How to Spend Ethereum? Best Way to Spend ETH in 2024
How to Spend Ethereum in 2024?
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How to Spend Ethereum in 2024?

With an estimated 50 million users worldwide, Ethereum makes up roughly 20% of the entire crypto market.

With such a huge amount of people owning Ethereum, it’s no surprise that so many retailers are now accepting ETH as payment. Crypto is money after all, so why wouldn’t people want to spend it?

So in this article, we are going to be discussing the best ways to spend Ethereum in 2024, how to spend Ethereum online and where to spend Ethereum with ease.

The Best Ways to Spend Ethereum

Ethereum can be fast, cheap and very environmentally friendly, and that’s why so many people choose to use ETH as payment. So in this section, we are going to be covering some of the best ways you can spend Ethereum online or in person.

Crypto Card

One of the best ways to spend Ethereum has to be a crypto card. Crypto cards allow customers to shop with all kinds of cryptos, with the same level of ease and convenience that a traditional fiat card brings, but with the added benefits of crypto.

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With the Card customers can spend Ethereum (or hundreds of other cryptos) with a simple tap, scan or swipe of their card. This genius little card lets customers spend crypto in real-time just like fiat, because of how it works.

Your Card will convert the ETH you have in your account at the point of purchase, turn it into fiat and use that for payment. You are spending Ethereum, but the store is being paid in fiat!

The Card also offers:

  • Rock bottom fees
  • 10x the number of cryptos than any competitor

Ethereum ATMs

A great way to spend Ethereum is by cashing out at a crypto ATM.

Crypto ATMs allow customers to buy or sell their crypto for cash, which they can then use in person for all their shopping needs.

There are more than 39,000 crypto ATMs worldwide, and many of them offer Ethereum services. To find an Ethereum ATM go to PayDepot or Coin ATM Radar, enter your location and you’ll be shown the nearest one available.

Companies That Accept Ethereum Payments

If you’re looking for where to spend Ethereum, you might be surprised to learn that lots of merchants today will accept Ethereum payments directly. According to Virtual Coin Squad around 13 major companies worldwide will accept ETH.

We will be getting into more detail later on about companies that accept ETH, but for now, stores like Crypto Emporium, Newegg, Sling TV and Cheap Air are just a fraction of the many stores that will gladly accept your Ethereum.

Buy Gift Cards With Ethereum

With online stores like eGifter, Coinsbee and Giftoff you can use your Ethereum to buy gift cards for all kinds of main-brand stores with big-name labels.

Through these services your Ethereum could snag a gift card for Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Apple, Macey’s or Target, just to name a few.

So if you are at a loss at what to get somebody for a birthday or Christmas, why not grab yourself a gift for Ethereum through any of these services?

P2P Transfer From Your ETH Wallet

Another great way to purchase goods or services is through a direct P2P transfer from your ETH wallet.

Third-party services like Bitreill and BitPay will allow you to purchase all kinds of goods straight from your Ethereum wallet. 

So when you are shopping on either of these services just select the Ethereum option when you reach the checkout.

Where Can You Spend Ethereum?

You can spend Ethereum on everything from jewellery, real estate, electronics to even luxury vehicles, you just have to know where to look. So in this section let’s go through some of the places where you can spend Ethereum.

Crypto Emporium

Crypto Emporium is almost a one-stop-shop when it comes to shopping for all kinds of crypto including Ethereum. Electronics, jewellery, designer clothes, artwork and automobiles are just some of the things available.

With delivery to over 125 locations globally, you are sure to find what you’re looking for at Crypto Emporium.

Sling TV 

Sling TV is a well-known live TV and on-demand content streaming service that now accepts Ethereum as payment. ESPN, TNT, Bravo, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC are just a fraction of the channels available in some very affordable packages. 


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps smaller realtors and merchants set up online payment systems. With over 1 million stores using Shopify worldwide across 170 locations, using crypto like Ethereum to pay for the service makes it very convenient for merchants.


CheapAir lets customers purchase airline tickets to all kinds of destinations around the world, and what’s even better is that customers can now get jet settings via Ethereum. 


Overstock is one of the biggest online retailers in America, and they started accepting ETH as payment back in 2017. Looking to upgrade your look or update your wardrobe? Then Overstock has you covered, offering clothing lines for men, women and children.


Twitch is the number 1 live streaming platform in the world. With an estimated 140 million users and 7.25 million streamers, Twitch is one of the most important hubs on the internet. And now viewers can donate to their favourite steamer via Ethereum and a variety of other cryptos.


At APMEX you can purchase all kinds of rare and precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver and even get involved with purchasing collectable art. With top-tier security and item verification, you can rest assured that you’re getting the real thing at APMEX, and now you can even purchase these rare metals with all kinds of crypto including Ethereum.


