What Can I Buy With Bitcoin? A Guide to Shop With Bitcoins
What Can I Buy With Bitcoin? – A Guide to Shop with Bitcoins
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What Can I Buy With Bitcoin? – A Guide to Shop with Bitcoins

Bitcoin has gained popularity as a digital currency, yet it is still challenging to find merchants that accept Bitcoin directly. Let’s explore what and how to buy things with Bitcoin and learn about crypto card that enables users to spend and shop with Bitcoins anywhere.

Since its inception in 2008, Bitcoin has become a major currency and is the most popular cryptocurrency on the market today. As a digital currency, you can use Bitcoin to buy things because it’s uniquely suited to online transactions with short transaction times, low fees, and global accessibility.

So what can I buy with Bitcoin?

Right now, there are a handful of services and outlets that accept Bitcoin directly. However, in Q3 of this year, you’ll also find that there’s a crypto card that lets you spend Bitcoin or hundreds of other cryptos on whatever you want, all at the lowest rates on the market. Join the whitelist!

Key Takeaways

  • Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency available and has grown hugely as a means of payment.
  • You can use Bitcoin to trade cryptocurrencies online, hold them as an investment, and to buy things with bitcoin online and offline.
  • Only a handful of platforms allows you to shop with Bitcoins and accept cryptos as a form of online payment for goods and services.
  • With CW crypto card, you can spend Bitcoins and 800 other cryptos with the lowest fees on the market – practically anywhere, just like cash!

What Can I Do With Bitcoins?

You can use Bitcoin for many purposes, such as trading for other cryptocurrencies on a crypto exchange, storing it in a wallet as a long-term investment in the hopes prices will rise, or selling it for fiat money on an online exchange. You can also use it for peer-to-peer transactions between other Bitcoin holders or pay for goods and services online. 

There are several ways you can use your bitcoins. Firstly, you can trade them for cash or other cryptocurrencies on a crypto exchange or trading platform. You can also store your bitcoins in an online or offline wallet to save them for future use or investment in the hopes that their value will rise. 

You can also use it for peer-to-peer transactions between other Bitcoin holders or shop with Bitcoins and pay for goods and services online, which opens up a world of possibilities. 

How Do You Use Bitcoin to Buy Things?

Bitcoin Debit Card

There are different ways to spend your Bitcoin, each has its own pros and cons. The easiest way to use Bitcoin to buy things is with a crypto debit card. A crypto debit card works similarly to a normal debit card, except it allows you to spend Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some cards require you to top up your card by exchanging your crypto for fiat cash, while other cards convert your crypto as you spend. 

crypto card - spend bitcoin and cryptos

As Bitcoin is a digital currency, it’s also used to pay for goods and services online. Many merchants and platforms now accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, yet the options are still limited. Bitcoin debit card or crypto cards allows you to shop with Bitcoins practically anywhere where card payments are accepted.

How do you use Bitcoin to Buy Things via Crypto Card

  1. Sign up to CryptoWallet.com
  2. Go to the card page and join the whitelist
  3. Wait for the CW card launch – Q3 2023
  4. Get your crypto card delivered
  5. Start shopping with Bitcoins

Open a Bitcoin Wallet

To use Bitcoin for purchases without a crypto debit card, you’ll need a Bitcoin wallet, which you can obtain by downloading a software wallet to your computer or smartphone or by using an online wallet provided by a trusted service. Once you have a wallet, you can fund it by buying Bitcoin from an exchange or transferring it from another wallet. Now you are ready to use Bitcoin to buy things. 

You’ll also need the Bitcoin address of the merchant or person you’re paying. Bitcoin addresses are all unique and range from 27 to 34 alphanumeric characters, with each one beginning with 1, 3, or bc1. These days most merchants and platforms use a QR code instead for convenience. 

How to Buy Things with Bitcoin via Bitcoin Wallet – Step by Step

  1. Choose a merchant, person, or service that accepts Bitcoin as a payment method.
  2. Select your desired item or service and proceed to the checkout or payment page.
  3. Look for a Bitcoin payment option or a QR code.
  4. Open your Bitcoin wallet and scan the QR code or copy the merchant’s Bitcoin address.
  5. Enter the payment amount and confirm the transaction.
  6. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the Bitcoin network, which usually takes a few minutes.
  7. Once confirmed, the merchant will receive the payment, and you’ll receive a confirmation of your purchase.

This method can take a little time to adjust to. Many people opt for the ease and convenience of a crypto debit card instead.

What Can I Buy With Bitcoin? shop with bitcoins

What Things Can I Buy with Bitcoin?

First, let’s look at some of the places that accept Bitcoin directly. Then, we’ll get into the card that lets you spend Bitcoin anywhere.

Here are some examples of what you can buy with Bitcoin:

Airline Tickets

Several major airlines now accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for booking flights, including airBaltic. You can also book package holidays and flights through the crypto-focused travel platform Cryptoturismo

Numerous travel agents and websites offers airline ticket booking that you can buy with Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. With the increasing acceptance of Bitcoin in the travel industry, there are now more options available for travelers to conveniently and securely book flights using bitcoins and digital currencies. 


All the crypto enthusiasts asking “When Lambo?” will be happy to know that it’s easy to buy a car using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Many dealerships worldwide accept crypto now, and the online crypto car platform AutoCoinCars lists hundreds of them here

For individuals in the UK and Europe, who are interested in buying a car with Bitcoin, there are several car dealerships, that accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. One notable marketplace for buying cars with crypto in Europe is BitCars. These platform provides a convenient and reliable avenue for individuals to use their Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to purchase a wide range of vehicles.

