How and Where to Buy Cappasity (CAPP) – An Easy Step by Step Guide | 

How and Where to Buy Cappasity (CAPP) – An Easy Step by Step Guide

CAPP is the utility token native to the platform Cappasity. Offering cheaper rates of subscription to new and exciting 3D, virtual reality, and augmented reality technologies. In this handy guide, we are going to talk about the background of CAPP, and the platform, and provide you with an easy step-by-step guide on how to purchase it.

What is CAPP?

Founded in 2013, Cappasity developed itself as a company attempting to lead the way in 3D model technologies and later would launch its very own platform in 2017. From this platform CAPP was created, a native utterly token that allows holders to pay subscriptions for  3D, VR, and AR technology at a 20% discounted rate. This technology which endeavors to be an industry leader claims to be able to render an object, and transmit it to a digital space such as a shopfront in 3mins.

Additionally, users of Cappasity and the holders of the token can use ongoing customer behavioral data to better understand how shoppers are interacting in their 3D space. With the primary goal of creating competitive, yet affordable VR, AR, and 3D technologies for businesses and e-merchants.

It’s important to note that CAPP is not to be considered an investment coin, as holders of this coin are not considered investors, or governance contributors. Instead, CAPP is a utility token that allows users better access to services and cheaper subscription rates.

On the technical level, CAPP operates via the ERC-20 standard and is chaired by CEO Henry Ines.

Step 1: Register on Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

For your first step towards CAPP ownership, you first need to acquire another cryptocurrency, which you will then swap for CAPP. Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) are two options. (ETH) However, we’ll be using Ethereum.

To obtain ETH you must first register with a Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange. You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a crypto exchange, and each one is a bit different, so it pays to browse around. However, we will use as an example. is a useful, safe, and simple-to-use program available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. After downloading to your device,  simply follow the onscreen instructions to link one of your fiat accounts to After that, you may deposit funds straight into your account from your bank account.

Step 2: Buy BTC with Fiat Money

After transferring funds into your account, you may now exchange them for ETH.

Firstly, go to the app’s trading page and search for Bitcoin. Then select the quantity you’d like to purchase and click “Buy.” offers a variety of price comparison charts, market data statistics, and trading tools to help you make the smartest decisions with your money.

There will be a brief confirmation time after your ETH purchase is completed before the amount of ETH purchased, and any remaining money, are shown in your account.

Step 3: Transfer BTC to an Altcoin Exchange

After you have some of your own ETH, you’ll need to exchange it for CAPP to continue. You’ll need to join up for an Altcoin Exchange to do so.

In general, shopping around for the altcoin exchange that best matches your requirements is always a smart idea. One of the first things to look for is support for the ETH/CAPP trading pair on the exchange. When it comes to CAPP, your options are quite restricted. As a result, we’ll use KuCoin in this example.

For your next step, you’ll now need to register with KuCoin and begin trading.  The registration process will be straightforward, requiring only basic info, KYC information, and security procedures such as passwords and two-factor authentication. (2FA)

KuCoin will alert you when your account is ready once you’ve completed these procedures. Next, send some ETH to your new KuCoin account using your account. Select “deposit funds” from the exchange menu on the KuCoin “funds” page. After that, KuCoin will provide you with a wallet address or a QR code. Then select ‘send funds’ from your account. Scanning/inputting the KuCoin address and entering the amount you want to send to your is now complete.

After a brief confirmation time, your E will show on your KuCoin account, and you may trade it for CAPP. Choose the ETH/CAPP trading pair and the amount you wish to trade from the KuCoin trading menu.

After all of this, you should have your very own CAPP.

Last Step: Store CAPP Securely

After you’ve obtained some CAPP, you’ll most likely want to figure out where you can store it, so it’s time to start thinking about a wallet system.

You only have a few alternatives for CAPP, with MetaMask and TrustWallet being the most popular.

You’ll need to move your CAPP from KuCoin to your selected system after you’ve picked a wallet. Go to KuCoin’s ‘withdraw money’ option and type or scan your code into the address box, after a short confirmation your CAPP will be safely stored.

The aforementioned is another wallet solution to keep an eye on in the future. It’s secure, easy to use, and has plans in place for future currency and token integrations.

Other Useful Tools for Trading CAPP

We are unable to offer you trading or financial advice, but we can present you with a brief overview of some of the trading tools available on most exchanges that, when used correctly, may assist you in making the best financial decisions possible.

The On-Balance-Volume (OBV) indicator is a straightforward tool that displays the positive and negative volume value movement, as well as the value direction of an asset’s current movement.

The Average Directional Index (ADI) is a straightforward indicator that informs traders about the strength of a trend. The asset’s movement intensity can often be very useful when figuring out assert movement trends.

Traders may use the Stochastic Oscillator to see the asset price over time and in connection to a certain situation inside that time period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Often it might seem confusing for newcomers to the crypto space, so to help out we’ve offered some quick solutions to some of the most popular inquiries that newcomers have.

Can I buy CAPP with cash?

Unfortunately, altcoin cryptocurrencies cannot be purchased directly with cash or fiat currency in most cases. Instead, use our simple tutorial above to learn how to swap another crypto-like BTC or ETH for CAPP via an altcoin exchange.

Are there any quick ways to buy CAPP in Europe?

KuCoin, like a lot of other cryptocurrency exchange services, is simple to use and completely legal in the European Union. Simply sign up for an altcoin exchange that meets your needs and trade a currency you already hold, like BTC or ETH. See the above advice for instructions on how to sign up for such an exchange.

Are there any alternative platforms to buy CAPP or Bitcoin with credit cards?

CAPP, like most altcoins, cannot be purchased with fiat or credit cards. To get your hands on some CAPP, you’ll have to go through altcoin exchanges. Thankfully, we have step-by-step instructions for you, as seen above. Bitcoin and Ethereum may both be purchased with a credit card; to do so, check into financial services like eToro.