Best Crypto Card in 2023

Best Crypto Card in 2023

Crypto cards are the perfect merger of crypto and traditional finance. They allow you to spend your crypto assets just like you would fiat, using a credit or debit card. No more converting your Bitcoin on an exchange, transferring between wallets, and finally, to your bank account several days later. 

With a crypto card, you can use it like a standard bank card, and your crypto will be converted for fiat at the point of sale. Not only that, but they also come with great perks like cashback, reduced trading fees, and more. What’s not to love? 

How Does a Crypto Card Work?

A crypto card is exactly what it sounds like — a debit/credit card that works with cryptocurrency. There are several options available. With prepaid cards, you’ll need to convert your crypto and preload the card with fiat through an app — you can usually do this instantly. Other cards can convert your crypto as you spend. Each card also comes with unique features and rewards. 

You’ll need to look closely at the T&Cs of each card, as there can be multiple fees or requirements attached. When choosing a card, it’s essential that you understand all the features and terms involved. To show you what to look for, we’ll explain the different features and fees involved in our card.

Best Crypto Card in 2023:

The CryptoWallet card is a prepaid card launching in 2023. The card supports over 800 cryptos and allows for direct spending with no conversion required! Spend crypto anywhere or withdraw it as cash from an ATM — finally, crypto can be used like any other form of money.

While we think our card is the best crypto card available, we’ll let you judge that for yourself. Here are the key features and what to look out for when choosing the best crypto card in 2023


One of the primary reasons crypto cards have become so popular is that they offer cashback on your purchases! Our card gives you 3% back every time you use it in stores or online.

Direct Spending

Unlike many competitors,’s card lets you spend crypto directly with no conversion. Simply tap the card and watch your balance update automatically!

Cryptocurrencies Supported

The card will support over 800 cryptocurrencies, more than 14 times that of any other card on the market. This makes it perfect for anyone interested in holding or spending altcoins.

Tiered System

We work with a tiered reward system, which means you can receive different rewards depending on which level you choose and the number of tokens you stake on our platform.


Converting crypto on the card costs just 0.8%.

Best Crypto Cards 2023

So now that you know what to look for, let’s take a look at the best crypto cards and how they compare. With so many on the market, choosing a reliable and secure platform is important.

When selecting our top crypto cards, we researched the security, advantages, fees, and ease of use of multiple cards on the market today. Here’s our comparison of the best cards available and their features:

CashbackWallet ConnectionNumber of CryptosHow to UseFeesTiered System
CryptoWalletUp to 3%Custodial and Non-Custodial800+Prepaid – top up using appNo monthly fees, low transaction feesYes
Crypto.comUp to 5%Custodial only22PrepaidNeed to stake tokens, different cardYes – You’ll need to stake €350,000 to access the top level of cashback
CoinbaseUp to 4%Custodial only8Converts as you use it2.49% conversion feeNo
BinanceUp to 8%Custodial only13Prepaid0.9% transaction fees, Cashback depends on your balance of BNB tokens
Wirex0.5% on free plan — goes up to 8%Custodial only36Converts as you use itMonthly fee up to €29.99, €1.75 ATM feesNeed to pay a monthly fee and stake tokens

Get the Best Bitcoin Card in 2023

As you can see, each card comes with its own unique features and benefits. Think about what you’re looking for in a card. Is it ease of use? Multiple cryptocurrencies? The ability to control your own funds?

While our card ticks all these boxes and more, we invite you to take a look at each card available and see what suits your lifestyle. When choosing the best crypto card, it’s important to choose the best crypto card for you.

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