and “When Lambo” mean the same thing?

Although closely related and generally accompanies optimism, hopefulness and excitement of crypto investors, both terms are slightly distinct in their use.

The term “Lambo” simply refers to the luxurious car. It is considered a symbolic reward for a successful investment in the crypto markets, almost like a generally agreed non-written code of the crypto community. 

On the other hand, “When Lambo” refers to the time when a particular crypto asset will soar high enough to fulfil this dream of owning at least one of these exotic machines.

Both terms became famous in 2013 when a Lamborghini dealership in Costa Mesa accepted Bitcoin as payment for one of its cars. Although there was no official confirmation of the purchased car in question as the dealership sold other supercars alongside Lambos, crypto enthusiasts widely assumed to have been a Lamborghini.