How and Where to Buy DJ15coin (DJ15) – An Easy Step by Step Guide | 

How and Where to Buy DJ15coin (DJ15) – An Easy Step by Step Guide

Davincij15(DJ15) is the Ethereum based token of software developer and YouTube crypto ‘influencer’ Davinci Jeremie. This token is designed to supposedly allow fans and token holders to share in revenue from Davinci’s YouTube channel and participate in the crypto ‘influencer’ community.

In this guide, we will cover what DJ15 is, show you how to get it, where to store it, and some of the general questions associated with the token.

What is DJ15?

DJ15 is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency that was founded by YouTuber and software developer Davinci Jeremie in August of 2020. The stated goal of this token is to help the DavinciJ YouTube channel and to supposedly allow token holders to share in the revenue of the channel, though the exact nature of this sharing is unclear, nor to be found in a whitepaper.

As it stands Davinci’s YouTube channel is reasonably popular within the crypto ‘entertainment’ community, though it must be stated that it has been banned in the past, only to be reinstated after some time. The relationship between crypto influences and YouTube is changing and therefore the nature of the DJ15 token may also potentially be suspected to change.

In addition, DJ15 token holders have access to a Telegram group as well as online crypto ‘entertainment’ streams. This Telegram group supposedly offers insight into Daviniji’s portfolio as well as other trading tips, but it is wise to be aware that following trading advice, even advice that you pay for, must be done so with extreme caution and due diligence. 

On the technical side, DJ15 is based upon the Ethereum network and is currently ranked as the #8754 global coin according to CoinMarketCap. This coin has a max total of 2,100,000 coins and has already engaged in a coin burn down to 240,000 tokens.

Now that you know a little about the coin, just follow this simple step-by-step guide on how to get DJ15.

Step 1: Register on Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

To purchase DJ15 you must already be in ownership of another cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum (ETH) or Wrapped BTC. For this guide, we will be using ETH for the example.

To purchase ETH, create an account with a Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange that suits your needs. When it comes to choosing an exchange, there are a lot of possibilities that will each offer different services and at different rates, but for this example, we’ll choose is a simple and safe wallet/exchange program that can be easily downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Once you’ve finished the download, follow the app’s instructions, its registration procedures, and then link one of your current fiat accounts to your new App. Once these accounts have been linked you are free to send fiat funds to your App.

Step 2: Buy ETH with Fiat Money

You can trade your fiat currency for ETH after you’ve sent it to your App. To get started, go to the ETH trading tab, choose the amount you wish to buy, and click ‘buy.’ offers a number of purchasing options, as well as market tools and up to date market data, to help you make the most informed decision with your money.

After you’ve purchased your ETH it will be displayed in your account, as well as any other funds you may have.

Step 3: Transfer ETH to an Altcoin Exchange

Now that you’ve got yourself some ETH, you will be able to trade that for some DJ15. To do so, you’ll need to sign up for an altcoin exchange that allows you to trade ETH/DJ15. In the case of DJ15, it appears that Uniswap is the primary platform for this token.

To begin, simply start by following Uniswaps registration process. This process is relatively straightforward but it does require the standard level of KYC security and registrations. Typically, this entails creating an account, confirming your identity, and implementing some form of security, often via a Two-Step Verification.

Now that you’ve finished registering you’re going to have to send some ETH to Uniswap. To do this find your way to the Uniswap ‘funds’ tab and select ‘deposit funds.’ Select ETH and then follow the on-screen instructions. Uniswap will produce an address in the form of a QR or code. Now open up your app, select ETH and the ‘send’ option, confirm the amount you wish to send, and finally scan the QR or input the code.

Now, a short confirmation protocol will begin, but being ETH it should be relatively quick. Once this is finished your deposited ETH will be displayed in your Uniswap account.

Finally, navigate to the Uniswap trading tab, choose the ETH/DJ15 trading pair, confirm the amount you want to trade, and click ‘trade.’ Congratulations on completing your DJ15 coin purchase!

Last Step: Store DJ15 Securely

So now you have yourself some DJ15, your next thought should be about storage. To store your DJ15 you’re going to need a wallet. While most wallet systems are different, actually storing your funds works much like ‘Step 3’ in reverse. That is, sending your DJ15 from the altcoin exchange to your wallet.

But to do this first you must select a wallet and thankfully in the case of DJ15 you have a few options to choose from. These options include a host of extremely safe hardware wallets, the highly integrated MetaMask, and its DJ15’s native wallet, Pandora Wallet. When choosing, it’s very important to consider what are your needs and what each wallet system provides. for example is a very reliable means of coin storage, that unfortunately doesn’t hold DJ15 right now. This wallet is a well-rounded system that provides simplicity, interoperability, and a good degree of security. It may be worth keeping an eye on this system as further coin integrations take place.

Other Useful Tools for Trading DJ15

DJ15 like any other altcoin can be traded on different exchanges, but to do so well, wise traders use a host of different tools to make the best decisions they can. This is just a simple rundown of a few of the most commonly used tools.

In general, most trading tools are just measures or charts that indicate price movement, volume, or supply in relation to a host of parameters, and clever traders use a combination of these tools to gather more information about the trade.

On-Balance-Volume (OBV) is one of your most basic and shows you both the positive and negative movement of an asset’s volume. Understanding this relationship allows you to chart better decisions.

Average Directional Index (ADI) is a fairly basic informational tool that shows traders the strength of an assets trend. What this means is the intensity of the asset’s movement which gives a better insight into the likelihood of sustained movements.

The Stochastic Oscillator displays traders the asset price in the context of a certain time and the certain condition of that time frame.

Latest News for DJ15

In early 2020, DJ15 and a host of other crypto ‘influencers’ were banned from YouTube in an effort to purge the platform of predatory crypto influencers who have shown a propensity to push scam coins or ‘pump and dumps.’ 

But in 2021 DJ15 was reinstated onto YouTube, claiming that the platform’s outdated ban system unfairly targeted his channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section of the article, we will address some of the most frequently asked questions in regards to DJ15.

Can I buy DJ15 with cash?

Like many altcoins, you cannot purchase DJ15 with cash directly. Instead, simply follow the step-by-step guide above to purchase some DJ15.

Are there any quick ways to buy DJ15 in Europe?

To purchase DJ15 you will need to go through Uniswap, which is accessible in Europe.

Are there any alternative platforms to buy DJ15 or Ethereum with credit cards?

It is not possible to purchase DJ15 in this direct manner. Instead, you must first be in ownership of some crypto, such as ETH. Thankfully ETH is extremely easy to purchase and can be done so via a credit card, such as eToro.