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What is Buy The (F*******) Dip (BTD/BTFD)?

Buy the f******* dip or BTFD is a jovial crypto term used to suggest purchasing a cryptocurrency asset during a dip in price. This is a strategy followed by hardcore bulls who see an opportunity to buy a particular asset when there is a slight decline in its price. These types of traders maintain the ideology that price dips in a particular digital asset are always a good price to buy the asset because of its “price drop”, with an underlying expectation that the price will keep increasing.

Effect of Buying the fucking dip

A bull market is typified by a sustained increase in prices. Buying the dip has been found to be one of the reasons for the sustained increase in the price of an asset in an uptrend which makes buyers who buy at lower dips profitable if the market maintains its upward trend.

Buying the dip strategy can go wrong if the price of an asset maintains a decline for any reason and the trader is not actively monitoring the market. If a crypto trader buys the dip at an earlier stage of a lengthy downward trend, they could be trapped in a losing position for the entire duration of the trend or may simply choose to cut their losses.