How and Where to Buy JulSwap (JULD) – An Easy Step-by-Step Guide | 

How and Where to Buy JulSwap (JULD) – An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

If there is one thing that crypto certainly has a lot of, it’s choice. JulSwap and its native token JULD are just one of many different platforms that seek to fulfil your crypto needs. In this guide, we are going to talk about the background of the coin and provide information that may help you understand whether or not buying this coin is right for you.

What is JULD?

JULD is the native token of the JulSwap JustLiquidity Protocol. This token represents a platform system that supports staking and DeFi options and uses very similar coding to the UniSwap or Binance Smart Chain, using the same engine and analytics.

On a purely functional level, JULD is a fairly standard blockchain-based DeFi crypto platform. Allowing all the DeFi and staking services that are expected from such a platform, with additional services such as reward tokens, JulCard, and JulSwap Governance. The primary value creation matrix of such a platform is increased traffic and usage, which results in increased value for the platform and therefore the token holders.

On the more technical level, JULD functions off the BEP20 standard and offers ERC20 token bridging.

Launched in December of 2020, this coin’s origins are somewhat complex, with rumors of liquidity issues as well as incidents of flash attacks in the past.

Before we get to that, we must remind you that we here at are not authorized to provide you with financial or trading advice of any kind. Instead, we hope to provide you with information and context  that you can use to aid your own research so as to make the best decisions you can with your own money. 

In the case of JULD, the background and origin of this platform are somewhat unclear, with exact information about the coins Dev team not being entirely obvious. This can be interpreted by some as a bad sign, though some crypto projects choose to keep their team’s identities anonymous for their own internal reasons. What is clear, however, is that the project’s CEO is likely Tobias Graf, whose name has been associated with some less than stellar projects in the past.

It is also important to note that no official investigations or charges have been made and JULD enjoys high traffic and is hosted on a large variety of popular exchanges.

So with all that in mind, and if you are still in the market for this particular token, let’s take a look at how you can get some of your very own JulSwap tokens.

Step 1: Register on Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

Getting some JULD might seem a little bit more complex when compared to the more direct purchasing process of a more mainstream crypto like Bitcoin or ETH. But that shouldn’t deter you. With a little perseverance and this handy guide, you’ll have some JULD in no time.

So first things first, you need to get your hands on a more well-known cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) which you can then use to swap for some JULD. We’ll be using Ethereum. To buy any ETH, you’ll need to find a fiat-to-crypto exchange.

It is usually a good idea to compare rates because you have a large range of exchangers to choose from, and different suppliers will offer different services at different prices. But let’s choose our own because we believe it to be quick, dependable, and appropriate for both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and newbies.

 The app is available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

You should register by completing the onscreen directions offered to you by after installing the app on your selected device. This requires the entry of some basic information, the construction of a profile, and the implementation of several security mechanisms, as well as all the industry standard KYC protections that one should expect. Once you’ve registered, choose “deposit” in your new account and follow the on-screen instructions to deposit some fiat money from your existing bank account into your own Account.

Your funds will show up in your Account after a brief confirmation time and will be fully enabled for trading or other financial services.

Step 2: Buy ETH with Fiat Money

Once your fiat is visible in your account, you may buy ETH with the newly added funds in your account. Just check the trade tab, choose the required buy quantity in ETH, and click confirm. After a usually quite brief confirmation period, which may differ based on congestion, the new ETH as well as any remaining fiat money will be visible within your account.

When you use cryptocurrency exchanges like TrustWallet,, or Metamask, you may access a variety of asset price charts, trading tools, and real-time market data. It is a smart idea to become comfortable with these and pay close attention to helpful tools, as they might help you make financial choices that are more productive and perhaps even lucrative if used properly.

Step 3: Transfer ETH to an Altcoin Exchange

When you have ETH, you may sign up with a cryptocurrency exchange and swap it for JULD.

Find an alternative cryptocurrency exchange that deals in the ETH/JULD pairs first. To name just a few examples, Pancakeswap (V2),, MEXC, AsendEX (BitMax), and Spookyswap all allow for JULD transaction trading options.

