How and Where to Buy Jejudoge (JEJUDOGE) – An Easy Step by Step Guide | 

How and Where to Buy Jejudoge (JEJUDOGE) – An Easy Step by Step Guide

Named for a rare breed of dog, Jejudoge (JEJUDOGE) likes to think of itself as less of a competitor against other doge-themed coins, but someday to be a competition amongst the business giants like Amazon, Google, and Instagram. In this article, we will discuss a little about this coin, provide you with a guide on how to purchase it, and perhaps help you come to your own conclusion about whether or not Jejudoge Guardians really are ‘players not spectators.’

What is Jejudoge?

Released on May 12th and with something of a mysterious past, the Jejudoge token boasts that many successful coins do not know who their creator/s were and that they bear the parallel to the famously mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. Regardless, Jejudoge 9B9 holders self describe themselves as the ‘new doge on the market’ and boast that their coin separates itself from the pack by being a true social utility coin.

What this means is that the primary use case for Jejudoge is its alleged capacity to offer businesses a degree of brand recognition and social media presence by allowing payment for their services through this altcoin. Though this use case currently does have a very long way to go, with the business partnership being limited to only one listed online business and a stated intention for further interactions with casinos on the Korean island of Jeju.

Jejudoge like many altcoin cryptocurrencies can often have a long road ahead of them in terms of meaningful value creations, this can lead to extreme asset volatility and of course sudden, unfortunate ‘pump and dump’ events. While we here at are not authorized to provide financial advice of any kind, we can however stress that it is extremely important for investors to research crypto projects diligently, to ensure they make the best decisions they can with their money.

Step 1: Register on Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

So after you’ve done your homework on the JEJUDOGE coin, you might be interested in getting some for yourself.  Purchasing JEJUDOGE as an altcoin may need a few more steps, but don’t worry, by following this procedure, you’ll be holding your very own JEJUDOGE in no time.

As an altcoin, Jujudoge can’t be purchased directly; instead, you’ll have to trade it for another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum. (ETH) For this guide, we’ll be using ETH.

So, to get ETH, you’ll need to create an account with a Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange. For this instruction, we’ll be utilizing TrustWallet, which may also serve as your wallet once you’ve completed your purchases. TrustWallet is available for download on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. After you’ve completed the download, follow the on-screen steps to link a fiat account to your TrustWallet account. Then fund your new TrustWallet account with the needed amount of fiat currency.

You have many different options when you’re looking for an exchange, with each one offering different rates and a variety of different services. With its high security, clean design, and easy-to-use interface, CryptoWall, for example, creates a welcoming environment for newbies and crypto fans alike! While it currently does not take JEJUDOGE, it is worth watching for future cryptocurrencies and crypto services.

Step 2: Buy JEJUDOGE with Fiat Money

You can start trading these funds for ETH as soon as they appear in your TrustWallet account. Now, go to the trade tab on the TrustWallet app. Choose ETH, then input the amount you wish to buy and click ‘trade.’

When you utilize these sorts of crypto financial services, certain cryptocurrency exchanges, such as TrustWallet,, or MetMask, will give you a variety of price charts, trading tools, and other live market data. A wise investor will pay close attention to these as useful tools, if used correctly, they may help you make better financial judgments.

After you’ve completed the transaction, you’ll have to wait for confirmation, which usually takes around 30 minutes but might take a little longer depending on trade volume. The amount of ETH in your TrustWallet app, as well as any leftover fiat money, will be displayed on the screen.

Step 3: Transfer JEJUDOGE to an Altcoin Exchange

The next step will be to link your TrustWallet with an exchange that handles the trading pair ETH/JEJUDOGE trading pair. For this guide, we will be using Uniswap.

First head over to Uniswap, and then link your TrustWallet account. This is relatively simple, first, go to your TrustWallet, select ‘browser,’ search for Uniswap, launch the Uniswap in-app and connect your wallet. 

Once linked, input the trading pair ETH/JEJUDOGE; you may need to insert the JEJUDOGE address straight into the exchange. When importing addresses for wallets or trading pairs, be cautious to avoid making errors.

After that, pick the amount of ETH you want to exchange for JEJUDOGE and then click trade. If any issues occur, it might be advisable to look at the ‘slippage’ settings found in Uniswap and follow its instructions.

Last Step: Store JEJUDOGE Securely

If you’ve followed these steps you should have some JEJUDOGE of your own.

Now that you have some JEJUDOGE you may be wondering what to do with it. As a result, you’ll need to think about a wallet system. Even though your options for JEJUDOGE are restricted, it is still good to search around. TrustWallet and MetaMask will be your primary options.

So, on Uniswap, go to the upper right corner of the screen and click the “Connect to a wallet” option. Follow the onscreen instructions after selecting TrustWallet from the drop-down option. After your TrustWallet Wallet has opened, select ‘switch network’. You should be able to transfer funds from your Uniswap account to your TrustWallet account.

While it does not currently host JEJUDOGE, provides a number of wallet services as well as a high degree of security; it does host several other currencies and services. As a result, is a company to keep an eye on.

Other Useful Tools for Trading JEJUDOGE

Even if we aren’t licensed to provide you with trading or financial advice, we can give you a quick overview of some of the tools accessible on most exchanges that, when utilized correctly, may help you make the best financial decisions with your money.

The On-Balance-Volume (OBV) indicator is a popular and simple tool for displaying both positive and negative volume movement, including the trend’s value direction.

Another basic indicator that tells traders more about the strength of a supply or demand trend is the Average Directional Index (ADI). The asset’s movement intensity may assist you in determining how frequently long motions occur.

A Stochastic Oscillator is a tool that traders use to track the price of an asset over time and in connection to a certain event, giving them a better understanding of how a prospective deal will move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting your crypto experience may feel a little challenging due to lots of technical jargon and new ideas to follow. So, in this section, we’ll look at some of the most often asked questions about crypto and JEJUDOGE, and hopefully point you in the right direction.

Can I buy JEJUDOGE with cash?

JEJUDOGE coins, like pretty much all altcoins, cannot be acquired using fiat money. Instead, you might buy an existing cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, or Ethereum, and then trade it for the altcoin you want on a cryptocurrency exchange. To find out how to accomplish it, look at the instructions above.

Are there any quick ways to buy JEJUDOGE in Europe?

Acquiring JEJUDOGE may appear to be more complicated than purchasing other cryptos. If you read through our provided guidelines, however, we can walk you through each step, and this guide is perfectly applicable for traders in the EU.

Are there any alternative platforms to buy JEJUDOGE or Bitcoin with credit cards?

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, JEJUDOGE cannot be purchased using fiat currency. Instead, you might purchase an existing cryptocurrency such as JEJUDOGE, Bitcoin, or Ethereum, and then swap it for the altcoin you desire on an altcoin exchange. To discover how to achieve this, go to the instructions above.

Bitcoin however is relatively simple to purchase via a credit or debit card. Simply look for a provider of these services, like eToro, and follow its simple registration process.