Who Accepts Ethereum? 10 Companies that Accept ETH Payment
Who Accepts Ethereum as Payment in 2024?
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Who Accepts Ethereum as Payment in 2024?

With a market cap of $227 billion and around 7 million active wallet addresses, Ethereum is a juggernaut in the crypto scene.

It is no wonder that with so many people using ETH, more and more retailers are now accepting Ethereum as payment.

So in this article, we will explore who accepts Ethereum and go through some of the best ways and some of the best places to spend Ethereum in 2024.

So let’s jump right in!

Ways to Spend ETH

There are three main ways to send ETH as payment for all kinds of goods and services.

  1. Companies that accept Ethereum payments
  2. Crypto Card: Spend ETH anywhere where card payments are accepted
  3. Buy gift cards of any popular brands with Ethereum
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Today, companies like Crypto Emporium, Overstock, Newegg, and lots more will allow you to spend ETH directly. We will be going into more detail about these companies later on, but you will be amazed at how many companies are starting to catch on to ETH payment methods.

10 Companies that Accept ETH Payment

Crypto is money, which is why more and more places now have handy ETH payment methods available.

So in this section, we are going to go through ten of the best places where you can spend Ethereum and all kinds of other cryptos.

Crypto Emporium

Crypto Emporium has pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to shopping. Founded in 2018, you can purchase pretty much anything you can imagine, from electronics, crypto mining rigs, clothing, vehicles, real estate, art, laptops, and so much more.

With 125 locations worldwide, Crypto Emporium is sure to be able to deliver to your location, and for the last few years, it has been one of the most important places where crypto fans can spend Ethereum with ease.


Specializing in electronics, Newegg has everything a tech junkie could desire. From home computers to computer rigs, gaming laptops, 4K TVs, and everything else you could need for a top-of-the-line home theatre system, Newegg has it all.

With crypto payments powered through BitPay, you can spend cryptos like Ethereum with ease directly from your Ethereum wallet.

Nord VPN

If you’ve spent much time on the internet over the last few years, there is a pretty good chance that you’ve heard of Nord VPN.

Nord VPN offers an excellent all-around online security package that includes VPNs, advertising and cookie screening software, over 60 server locations, and a 6,730 MBPS connection.

And to make things even better, NordVPN is now accepting ETH payments through services like Coingate.

Offering various subscription plans ranging from 30-day, 1-year and 2-year plans, Nord offers a high level of service at an affordable rate and with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Twitch is probably one of the most instantly recognizable names online.

This online live-streaming platform has nearly 15 million daily users, 7.03 million streamers, and 140 million monthly active users. It’s fair to say that since its 2011 launch, Twitch has become one of the most important meeting places online.

And now viewers can donate to their favorite streamers in all kinds of crypto!


Namecheap is one of the earliest adopters in the crypto space, taking payments in cryptos like Ethereum as far back as 2013. 

Namecheap offers a fantastic registry service that allows customers to create their own custom web domains. 

With crypto payment powered through BitPay, users can purchase web names without ID for payments up to $3000, meaning that customers can maintain a high degree of privacy when they shop with crypto at Namecheap.


APMEX is one of the premier online stores for purchasing precious metals and other collectibles.

Gold, platinum, silver, gold bullion and rare art, APMEX allows you to invest in the finer things and now you can even purchase these precious items in Ethereum

Founded in 2000, APMEX has a great reputation among collectors, offering item verification and top-notch security to make sure that your precious items stay safe.

Wrist Aficionado

Wrist Aficionado is a big name in the luxury watch world. Offering luxury timepieces from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Richard Mille.

Founded in 2017, Wrist Aficionado has physical storefronts in both Miami and New York and will now even accept cryptocurrency as payment online or in-person.


eGifter is a fantastic place where you can purchase gift cards from all kinds of big-name brands.

With around 300+ brands available, including Apple, Walmart, Domino’s, and Macey’s, just to name a few, birthdays and Christmas are a breeze with eGifter.

With payment options powered by BitPay, you can pay for all of these gift cards directly from your ETH wallet.


Pacaso is a top-of-the-line real estate company that allows customers to purchase luxury homes with cryptocurrency.

Offering a range of payment options, including blended payment options of both crypto and fiat, you can now buy that second home with ease. With buildings available in some of the most sought-after locations, Pacaso is a fantastic option for someone looking to spend big with crypto.

Powered by BitPay, customers can use all kinds of crypto, including Ethereum, as payment.


Overstock is a massive online retailer with over 4 million different products available.

Featuring everything from DIY gear to home furniture and home decor, you can remodel your home, and what’s better, you can purchase all of these goods with crypto.

Gift Card Websites that Accept Ethereum

You can now purchase gift cards from some of the biggest brands in the world with Ethereum.

There are lots of different places that sell gift cards for Ethereum, so let’s go through just a few.


Bitrefill offers gift cards that can be purchased with crypto in over 170 different countries.

