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What is Dolphin?

Most cryptocurrency investors are graded according to the amount of crypto they hold. Think of it as a little system of rank for crypto holdings. Investors who own a very small amount of a given currency or a small investment portfolio are sometimes known as planktons. While those with really large crypto holdings are known as whales.

Dolphin is a ranking or category of investor with significant holdings, but below the net worth of a large investor or “whale.” is a holder who finds themselves between the planktons and the whales. Dolphins are investors who have slightly large holding of cryptocurrency assets. Their ownership of cryptocurrency assets is larger than that of a “fish or octupus”, but not sufficiently large to be Whales.

The ocean represents the crypto market, home to different fishes, big or small. These fishes influence  their own small or big waves, affecting the market and the news. You won’t hear about BTC dolphins as much as whales but they are still there.

Bitcoin dolphins show themselves in the exchanges with orders of 100 to 500 BTC, but it isn’t very common. Most people will think that only the whales are able to move the market and manipulate it to their personal gains but this isn’t always true.

There are bigger players or “animals” in the crypto market than whales. These major investors don’t engage in trades through web interfaces offered by most exchanges.

Bitcoin Sea Animals

Cryptocurrency communities and forums have coined different sea animal names to describe cryptocurrency owners based on their holdings.

  • a ‘Plankton’ is a Bitcoin holder who has less than 0.1 Bitcoin.
  • a ‘Shrimp’ is a Bitcoin holder who has between 0.1 and 1 Bitcoin.
  • a  ‘Crab’ has between 1 to 10 Bitcoin.
  • a ‘Fish’ has between  10 to 50 Bitcoin
  • ‘Octopuses’  have between 50 and 100 Bitcoin.
  • ‘Dolphins’ have between 100 and 500 Bitcoin
  • The ‘Sharks have between 500 and 1,000 Bitcoin.

As for the Bitcoin whales, there are the ‘Regular Whales’ who own between 1,000 and 5,000 Bitcoin and the ‘Blue Whales who have above 5,000 Bitcoin.