By leveraging the acceptance of Bitcoin in the automotive industry, potential buyers can explore their options and complete transactions securely and efficiently, expanding the possibilities of acquiring a car with their digital assets.

Private Jets and Yachts

For those who like a bit of luxury, many private jet and yacht companies now accept Bitcoin. Since 2022, Denison Yachting accepts Bitcoin for purchases amongst other yacht companies. You can also charter your own private voyage with the Yacht Break. If you’re more interested in flying high than sailing the seas, you can also charter a private jet with Fast Private Jet.

Real Estates

Investing in real estate has become a popular choice for many cryptocurrency investors. Whether it’s buying a tokenized fraction of a property or using Bitcoin to buy a decadent villa, many real estate companies are embracing cryptocurrency. Some popular companies include Crypto Real Estate and bithome. You can also find listings on the extensive crypto-only peer-to-peer marketplace Crypto Emporium.

Groceries and Food

While most major grocery stores do not accept crypto, this is slowly starting to change. Whole Foods, Nordstrom, Starbucks, and Crate & Barrel now allow customers to pay using Bitcoin through the Spedn app. 

However, if you want to use Bitcoin in other grocery stores, you can do so easily using a crypto debit card. As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies gain traction, you can expect to see even more stores accepting them for your everyday essentials. 

Gift Cards

As a digital currency, Bitcoin is ideally suited to buying gift cards. There are countless platforms dedicated to selling gift cards to crypto holders. Popular platform BitRefill allows you to buy gift cards from hundreds of stores, including Airbnb, Deliveroo, Sainsbury’s, ASOS, Uber, Twitch, Steam, Amazon, H&M, and Nike.

You can even buy crypto gift cards! Platforms like Binance offer gift cards so you can give family and friends the gift of cryptocurrency for special occasions.


Privacy-focused VPN providers have been quick to adopt Bitcoin as a secure, decentralized, private payment method. It’s a perfect fit and ideal for any customer who prioritizes their personal privacy. 

VPN providers who accept Bitcoin include NordVPN, Surfshark, Atlas VPN, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost. Each comes with different features and tiers, so you’re sure to find the right plan for your needs. 

Watches and Jewelry

Watches and jewellery are another luxury purchase popular with Bitcoin holders. Dozens of watch retailers now accept Bitcoin for their high-end products, including Banks Lyon and Prestige Time. If you’re interested in shopping for both watches and jewellery, BitDials is a popular crypto-only luxury marketplace.

For those looking for watches with a slightly smaller price tag, you can buy high-quality second-hand watches from the Uk-based retailer Swiss Watch Trader. You can also buy watches and jewellery through the peer-to-peer crypto marketplace Crypto Emporium. 

For jewellery, there are several boutique stores accepting crypto, including Hatton Jewellers, Capucinne, and CC. You can even buy diamond engagement rings through Hyde Park Design for that special someone in your life. 


While most major subscriptions don’t accept payment by cryptocurrency, there are some workarounds that could even work in your favor. Firstly, you can buy a gift card for Netflix or Prime through a Bitcoin gift card site like Bitrefill or CoinGate

Other platforms allow you to use a crypto debit card to pay for your subscriptions and give you a reward, such as cashback or a reduction for using their crypto debit card. This way, you can enjoy all your favourite subscriptions, all the while making some money doing so.

Buy Anything With Bitcoin Debit Card

While it’s nice to have the above options, they won’t be your only options for long.

At CryptoWallet.com, we’re about to launch a groundbreaking crypto card with direct spending of over 800 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. That’s more than ten times the amount of any other card in the world, with the lowest transaction fees in the market.

Bitcoin debit card and crypto card

If you want to simply tap your card and buy whatever you want with Bitcoin, with ZERO conversion fee. Sign up for the whitelist to get our crypto card for free!

Shop with Bitcoins – FAQs

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding buying and spending Bitcoin.

How Can I Buy Something With Bitcoin?

To buy something with Bitcoin, you need a Bitcoin wallet, the recipient’s Bitcoin address, and the desired item or service from a merchant that accepts Bitcoin. Simply follow the payment instructions provided by the merchant, enter the required details in your Bitcoin wallet, and confirm the transaction. 

For convenience, you can also opt for a crypto debit card that converts your Bitcoin to fiat and lets you spend Bitcoin anywhere debit cards are accepted.

How Does a Bitcoin Debit Card Work?

A Bitcoin debit card works similarly to a normal debit card, except you can buy things with Bitcoins, and it’s converted to fiat at the point of sale. Some Bitcoin debit cards require you to top it up with Bitcoin before you use it, while others convert it from your Bitcoin wallet as you spend.

The CryptoWallet debit card makes spending crypto easy with our point-of-sale conversion and the ability to spend from your own self-custody wallet or our streamlined custodial crypto wallet. You can buy, spend, and trade over 800 cryptocurrencies.

What Can I Buy with Bitcoin in the UK?

In the UK, there are countless options for buying with Bitcoin, and the list is ever-expanding. You can purchase anything from cars and fashion to holidays and subscription services. These days, hundreds of online and offline retailers accept Bitcoin. With a crypto card use can buy things with Bitcoins practically anywhere, where card payments are accepted.

Can I Use Bitcoin to Make Purchases in Physical Stores?

Yes, some physical stores accept Bitcoin as a payment method. However, you’ll have to research whether or not the physical store you have chosen accepts Bitcoin. Some stores might require a payment processor or a mobile app to facilitate the transaction, but the process is similar to online purchases. 

However, the easiest way to use Bitcoin to make purchases in physical stores is by using a crypto debit card. That way, you can spend Bitcoin anywhere debit cards are accepted.

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