True Value: Why Crypto Is No Longer About Holding | 
True Value: Why Crypto Is No Longer About Holding
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True Value: Why Crypto Is No Longer About Holding

When crypto exploded onto the mainstream, there’s no denying that most people were interested in Bitcoin for speculative gains. 

The HODL gang were in full effect, holding on to their assets for as long as possible in the hopes of selling for a major profit.

Big profits are still part of the reason people invest in crypto, but with massive improvements and updates to the crypto ecosystem, HODLers are becoming the minority of users.

Here’s why people are really using crypto in 2023.

Crypto is For Crossing Borders

Here’s the thing. The traditional banking system is slow. Wire transfers are really expensive. They take days to complete. Banks are closed on weekends. Crypto is instant, it’s cheap or even free. It never closes.

Overseas workers getting paid in remittances can save money using crypto, with low fees and no foreign currency conversion required. Many people also get paid in crypto due to the rise of Web3 development.

Crypto is For Web3

The future of the internet is almost upon us, with $93 billion invested in Web3 development between 2016 and 2022. The development of the new internet is well underway, and as Nano Foundation Community Amassador told, speed, convenience, and low costs will play a major role in establishing the transaction infrastructure of Web3.

“To integrate payments and rewards seamlessly into the structure of the internet, a few ingredients are vital. We need speed, global availability, and free transactions. We need censorship-resistance. Decentralisation and permissionless use,” says Horsman.

“A frictionless user experience for true accessibility. The new era of the internet needs all these ingredients. We already know that traditional payment rails do not offer most of these properties. Cryptocurrency in general comes closer, but still many cryptocurrencies don’t offer all of these either. This is exactly where nano comes in!”

More Control, More Privacy

Web3 will give regular internet users far more control over their web browsing experience, allowing them to either keep or sell their personal data. Think tokenized browsing that rewards users directly, plus increased privacy and reduced censorship for everyone.

Web3 will run on crypto, and with regular internet users making crypto for everyday actions online, they’ll need something to do with their earnings.

Crypto is For Spending

Crypto adoption has been slow, but over time, more and more stores have started to accept crypto. Of course, the advent of crypto cards has made it possible for people to spend major cryptos like Bitcoin whether they’re accepted or not.

The neobank is making crypto as easy to spend as fiat. The crypto card we’re launching in Q4 2023 supports direct spending of over 800 cryptos anywhere in the world with the lowest fees of any card. 

Our crypto-powered IBANs also allow people to settle SEPA invoices like rent and bills using crypto and to manage their crypto assets in the same way they would fiat currency like euros.

More people spending crypto means more stores accepting crypto.

Demand for Crypto Payments is Rising

Crypto payments look set to rise 21.5% by 2025.

Many people probably hold cryptocurrency because they want to escape supply inflation of fiat currencies. While central banks print off vast sums of fiat currency during times of economic crisis, causing inflation, cryptocurrencies have more predictable supply inflation schedules.

With nano, there is no supply inflation at all! 

All nano that ever exists is already in circulation, meaning the price of nano depends on demand. For many people it makes much more sense to store value in nano instead of fiat currency.

Why Even Convert Crypto to Fiat?

But then, why not just directly spend in nano (XNO) too? Skip the step of converting back to fiat for payments, and directly spend your nano or use a card to spend your nano!

It’s also important that the cryptocurrency can actually be spent easily – meaning that transactions need to happen fast, and cheap, while also being scalable. Nano transactions take less than a second and have no transaction fee on the network. Perfect for spending!

You can learn more about nano on or check out our Beginners’ Guide here!

Don’t Just Hold It – Spend It

Gone are the days of holding onto crypto with no prospect of using it. These days you can hold, invest, and spend crypto in innumerable ways, opening up the crypto sector to all kinds of interesting possibilities.

Crypto lending, decentralized apps, shopping for everyday items – it’s all becoming possible with crypto, and looks set to be more convenient and cheaper than fiat alternatives in many cases. Everyone at nano and is delighted to be a part of that progress!

If you’re looking to spend crypto like real money at last, sign up for an account at or join the whitelist for our upcoming card.

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