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Best CoinBase Crypto Debit Card Alternative

If you’ve spent any time looking into crypto, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Coinbase. But big brands can often have some drawbacks that aren’t obvious at a glance, so in this article, we are going to be discussing some of the pros and cons of Coinbase’s Debit Card and discuss one of its most exciting alternatives.

About the CoinBase Crypto Debit Card 

Coinbase is one of the biggest crypto service operators on the market, unsurprisingly it provides its own crypto credit card that has proven popular amongst Coinbase users.

Key Features of The Card

Coinbase offers a variety of services and features that allow customers to really take advantage of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase ecosystem.

With great integration, widespread adoption and decent crypto rewards systems, Coinbase takes full advantage of its large stake in the crypto space. Fostering a ‘closed-loop’ of interacting Coinbase services that could be really attractive to those already fully in the Coinbase space.

How It Works 

The Coinbase Card is a prepaid card that allows you to spend pre-loaded funds in person or online payment via your in-built non-custodial wallet.

By tapping or swiping, your card converts/spends these funds instantly. Though it is important to remember that spending certain cryptos will incur transaction fees and different cryptos will have differing reward rates.

Advantages of The CoinBase Crypto Debit Card

Coinbase encourages its users to keep their financial activities under the Coinbase support umbrella, by offering easy integration with a variety of other Coinbase services, such as instant card freeze, Coinbase Pro and Coinbase Prime. This makes the Coinbase crypto card a must-have for those who are already big fans of the Coinbase family.

Additionally, Coinbase offers some good cashback crypto rewards of 4% (only for certain currencies), crypto tools and some low transaction fees within certain thresholds which we’ll explain below.

Disadvantages of The CoinBase Crypto Debit Card

The primary disadvantage of the Coinbase support system is that it might be a bit limiting to those who aren’t already users of all the different Coinbase services. 

Because the card is designed for Coinbase, users might run into extra fees and limitations when using other platforms.

Another disadvantage of the Coinbase Card is that it does have some hidden fees. For example, if you are using funds that aren’t the card’s primary currency, say USDC or its currently highlighted coin, users will incur a steep transaction fee and will be limited from full cashback rewards.

CoinBase Crypto Debit Card Fees 

In terms of spending fees:

  • You will pay a 2.49% transaction fee for crypto to fiat currency spending
  • There is a 2.49% transaction fee per daily ATM withdrawal limit.

Note: Coinbase does have some additional fees that aren’t immediately apparent. Such as currency conversion costs for non-domestic card online purchases.

In terms of daily limits:

  • Daily spending limit of $2,500
  • You can reload your card once per 24 hours for a max of $5,000.
  • There is a $1,000 ATM limit

Where It Can Be Used 

The Coinbase Card is Visa-backed, and therefore you can expect to be able to spend it anywhere that accepts Visa. 

This means that Coinbase Cardholders can use their virtual and physical cards in millions of stores worldwide and will be accepted in pretty much every online store.

The Best CoinBase Crypto Debit Card Alternative 

Finding the best crypto debit card is all about identifying your needs and finding what card best suits you.

While Coinbase Card certainly has big brand recognition and great levels of integration into other Coinbase services, Coinbase still might not be the best fit for you. So in this section, we are going to be discussing one of the best alternative Crypto Debit Cards on the market, the Debit Card.

About The Crypto Debit Card 

The Debit Card is designed to be sleek, simple and easy to use, geared towards putting more crypto spending power in your pocket. is always trying to make crypto spending as safe and simple as possible. We know that crypto is money, so it’s important that you get to use it!

Key Features of the Card 

The Debit Card brings all the must-have features and payment methods you should expect from a top-quality debit card service.

Offering competitive low fees, instant crypto spending online or offline, a handy app, and of course, a sleek card that can be used both virtually or physically.

How It Works

The Debit Card is a prepaid debit card that can be loaded with crypto, fiat, or both! With this MasterCard-backed card, you can simply tap or scan your physical or virtual card in any store to instantly spend/convert your funds directly from your wallet.

Instant crypto access means instant crypto spending!

Key Differences Between The Two Cards

Most crypto debit cards operate in broadly similar ways, you load digital assets onto the card, and you spend funds via the card. 

But the difference between services usually lies within the details.

We will discuss the specifics of CryptoWallet.coms fees and monthly purchase limits in a later section, but the key difference between and Coinbase lies within the design and goals of both providers. 

As discussed, Coinbase is geared towards encouraging you to use its many different financial services, which is great if you already use these more complex types of cryptocurrency transactions. For everyone else, this might feel a little limiting or off-putting.

CryptoWalllet’s Debit card makes every crypto transaction easy. This card offers everything you need, with a handy app that’s welcoming to newcomers and an inbuilt exchange that’s intuitive to all kinds of traders.

Advantages of The Crypto Debit Card

As previously mentioned, wants to make your crypto experience as simple and straightforward as possible, and without trying to get you through the door of a variety of different services that simply might not be for you.

With great customer support services, various payment methods and a simple registration process, Debit Card users can expect to be using their card quickly, with good crypto-related rewards and at a low cost.

Disadvantages of The Crypto Debit Card

Different clients have different needs, and as such, different providers cater to different clients.’s Debit Card caters itself for customers who are looking to integrate daily virtual asset spending into their everyday lives, so clients who might be looking for very advanced crypto trading options or other more complex DeFi services, might find’s debit card a bit limiting.

Where It Can Be Used 

You can expect to use your Debit Card anywhere Visa is accepted, and also online stores!
CryptoWallet.coms Debit Card is backed by financial giant Visa. This means that you can expect to be spending your crypto assets instantly, worldwide, in person or offline.

CryptoCurrencies Supported 

 Almost every crypto that exists will be supported, including high-cap currencies like Bitcoin.

How to Get A Debit Card 

Getting a Debit Card couldn’t be easier! Simply visit our homepage to join our whitelist, order a card, follow the onscreen payment instructions to activate your account and order your physical or virtual card.

And if for any reason you have some questions or issues, feel free to contact our top-notch support team for any queries you might have.

Key Takeaways wants its customers to walk away with a debit card experience that is simple, safe and easy. 

By combining a great physical card with great services, Debit Card users can expect to be spending their crypto anywhere they want, with affordable rates, attractive rewards and top-tier support. We know that crypto is money, so we want you to be able to spend it!


Is The CoinBase Debit Card Worth It?

Different customers have different needs, maybe you use it for online internet casino gambling activities? Or online purchases? The trick for you is going to be understanding your own needs looking for card info and finding the best fit for you!

Coinbase’s debit card does offer some great features and other forms of payment that are tailored to committed Coinbase users. If this sounds like you, great! But other customers may find this package ill-suited for their needs.

What Is CoinBase Debit Card Limit?

Coinbase offers different dollar limits depending on the specific card. But at a base level, customers can expect to have a daily spending limit of $2,500 and a daily withdrawal limit of $1,000.

How Do I Get A Crypto Debit Card?

Different and crypto exchanges require different registration processes and differing levels of KYC (Know Your Customer) verification. for security reasons.

But in general, you will be required to register an account, verify to a certain degree, and operate a digital wallet of some nature.