How and Where to Buy Starlink (STARL) – An Easy Step-by-Step Guide | 

How and Where to Buy Starlink (STARL) – An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Starlink and it’s native token STARL is a blockchain-based NFT gaming platform that can be accessed via the Metaverse. This platform offers a variety of new NFT gaming options, collectables, and its own MMO game, Warp Nexus. This Ethereum-based play-2-earn model offers users the ability to speculate, trade, and be social through a variety of different blockchain gaming options. In this guide, we are going to provide you with the basics of this project, discuss its services, and then provide you with a guide on how to purchase some STARL of your very own. Let’s get started!

What is STARL?

Launched in 2021, Starlink is a blockchain-based gaming/NFT system that is found within the metaverse. With a large development team who boast extensive careers in both game design and blockchain, including June Komori, Justin Martin and Kevin Schow, Starlink and its native token STARL brings to bear all the DeFi and blockchain services and solutions that have become the standard of the industry. They allow players the ability to swap, trade, and collect a variety of NFTs and show off these possessions via their massively multiplayer game, Warp Nexus.

This service, which can be described as a Play-2-Earn model, allows users/players the ability to play amongst each other while potentially generating value for their collected NFT and STARL tokens. In this sense, STARL can be described as a mix between a utility token and a social token, since it allows holders sway and input over an in-game sharing economy.

In this sense, the business model of Starlink and STARL holders is pretty straightforward; that is, they create value and interest for the platform and therefore create value for the token and its holders.

On the more technical side, STARL operates as an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token and can be traded across a wide variety of markets and exchange platforms. 

Now that we’ve provided you with some of the basic information about the project, let’s take a look at some of the ways you might be able to get your hands on some STARL of your own.

Step 1: Register on Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

So let’s get started! Something to note is that STARL’s purchasing process will require a few extra steps if compared to your mainstream crypto purchases. But fortunately, with the help of this tutorial, you won’t have any trouble trading for STARL.

The first step is to purchase a more well-known cryptocurrency, which we can then use to exchange for some STARL. Typically, in our recommendations, we use Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). We will have to utilise BTC out of convenience. In order to obtain any EPIC token, we must now locate a fiat-to-crypto exchange where we may purchase BTC.

We always believe it’s a good idea to research, compare, and contrast the provider rates and pick the market that is most appropriate for you and your unique demands because there are many exchanges to choose from and most of them offer a range of services at varying price points. So be sure to decide what fits you the most and go from there.

However, we would like to suggest using, our very own exchange service, for our hypothetical BTC purchase.

Whether you are a novice or an expert in the field of cryptocurrencies, we think you will find our very own service to be swift, dependable, and simple to use. Make an account, answer the on-screen questions, and deposit funds or use a debit or credit card to get started.

Your money will become available in your Account after a brief period of confirmation.

BTC is up next!

Step 2: Buy BTC with Fiat Money

As soon as Bitcoin becomes accessible in your new account, you may buy some of it using fiat cash. Select the desired BTC amount on the trade tab, then click Confirm. Your account will have the required amount of BTC and any potential leftover fiat money after a brief confirmation time. Depending on traffic, this confirmation timing may change.

You get access to a variety of token price charts, crypto trading tools, and real-time market data when you use well-known cryptocurrency exchanges like TrustWallet, MetaMask, or It is wise to become familiar with these and pay particular attention to their instructive features, as doing so may enable you to make investment selections that are more advantageous and, if correctly appreciated and used, may result in more money in your pocket.

Step 3: Transfer BTC to an Altcoin Exchange

Once you have BTC, the next step is to open an account with a different alternative cryptocurrency exchange that offers the BTC/STARL transaction option.

Selecting an alternative exchange is the first step, and similar to traditional exchanges, different exchanges provide varied prices, degrees of availability, and trade practices. Uniswap (V2),, LBank, OKX, XT.COM, BitMart, CoinEx, ShibaSwap, and HitBTC are a few examples of websites that host STARL.

Due to HitBTC’s simplicity of usage, we’ll use it as a demonstration.

Even though there could be some variations across exchanges in terms of products, costs, and registration requirements, the basics of the purchasing process should largely stay the same.

You must sign up for a HitBTC account and meet the required criteria before you can start trading. Information, KYC procedures, and standard security measures will be needed for this process.

Once your HitBTC account is ready for trade, you must now deposit some BTC from your profile into your personal HitBTC account. Select “deposit money” on HitBTC, type the provided address into your, and send HitBTC some Bitcoin.

The BTC will appear on your HitBTC account after a brief confirmation period, where you may exchange it for STARL. To execute the deal, enter the trade amount, choose the BTC/STARL trading pairs, and then click “Confirm.”

You need to now possess some of your own STARL at this time.

Last Step: Store STARL Securely

After you’ve actually purchased some STARL, it’s time to consider wallet systems.

The most common options are various hardware alternatives and generic wallets like MetaMask.

To withdraw money from the exchange, select “withdraw money” on the HitBTC dashboard. The next step is to manually input or manually scan a QR code containing your new current wallet address, as per HitBTC’s instructions. After a brief confirmation, your STARL will show up in your wallet.

STARL is not currently hosted by, despite the fact that it provides a broad range of options and a high level of protection. STARL is not presently hosted there, but there are other alternative cryptocurrencies and financial services available. We think it will be good to monitor over the coming few months.


Can I buy STARL with cash?

Like the majority of alternate cryptocurrencies, STARL tokens are not available to be directly purchased using fiat currency. To buy STARL, a cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH or WBTC must be swapped on a marketplace. For information on how to purchase it, go to the preceding stages.

Are there any quick ways to buy STARL in Europe?

Due to the additional steps, STARL transactions may seem more complicated than regular cryptographic transactions. But if we adhere to the instructions we’ve given, we can lead you through each step. Fortunately, the aforementioned rules are easily approved by the EU.

Are there any alternative platforms to buy STARL or Bitcoin with credit cards?

STARL cannot be purchased using fiat money, in contrast to other cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Wrapped Bitcoin can also be bought and then exchanged into STARL. To find out how to achieve this, go to the instructions above.

On the other hand, by looking for a cryptocurrency exchange service that takes credit or debit cards, you may rapidly buy Bitcoin and sometimes BTC with a credit card. One company that provides this service, among others, is eToro.