Pacaso is a world-renowned real estate company and is now accepting crypto as payment for your dream house. With a variety of payment options, home buyers can purchase their new abode with a blend of both crypto and cash.


NameCheap has been helping people purchase web and domain names since back in the 2000s. Now customers can register their very own specialized web domain via NameCheaps crypto payment options which now include Ethereum.


Newegg is one of the biggest electronics dealers in the US. With everything from 4K TVs, laptops, computer hardware and more, at Newegg, you’re in tech heaven. And to make things even better you can now make all of these purchases via cryptos like Ethereum.

What Can I Buy With Ethereum?

Now that we have covered where to spend Ethereum, let’s discuss all of the different things you can buy with it. These days you can buy practically anything with Ethereum,  from physical goods like clothing, jewellery or even real estate, or pay off your monthly bills for utilities like gas, heating or internet.

Let’s take a look at what you can buy with Ethereum via our very own service.

At not only can you spend crypto in-person or online with our CW Card, but you can also pay bills via our crypto-compatible IBAN accounts.

With these accounts you are free to pay beneficiaries via SEPA transfers, meaning you can pay all kinds of bills with ease. 

Crypto Card: How to Spend Ethereum Directly From ETH Wallet

Crypto cards, like our own Card, might be the best way to spend Ethereum directly from your ETH wallet with ease.

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What makes the Card so brilliant is that when you shop online or in person, you can spend the ETH right out of your wallet, but the store is being paid in fiat. The Card converts your ETH to fiat instantly at the point of purchase, at a rock-bottom rate.

So if you believe that crypto is money and are eager to get spending it, then check out our Whitelist here for more information.

How to Send ETH Directly via P2P Transfers?

P2P transfers are a quick, cheap and convenient way to move your Ethereum around, so let’s walk you through how it works.

While services will vary, the broad strokes will remain more or less the same. Take for instance BitPay.

  1. To send ETH P2P via BitPay:
  2. Go to the BitPay App on your device.
  3. Select your ETH wallet.
  4. Hit the “send” button
  5. Enter the wallet address of the recipient or scan their QR code.
  6. Confirm the amount you want to send and hit send!

How to Spend Ethereum FAQs

We have covered a lot about how to spend Ethereum in 2024, so now it’s time we cover some of the last questions that you might have in this handy FAQ.

What Can I Do With My Ethereum?

With services like the Crypto Card and IBAN accounts the sky’s the limit. From paying your utilities to purchasing a cup of coffee you can do it with

Outside of that, ETH can be used in dApps and all kinds of DeFi services.

How to Use Ethereum in Real Life?

We believe that all crypto, including Ethereum, is money. That’s why we strive to offer customers so many different ways that they can spend it.

With you can spend on the go with your Crypto Card and even earn some rewards as you go.

Outside of that, you could seek out Ethereum ATMs if you need to cash your ETH for physical cash.

What Is the Best Way to Spend Ethereum?

It depends on what you are spending it on, but if we’re speaking generally, then crypto cards are the way to spend Ethereum.

Through services like the Card, you can spend hundreds of cryptos, including ETH with total confidence and ease.

How to Spend Ethereum on eBay?

eBay doesn’t accept crypto payments. However, with a Crypto Card, you can shop online through stores like eBay and pay conveniently with Ethereum directly from your wallet.

How to Spend Ethereum Online?

There are all kinds of ways to spend Ethereum online, but one of the most convenient ways has to be through crypto cards like the Card.

But there are other ways. These days you can use services like Bitrefill, Coinbee and others to buy gift cards or even spend crypto from your wallet. Other than that you could also go on a more direct route and shop at places like Crypto Emporium.

How to Spend Ethereum at Amazon?

Sure! You can spend Ethereum at Amazon using a crypto card. A crypto card allows you to spend Ethereum directly from your ETH wallet anywhere including Amazon.

As an alternative, you can also purchase Amazon gift cards with Ethereum to shop online.

Where Can I Spend Ethereum?

Many customers often ask “Where can you spend Ethereum?” Places like Crypto Emporium, Wrist Aficionado, CheapAir, NordVPN and Overstock, just to name a few,  are where you can spend Ethereum.
Alternatively, you can use a crypto card to spend Ethereum practically anywhere card payments are accepted.

How Do You Turn Ethereum Into Cash?

There are all kinds of ways to convert Ethereum into cash. For instance, you find yourself an Ethereum ATM that will allow you to sell your Ethereum and convert it into physical cash. Or as an alternative, you can use a Crypto Card at an ATM to withdraw some physical fiat.

Or if you have a little bit more time, you could always sell your Ethereum via the management platform and then send that cash directly to your bank account via SEPA transfer with our crypto-powered IBAN accounts.

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