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D2T Crypto

D2T Crypto

We would all love to jump on the next big crypto project right before it shoots to the moon.

But FOMO isn’t exactly a great investment strategy. So how do you know when a crypto project is sending the right or wrong signals?

Dash2Trade claims to have the answer, but not everyone is convinced.

In this article, we are going to cover Dash2Trade crypto, what it does, and some of the issues that have been raised about it.

What is D2T Crypto?

Dash2Trade crypto, or D2T, is an ERC20-based token that was originally presale launched in October 2022.

The idea behind Dash2Trade is to create a trading platform that offers D2T holders unique trading tools and insights that theoretically lead to better trades while increasing the value of their D2T.

Supposedly, this is achieved by offering users unique auto-trading tools, analytics, and tokenomics insights that allow them to conduct the best trades possible.

While D2T has officially launched as of April 11, 2023, many of these features have yet to be released and are only road mapped for somewhere around 2024. 

So what does Dash2Trade do right now? The answer is not much. 

Theoretically, if Dash2Trade can achieve any of its intended features, it would be an incredibly valuable utility-based platform. Still, many remain sceptical about whether this is possible or even the real goal of the token.

D2T Crypto News

The biggest news for D2T is its official release.

D2T had a presale token launch as far back as October 2022, which were less than favourable conditions for a token start-up to launch. Yet the token soldiered on until its full token sale on April 11th.

Since then, D2T has been listed on several of the top crypto exchanges for trade, such as Gate.io, Uniswap v3, and LBank.

Dash 2 Trade Price

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Dash2Trade opened at an initial price of $0.0476, and at the time of writing, it is sitting at a current value of $0.01977.

Dash 2 Trade price had an all-time high (ATH) of $0.052955 and a trading volume of $671,609 for 24 hours.

Is Dash2Trade Legit?

Scams are all too common in the crypto world, so you might be asking yourself, “Is D2T legit?”

The answer is complex.

Dash2Trade is suffering from some associations and utility issues that have some people concerned about the token’s legitimacy, with some claiming that there is an air of pump and dump about the project.

Before we go into details, remember that a lot of the information is alleged, circumstantial, and not intended to be used as trading or financial advice.

D2T Association’s

Within the whitepaper of the project, you’ll see a composite image of the company’s c-suite. Within that c-suite, you’ll see names of people who have in the past worked for or been associated with Finixio Ltd.

Finixio Ltd. is a London-based crypto advertising company with a reputation for advertising crypto projects that have been labelled by some as scams, like Tamadoge and LuckyBlock. And others have even gone further, claiming that Finixio has been involved in faking reviews and comments about its associated projects.

While the exact nature or level of Finixio’s association with the D2T project is unclear, many sceptical investors have been calling for some clarification on this issue.

Utility Concerns

As we have mentioned previously, D2T has been released, but many of its advertised features, like Dash Trade, haven’t and are road mapped for the future.

While this is normal in many crypto projects, the problem for D2T is that these road-mapped services are the true underlying utility and therefore value of the token. Without these services being active, field tested and worthwhile, the actual value of the token is strictly theoretical.

Again, this isn’t uncommon, but without grounded utility-focused value creation, the vast majority of this coin’s value stems from FOMO, speculation, and hype.

D2T Price Prediction

Price prediction is, at the best of times, guesswork. So the best you can hope for is educated guesswork.

For D2T price and D2T crypto price prediction, we need to assess a few elements of D2T’s function and the market that D2T is heading into.

Right now, D2T hasn’t released its Social Trader function, its AutoTrader function, or Backtester. Right now, all it has is a website interface, a token, and a product campaign. 

This could change as these functions are rolled out, and if they do and they work, then D2Ts could undergo some positive price movements in 2024. But it’s up to you to decide if you think that’s likely or even possible.

Secondly, let’s discuss what the macro-forecast for the crypto market is in general.

Again, while it’s impossible to say where the broader market is going for crypto in 2024 and beyond, we can look at a few early indicators. 

In general, the crypto market has been picking up a little after a hard 2022 crypto winter. We are a long way from recovery, but there have been some improvements.

BEP20 vs ERC20

BEP20 and ERC20 have a lot more in common than differences, with the main difference being that ERC20 uses Ethereum (ETH) and BEP20 uses Binance. (BNB)

Both of these chains use a blockchain that has a more utility-based focus than their mutual ancestor, the Bitcoin blockchain. But there are a few differences when you get into the details.

ERC20 is by far the most popular chain, but this does lead to some issues around congestion, cost, and speed. 

BEP20 is smaller, has less ongoing day-to-day traffic, and is therefore faster and cheaper. The average BEP transaction takes around 3 seconds, while the average ETH transaction takes about 15. 

The average BEP transaction could cost a cent, while ERC20 costs around $17 or much higher. 

Where to Buy D2T Crypto

If you’re thinking “D2T crypto where to buy,” D2T can be found on a variety of CEX or DEX exchanges, including LBank, BitMart, UniSwap V3, Gate.io, Changelly Pro, and HitBTC.

How to Spend D2T Crypto

Today, spending crypto is as easy as tapping, scanning, or swiping a crypto card.

CryptoWallet.com offers a handy CW Card that allows you to instantly spend any of the 800+ cryptos, just like the D2T token, as easily as using a normal card. 

With the CW Card, you have instant access to hundreds (and soon to be thousands) of cryptos instantly converted into fiat at the point of service, online or in-person. 

So if this card sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out our whitelist here.


People often have a lot of questions when it comes to tokens like Dash2 Trade crypto, so let’s go through some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is the supply of D2T coins?

There is a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 coins. However, at the time of writing, there is a circulating supply of 298,500,000 D2T tokens (self-reported) which makes up roughly 30% of the overall supply.

How do I claim my D2T coin?

Previously, you could claim your tokens after the presale launch in what’s called a “Token Generation Event,” or TGE. 

However, this time has passed, and right now these tokens are bought, sold, and traded conventionally. Simply link your crypto wallet, buy on an exchange, and trade.

Is D2T on Coinbase?

Yes, Dash 2 Trade crypto, or Dash to Trade, is available on the Coinbase exchange and is accessible through the Coinbase Wallet. 

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