Exchange and Trade Crypto

Buying and selling crypto is easy with You can buy high-cap cryptocurrencies, sell them, or send them to other wallets. This year, you’ll be able to connect your funds to your crypto card to spend them anywhere. The cryptocurrency exchange supports hundreds of cryptos like BTC, ETH, LTC, and XRP as well as the USDT stablecoin to help you avoid market volatility.

Trading on the platform is simple

Users can trade crypto peer-to-peer on the exchange. Here’s how it works:

Top Up
Top up your balance using your credit card, wire transfer, or existing crypto funds.
Select the cryptocurrency you want to buy.
Enter the amount of fiat money you want to spend.
Confirm your order.

You now own cryptocurrency!

From there, you have many options.

Spend crypto in stores using your Debit Card.
Buy products online at supported websites.
Trade your funds for other cryptocurrencies!

A Quick Cryptocurrency Exchange

Skip the time-consuming hassle of using exchanges! A swift for buying and trading five high-cap cryptocurrencies, protected by the BitGo cybersecurity company.

Exchange Effortlessly

The app lets you exchange supported cryptocurrencies effortlessly, allowing you to spend your crypto funds your way.

Top Up with Speed

You can top up your wallet through SEPA bank transfers or credit card. Lightning speed and hassle-free — that’s a win.


Trading Cryptocurrency is Simple!

To trade crypto, simply select the cryptocurrency in your wallet you want to trade, and select another cryptocurrency on the currency exchange. The exchange rate will be displayed on screen — click “buy” to purchase new crypto with your existing funds. That’s all it takes to trade crypto in the app!


How does the buy/sell work?

The buy/sell feature allows you to quickly and easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies from your phone. Your funds will be safely stored in your cryptocurrency wallet.

What is crypto trading?

Cryptocurrency trading is the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. You can buy Bitcoin, for example, by swapping fiat currency or crypto for Bitcoin.

How do I exchange foreign currencies with my account?

To exchange foreign currencies, simply select the currency of your choice. You can choose from EUR and GBP as well as supported cryptocurrencies.

How do I trade?

You’ll find our buy/sell feature to be very intuitive to use. Simply select a cryptocurrency you want to buy, choose an amount, and then confirm your transaction. Your new crypto funds will appear in your wallet!