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Weekly Crypto Gaming News
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Weekly Crypto Gaming News

Has Nike just hinted at an NFT collection in Fortnite? The rumour mill has gone into overdrive, with some people looking toward Ethereum’s new Ethscriptions as to how it could happen.

Axie Infinity has gotten a new development update, and we’ve got the details!

Star Atlas hits impressive numbers as its Post Velocity launch soars to 46.8 million transactions.

We’ve got all this GameFi news plus some insightful crypto token analysis in this week’s crypto gaming token roundup.

So let’s get started! 

The Crypto Gaming Token Roundup

Nike’s Ultimate Sneaker Hunt “Airphoria” for Fortnite Possibly Hints NFTs

In a social media post on June 18, Nike released a tantalizing 30-second video that showed us the above image. People got hyped.

But what does it really mean?

Well, there are lots of different theories right now, and some people are feeling that Nike’s “Airphoria” event might even be related to NFTs.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen an uptick in the use of NFT for big brands and big celebrity promotions, such as the recent Snoop Dogg NFT concert release. With new technology and new possibilities for NFTs being released, like Bitcoin Ordinals and Ethscriptions on the Ethereum platform, many are speculating that we might be seeing Nike go even further into the world of NFTs.

But at the time of writing, Nike has yet to clarify any further, so is this a case of NFT fans inserting themselves into the story, or could we see a massive NFT launch?

Why this matters

  • Nike and Fortnite are juggernauts in terms of audience and brand-stopping power. A partnered NFT released by both of these entities would be a massive boost to the industry.

Axie Infinity Development Update Roundup

The new Axie Infinity update is here, and it’s got a bunch of achievements, gameplay changes and reach outs to whole new platforms. So let’s go over a few of the details!

We got the release of Origin on iOS, Mavis Market on Ronin, and the much-anticipated Avatar Forge.

  • The Oracle of the Origin on iOS is the first time that Apple has allowed the use of third-party purchased NFTs. This means players can use their own unique NFT in either battle or Arena modes.
  • The Mavis Market Ronin is an NFT marketplace that uses its own currency called RON. On this marketplace, players are free to distribute their collections of NFTs.
  • There has also been the release of a variety of new achievements that players can now set their sights on, and of course, they come with all-new rewards.
  • Finally, we have the Avatar Forge. Here, players can create and customize their own unique NFT with the help of their axises.

Why this matters

  • Axie Infinity has been feeling the chill a bit in recent months, and many have been wondering if Axie’s player base is starting to turn to other P2E games. However, with quality-of-life upgrades, new challenges, and new rewards found in this update, we might be getting an insight into how Axie Infinity intends to course correct.

Star Atlas Hits 46.8 Million Transactions Post Velocity Launch

On June 18th, Star Atlas found itself achieving an important milestone in its journey, hitting an impressive 46.8 million transactions. Even more impressive still, is that north of 2 million of these transactions (that’s around 8%) were conducted in a single day.

Found fittingly on the Solana Chain, Star Atlas is basking in the success of its Escape Velocity, which is acting as a test case for its major upcoming release, Star Atlas: The Golden Era. It seems like Star Atlas’s staging ground approach has worked, as players and transaction volume are increasing steadily, confident both in the game and anticipating its more significant release.

Acting as a kind of space-faring treasure hunt, Star Atlas has proven popular with a daily player count of around 1000-1500, and, despite taking a hit during the FTX collapse, is proving popular with fans.

Why this matters

  • Large-scale space-faring games like Star Atlas can prove extremely popular with certain communities of gamers, and bringing NFTs into the mix could prove to be an interesting opportunity.

Bitesize News

Top Meme Coins

ApeCoin (APE)

Image Source

It’s been a wild week for the APE token, dropping to a low point of $1.9 midweek, then bursting back into the green at $2.3847, and currently resting at $2.18.

APE Token has been suffering since its ATH of $23 back in April, and for many, the chances of APE recovering are pretty slim. Regardless, this last 7-day stint has been a welcome breath of fresh air for holders.

It appears that APE’s little spurt of recovery is likely due to the overall favourable trading conditions that have been affecting both the memecoin and crypto gaming sectors.

Render Token (RNDR)

Image Source

RNDR, one of the biggest players on the crypto gaming scene, has also been enjoying a tidy amount of growth over the past seven days. Coming up for air at the price point of $1.8235, hitting a high point of $2.351, and sitting pretty at $2.14.

RNDR, which probably has one of the more unique use cases of any crypto gaming utility token, is often the odd man out on the GameFi list. Being a kind of cloud-based computing software that allows animators to share in the computational burden of the taxing process of digital rendering is a unique selling point.

While not immune to market conditions in general, this week at least, that appears to be a good thing.

The Sandbox (SAND)

Image Source

Massive sandbox game SAND is also enjoying the fair weather conditions this week, starting at $0.3705, capping at $0.4379, and currently resting at $0.42.

It’s been a rough time for SAND over the last few weeks, so investors are likely relieved by this comforting spurt of growth. 

SAND was hit harder than most in the wake of the crypto winter, however, this hasn’t stopped its creative team or many of its investors. Despite the losses, new content, new development updates, and new partnerships are being released. SAND might be down, but as you can see (at least a little), it’s not out.

Top Crypto Gaming Top Ten

It’s been a while since we got to see green across the board, so enjoy having a look at this week’s top crypto gaming performers.

Image Source

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