For our example, however, we will use Each cryptocurrency exchange provides a different variety of prices and services, and the conditions for registration may differ, so don’t be afraid to shop around, see what’s out there, and look for what suits you best.

So next, you’re going to have to register with KuCoin to begin trading. Throughout the quick and easy registration process, information, KYC processes, and market standard security protections will all be required.

After alerts you that your account is ready to trade, you will need to transfer some ETH from your account into your active account. To finish this stage, select “deposit funds” from the “funds” page. will now provide you with a wallet address or a QR code. Access your account after that and choose “transfer money.” Next, scan or input the address after adding the necessary amount to your cryptocurrency wallet.

After a brief confirmation time, the ETH will appear on your account where you may swap it for JULD. Simply choose the trading pairings for ETH and JULD, the trade amount, and confirm.

If you’ve followed along, you ought to now be the owner of JULD.

Last Step: Store JULD Securely

If you’ve gotten this far in the guide, you might be left wondering, “Where do I keep my JULD?” Many believe that leaving your crypto on an exchange presents a multitude of security concerns. If this is your inclination, it’s time to think wallets.

When using JULD, your options are somewhat limited; the most popular options are the well-known TrustWallet, MetaMask, and a variety of hardware options like the extremely safe, if a little pricey, Ledger Nano series.

Select the “withdraw money” option on’s UI to remove your fresh JULD funds from the exchange. After this, will give you some instructions and ask you to manually or by scanning the QR code, enter your new wallet address. Your JULD will be visible in your new wallet after a brief confirmation time, which will have just been finished.

While offering several wallet options and a high degree of security, does not yet host JULD. Despite not currently hosting JULD, it does host a number of other currencies and financial services. So, as a system, it would be interesting to keep an eye on in the future.

Other Useful Tools for Trading JULD

If you sometimes feel a touch overwhelmed by the sheer complexity and diversity of the crypto world, don’t worry, there are a huge number of resources, guides, and trading tools that can help you on your own crypto journey. In this section, we are going to cover just two of these trading tools that we believe can be of real benefit to both newcomers and the more experienced alike.

So, our first crypto trading tool is the CryptoTaxCalculator. What this service offers is exactly what is found in the name. This company will provide you with software that enables you to keep an accurate ledger of your crypto movements across a variety of different platforms and exchanges, thus enabling a detailed tax calculation at the end of the day. Keeping track of a tax ledger can be a little complicated, especially for the uninitiated or those who operate across a variety of different services, so services like CryptoTacCalculator can end up saving time and money. 

Next up is Blockfolio. Blockfolio is considered to be something of an industry leader in terms of tracking and monitoring one’s portfolio. Tracking the movements, value changes, and overall trends found throughout what can sometimes be a very complex interweave of assets can be very challenging. What Blockfolio aims to do is meet this time-consuming demand for you. In addition to highly accurate tracking of one’s portfolio, Blockfolio also offers an exchange of its own that operates as an almost second layer to existing exchanges. Letting high-intensity traders move across a variety of different interfaces with ease.


Can I buy JULD with cash?

PDEX tokens cannot be directly bought with fiat currency. To get some PDEX on an exchange, you must first purchase a cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH or USDT, which you must then swap for the desired coin, in this case, PDEX. Look at the directions above to learn how to accomplish this task.

Are there any quick ways to buy JULD in Europe?

PDEX purchases do include a few extra procedures that can seem to be more difficult than those in other crypto transactions. However, if you go through the instructions we’ve supplied, we can lead you through each step. Fortunately, this aforementioned process is quick, easy, and perfectly legal in the EU.

Are there any alternative platforms to buy JULD or Bitcoin with credit cards?

PDEX, in contrast to other cryptocurrencies, cannot be purchased with fiat currency. Alternatively, you might purchase a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, USDT, or Ethereum and then exchange it for another that you could use to swap PDEX. To find out how to do this, go to the instructions above.

On the other hand, by looking for a cryptocurrency exchange that takes credit or debit cards, it is possible to buy Bitcoin with a credit card rapidly and in a far more direct sense. Companies like eToro and many more provide this service.