How and where to buy Fuse, an easy step-by-step guide | 

How and where to buy Fuse, an easy step-by-step guide

Fuse (FUSE) is an incredibly ambitious project that seeks to create a crypto-centric payment framework for open source money. This article will be looking at what FUSE is and how to buy it.

What is Fuse (FUSE)?

Fuse (FUSE) is a project that is attempting to create infrastructure for open source money. Fuse is a decentralized platform with an Ethereum (ETH) contract. They are hoping to create a method of payment that is smoother, faster, and cheaper than what other digital currencies are offering. Like many other crypto companies, they are striving towards facilitating mass adoption of crypto by society.

Fused has an all-in-one DeFi platform called Voltage. FUSE is the native token of this DeFi platform. Voltage functions with delegated proof of stake, which means you can create a node, or delegate, on the Fuse blockchain using FUSE as proof of stake and make a small percentage of the platform’s trading fees. The platform also lets people who own FUSE vote on governance, as Fuse is a decentralized platform, run by the holders of Fuse. This means everyone who holds FUSE can submit propositions and vote on governance proposals. FUSE is also used to transfer value and pay gas fees. 

So if you think FUSE would be a good future investment, then you can find out how to buy FUSE, in this easy-to-follow step-by-step guide. 

Step 1: Register on Crypto-to-Fiat Exchange

The first step to buying any cryptocurrency is to find an exchange that lists your desired cryptocurrency as a tradable asset. At the time of writing, FUSE is available on several DeFi trading platforms, but it is not available on many centralized trading platforms, it is however available on Houdi and has a slightly friendlier user interface, so we will use it in this example. To create an account you will be asked for personal data, there is also a verification process, for which you will need proof of identification. 

During the registration process, you will be given a seed phrase. It is a string of words that have nothing in common. This series of words will grant you and anyone else who has them has access to your account. You should write this seed phrase down on paper and store it somewhere extremely safe. Whomsoever has that seed phrase has access to your crypto. 

Once you have completed the registration process, you will be able to start trading crypto.

Step 2: Buy USDT with Fiat Money

You are unable to purchase some cryptocurrencies with fiat money. First, you must trade fiat for an existing cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Tether (USDT), and then, trade it for your desired crypto. As FUSE is unavailable to purchase with fiat on, you will have to buy some USDT and then trade it for FUSE. 

While some crypto exchanges let you deposit fiat directly, does not. In order to get liquidity onto, you will have to buy crypto directly with fiat money. To do this, simply go to your Gate account and click the “Buy Crypto” tab. You will be sent to the crypto purchasing page of You will then have the option of a bank transfer or credit card purchase. Buying crypto with a credit card is always the fastest option, but often it will have much higher fees. A bank transfer can take up to a few days to complete. 

Once you have decided how much USDT you want to buy, simply choose USDT as your purchasing currency, select your preferred payment method, and hit ‘buy’. Once the transaction is complete, the USDT will be transferred directly into your account.

Step 3: Buy FUSE with USDT

Once the USDT arrives in your account, you will be ready to buy some FUSE. You will first need to search for the FUSE/USDT trading pair. To do this you can click the logo on the top left of any page, this will take you to the homepage, from there scroll down till you see the markets part of the page. You will then need to type FUSE in the search bar and you will see all trading pairs with FUSE. Click on FUSE/USDT and you will be taken to the trading page. You can also follow this link. Once you are on the trading page, you will see the price and a price chart being printed in real-time. 

Once you are on the USDT/FUSE trading page, you will need to decide a price you are willing to pay for the FUSE. If you choose a price that is too high you will buy FUSE immediately but lose money. If you decide on a price that is lower than what Fused is trading for then the transaction will not happen until FUSE falls to that price. 

When you are ready, put in how much FUSE you want to buy and what price you want to buy your FUSE at, and click ‘buy’. When the trading price matches the price you have put in, the transaction will happen automatically and the FUSE will be transferred directly to your account.

Last Step: Store FUSE Securely

Now that you have purchased some FUSE, your next step should be deciding what to do with it. If you wish to hold your FUSE, then you should consider storing it in a crypto wallet. There are two types of crypto wallets, hot wallets and cold wallets. 

 A hot wallet is an online wallet which is constantly connected to the internet, so if you need to sell your crypto quickly from anywhere in the world, then you can with a hot wallet. However, they are vulnerable to third party cyberattacks. If you do choose to store your crypto in a hot wallet, then Metamask or Trust Wallet are two of your best and safest options.

A cold wallet is a piece of hardware which you can store your crypto, it’s basically a password-protected USB stick with crypto-storing capabilities.  It is totally disconnected from the internet and the safest way you can store your crypto, but if you want to sell your FUSE, then you must be in possession of the hardware wallet. If you decide to store it in a hardware wallet, then a Trezor hardware wallet is a good choice.

 No matter which type of wallet you decide, like with your account, you will be given a seed phrase for accessing the wallet, once again, write it down and keep it safe.


Can I stake FUSE?

It is possible to stake your FUSE. The Fuse website has a dedicated app called Voltage Finance where you can stake, trade and pool your FUSE. You can find Voltage Finance here. You can interact with Voltage Finance with a Metamask wallet or a Coinbase Wallet. If you want more information on Voltage, you can find their guidebook here. Staking is never without risk, so always be sure to do thorough research before staking.

What are the price predictions for FUSE?

The Fuse network is expanding rapidly and if it manages to keep this momentum then it may reach phenomenal highs. However, the Fuse network has a lot to live up to, according to FUSE’s public opinion currently stands at 45% bearish 55% Bullish, so a pretty neutral outlook. While there is no way to be absolutely accurate about price predictions, has FUSE reaching a maximum of $0.70 in 2025 which is a 5x in 3 years.

Can the Fuse Network handle exponential growth?

Like its competitors, the Fuse network is pushing for worldwide crypto adoption, but it is focusing more on use-cases for independent business and community projects. It has incredibly low network fees compared to many of its competitors and a solid infrastructure. There is certainly a niche out there for Fuse to fill and if its popularity increases it, most likely, will be able to handle the increase in growth, but only time will tell.