With crypto payment options in ETH, BTC, USDT, and LTC, just to name a few, Bitrefill is probably one of the best crypto gift card companies around. 

With gift cards available for companies like Amazon, Ikea, Nike, Steam, and Just Eat, Bitrefill is an excellent place to shop if you’re looking for a gift card.


With over 2,500 brands available in over 160 countries Coinsbee is a fantastic option if you’re looking to buy some gift cards with crypto.

With gift cards available for the Playstation Store, iTunes, Steam, and Google Play, Coinsbee has a staggering selection to choose from. 

On top of all this, it also offers a wide range of crypto payment options, with payment options in ETH, DOGE, BTC, and USDT, just to name a few. 

Gift Off

Founded in 2013, GiftOff is a solid option if you’re looking to purchase gift cards with Ethereum. 

Cards available for big names like Argos, Airbnb, and Spotify are just some of the brands available.

Crypto Card: No Need to Find Companies Accepting Ethereum as Payment

Finding a company where you can spend Ethereum directly is great and all, but wouldn’t it be simpler if you could spend crypto like you would with a traditional debit card?

With CryptoWallet.com’s CW Card, you can do exactly that.

Crypto debit card - pay with crypto card

The CW Card has to be one of the cleverest ways for you people to be able to spend crypto with ease.

The CW Card allows users to spend any of the hundreds of cryptos they have in their wallet, either online or in-store with a simple tap, scan, or swipe of their card. What makes it so clever is that while you are spending crypto, the stores are being paid in fiat.

The CW Card can convert the crypto you have in your account instantly at the point of service.

Crypto is money, after all, and that’s why we here at CryptoWalet.com are so committed to enabling you to be able to spend it.

For more information about our CW Card, check out here to join our Whitelist

Buying Things with Ethereum

These days, you can buy pretty much anything with Ethereum. From a slice of pizza to a luxury car, it just depends on how and where you spend it.

With a CW Card, you can spend crypto on virtually anything, online or in-person, from a night out on the town to your Christmas shopping.

And now, thanks to stores like Crypto Emporium, you can get your hands on art, precious metals, and even a new home, all through Ethereum.

How to Accept Ethereum Payments as a Business or Freelancer?

If you are a business owner or currently working as a freelancer and are looking to accept Ethereum as payment, then here at CryptoWallet.com, we have you covered.

As a Neo-Bank, CryptoWallet.com can offer customers fantastic services that allow them to accept Ethereum as payment and spend Ethereum with ease.

CryptoWallet.com offers customers crypto-powered IBAN accounts that let them manage and spend any of the hundreds of cryptos available. And thanks to those IBAN-powered accounts, customers can send and receive fiat payments, making CryptoWallet.com a great option if you’re looking to accept crypto as payment.
With the CW Card, customers can spend crypto with ease, online or in person.

Who Accepts Ethereum as Payment FAQs

Now that we’ve covered companies that accept Ethereum as payment, let’s go through some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to paying in Ethereum.

Can Ethereum be Converted to Cash?

There are 2 ways to convert Ethereum into cash.

– Ethereum ATMs are a great way to physically convert your Ethereum into hard cash. Check out services like Pay Depot or Ethereum ATM to find the nearest location available to you.

– You could also use the crypto card to withdraw fiat funds from a standard ATM. This way, your card will convert your stored crypto into physical fiat.

Does Amazon Accept Ethereum? 

No, Amazon will not accept ETH directly. However, you can use a crypt card to buy things on Amazon with ETH payment method.

With a crypto debit card, you can shop online in the same way that you would if you were using a traditional fiat card. You spend Ethereum from you wallet, which is converted instantly and Amazon get paid in fiat.

Does Microsoft Still Accept Ethereum? 

Yes! Microsoft does accept Ethereum as payment. On top of that, Microsoft also accepts BTC, BCH, and USDC.

Does Starbucks Accept Ethereum? 

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to pay for your Starbucks coffee with Ethereum directly, but don’t worry, there are ways around this.

With the Crypto Card, you can shop in stores like Starbucks with confidence.

Do Hotels Accept Ethereum? 

Generally speaking, most hotels won’t accept Ethereum as payment directly. You can, however, find online a few different travel agents who might be able to set up a form of crypto payment, but if that doesn’t suit you, you might be interested in using a Crypto Card.

Learn more: How to Book Hotels with Cryptos

Does eBay Accept Ethereum?

No, eBay does not accept cryptos like Ethereum as payment directly.

However, you can use a Crypto Card that allow you to shop on eBay in the same way that you would with a regular debit card.

Does Apple accept Ethereum?

No, Apple does not accept Ethereum as a payment directly.

However, you can purchase gift cards for Apple with cryptos or use a Crypto Card to shop with cryptos like Ethereum at the Apple store

Does Tesla accept Ethereum payments?

Tesla does not accept Ethereum as payment. They will, however, accept DOGE in some cases for some products. Check Tesla’s website online to learn about which products you can purchase with DOGE coins.

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