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What is Bitcoiner?

A bitcoiner is anyone who ideologically supports the concept of Bitcoin and believes the project will succeed. Many early bitcoiners have been holding the digital currency since 2010 and they usually want to hold bitcoin long enough irrespective of the market fluctuations. However, it’s not necessary to invest in Bitcoin to be a bitcoiner — enthusiasm, support, and general bullish sentiment are the traits of a bitcoiner.

Bitcoiners believe that Bitcoin will continue to dominate the cryptocurrency industry’s market cap at the #1 position, influencing the prices of other cryptos.

Major Gains

Due to the commitment and optimism of bitcoiners in the early days of the project and the major price gains seen by Bitcoin in the last ten years, many bitcoiner entrepreneurs and investors have gone on to become bitcoin millionaires today.

Nowadays, there are lots of crypto coin choices that enthusiasts are upbeat about. Usually, using the dollar cost average is a good investment strategy for all aspiring bitcoiners.