Play-To-Earn Crypto Games: A 2023 Guide | 
Play-To-Earn Crypto Games: A 2023 Guide
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Play-To-Earn Crypto Games: A 2023 Guide

Around 40% of people are gamers, and according to one source, 55% of all millennial gamers own crypto.

With so much potential, it’s no surprise that play-to-earn crypto games have really taken off in recent years.
But what is crypto gaming and can I really earn crypto while playing games?

In this article, we will be providing a play-to-earn crypto games list, covering everything you need to know about crypto P2E gaming.

What Is a Play-to-Earn Crypto Game?

Play-to-earn crypto games, or P2E crypto gaming is an online blockchain game that allows you to earn crypto tokens, NFTs, or some other kind of blockchain asset. Players can collect these assets, trade them amongst each other, or sell them on the market for their real value.

P2E blockchain games can take on different shapes and sizes. They can be open-world sandbox games like Decentraland, go-kart racers like ZooRacers, or base-building strategy games like RollerCoin.

Ultimately, many crypto-based P2E games or NFT-based games come in as many different shapes, sizes, and genres as their mainstream counterparts.

What Are the Best Play-To-Earn Crypto Games in 2023?

There are hundreds of crypto games available today, so to help you start, we’ve put together a top play-to earn crypto games list to help out.

League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms is one of the best play-to earn crypto games on the market. League of Kingdoms is an MMO-based strategy game that allows players to create their own game., including creating alliances, build factions, and go to war in one of the most popular crypto play to earn games.

With its own token, called the League of Kingdoms Arena Price ( LOKA ) players have a vested interest in the economy of the League of Kingdoms coin.


Realm crypto describes itself as the “people’s metaverse.” With a live public beta available now, players can take part in games with other players, collect NFT art, and join once-off art events hosted by other creators in the Realm!

Realm has its own native token, REALM, which players use to purchase art, compete in events, and trade with each other.

Meta Apes

Meta Apes is a player-run MMO game that brings together blockchain, crypto, and player creativity. This free crypto game is a play-to-earn game that includes base-building as well as competitive play that is fun for casual and more serious gamers alike.

The Meta Apes token PEEL allows players to earn while they play! While still in its early stages, many players are already delighted to joined the Meta Ape Gang.

Miners Zone

Play-to-Earn Crypto Games

Based on the Binance chain, Miners Zone is a fun strategy game that allows players to crypto as they play. Fans of crypto gaming love Miners Zone play to earn PVE, and its “team of miners” strategy gaming!

The Miner Zone has its own native token, called MZT, that players can earn as they play. Take on the world alone or team up with other players to earn crypto rewards in this one of the most exciting play-to-earn crypto games out there.

Crypto Sense

Crypto Sense is an app-based game that can be downloaded to your Android or Apple device.  In Crypto Sense, you can play mini-games that will test your memory and reactions to earn real crypto rewards. The SENSE token acts as the real economy of this lightweight play-to-earn crypto games.

Crypto Sense reviews have been positive for this simple and fun-to-use crypto game.

How to Earn Crypto Playing Games

You can earn crypto by playing games by completing missions, solving puzzles, beating challenges, or, in sandbox games, selling off assets or cosmetics.

Some games like Decentraland, Blankos Block Party, or have a heavy emphasis on player creativity. Sandbox-style games allow you to create worlds, art exhibits, or cosmetics. These can often be NFT or in-game assets that players can sell within or outside of the game NFT market.

Other games like Axie Infinity or Oath of Peak have much more blockchain RPG-focused gameplay, requiring you to battle monsters or other players. In these games, players earn money by unlocking in-game potions or mana that act as the game’s tradeable currency. Services

With play-to-earn crypto games, earning can be fun, but after you earn that crypto, what then?

With services like, you can buy, sell, and trade any of the 800+ cryptocurrencies that you can now spend with our very own CW Card. This handy card allows you to spend crypto virtually anywhere with rock-bottom rates and even earn some crypto as you go! has its own native utility token called SPEND that allows you to earn cashback, vote on upcoming crypto hostings, and even earn SPEND tokens via our new referral program.

So once you’re finished earning crypto as you play, check out the Whitelist here, and unleash your crypto’s full potential!


Is There a Free Game to Win Crypto?

Yes, in a sense. Games like Decentraland, Realm, Crypto Sense, and many more are free to set up. However, they often will have in-game purchases, cosmetics, or other services within the game that cost crypto or the in-game currency. 

What Games Can I Play On My Phone to Earn Cryptocurrency?

There are lots of free play to earn games for Android, iOS, or desktop, as well as NFT games for Android and Defi games.
Axie Infinity is the most popular and considered to be the best play-to-earn crypto games, but there are lots of others, such as Farmers World, Monsta Infinite, and Devikins, just to name a few. 

What Is the Top 1 Cryptocurrency Game?

The top play-to earn crypto game is Axie Infinity, though there are lots of contenders for the title.
While Axie Infinity is the most popular game, other projects like Decentraland are equally recognizable, and other games like RollerCoin are extremely popular with crypto gamers. It’s also important to keep an eye out for upcoming NFT games, Web3 games, or other blockchain games!

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