What is When Lambo?

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“When Lambo” is a slang term humorously referring to the aspiration to buy a Lamborghini luxury car with cryptocurrency profits.

A Lamborghini is a high-end luxury sports car that could cost upwards of $200,000 dollars for a single unit. The term simply suggests a time when a cryptocurrency investor hopes to make more than enough to purchase one or more of these expensive cars with profits from cryptocurrencies.

“When Lambo” (sometimes written as “Lambo”) is used to depict positive, enthusiastic hopes for investing in a particular cryptocurrency and can also serve as a status symbol of a particular crypto asset boom.

Also, coupled with the fact that one of the earliest significant purchases using money made from Bitcoin as far back as 2013 was a Lamborghini, this gave popularity to the association of a breakthrough from crypto assets to purchasing luxury cars.

The term has become widespread so much that Tesla, led by its CEO Elon Musk, announced that buyers might purchase the luxury car using Bitcoins, making the company one of the first luxury automakers to accept direct cryptocurrency payments.

Can I buy Lambo with Bitcoin?

Given the boom of Bitcoin in 2013, many luxury car dealerships were open to the purchase of cars with Bitcoin. Most notably accepting Bitcoin payments was the Lamborghini Newport Beach – a dealership out of Cosa Mesa, California, which gained widespread media attention as the risks associated with Bitcoin payments were unclear at the time.

However, it appears to have been a great move as the dealership reported over 10 Bitcoin Lamborghini purchases in December 2017 alone.