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Best Crypto Exchange UK

The UK has the sixth largest crypto transaction value in the world, so it’s no surprise that customers have plenty of options when it comes to a crypto exchange.

This is great for variety, but it can make choosing the right one a little overwhelming.

But don’t worry, in this article, we are going to cover how to buy crypto in the UK, what to do with it, and provide you with a comprehensive list of a few of the best crypto exchanges in the UK.

Let’s get started.

Best Crypto Exchange UK 2023: Our List

Below is a quick list of the top crypto exchanges we are going to be covering in detail

CryptoWallet – Huge variety of crypto, easy to use, instant crypto spending
eToro – An extremely popular crypto exchange that is very easy to use.
Coinbase – Well known, little expensive, good service
OKX –  Low fees, UK-focused, low liquidity
Binance –  Instantly recognizable, low fees, complex for newcomers
Houbi – Good selection of cryptos, good liquidity, somewhat unregulated
CEX –  Decent selection of cryptos, crypto lending available, low liquidity
Bitstamp – Dependable but somewhat basic platform, limited crypto selection – Good crypto selection, higher fees for non-CRO users
Uphold – Transparent, low fees in some cases, high fees for spread trading

But before we get into all that let’s talk about the basics.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency UK

While the details might vary between exchanges, generally speaking, buying crypto can be as easy as registering, entering your debit card details, and buying!

It all depends on the exchange, for more information, check out our guide here.

Etoro, for example, is incredibly straightforward, all you need to do is register an account, enter your card details like any other online purchase, and buy!

Other exchanges, like Coinbase, operate similarly but require a few extra steps. These exchanges require you to authenticate your registered profile through what’s called KYC or Know Your Customer registration. 

Buying crypto in the UK really couldn’t be easier, the only tricky part is finding the exchange that suits you. To find what you’re looking for, it can help to compare and contrast, and a good place to start is cost.

What is the Cheapest Crypto Exchange UK?

In general, the cheapest crypto exchange in the UK is Binance, but “cheapest” is sometimes a bit misleading.

Just because an exchange has rock-bottom prices doesn’t necessarily mean that it offers the best value for money.

Exchanges can often have hidden or less obvious fees that aren’t immediately advertised, and it’s here that a lot of “cheap” exchanges can end up costing a lot.

When you’re looking for the best exchange, make sure you have a clear idea of what you need from that exchange.

Exchanges can have inactivity fees, ATM withdrawal fees, “out of network” ATM fees, maintenance fees, card issuance and re-issuance fees, etc.

This is where a lot of unwary customers could end up paying out of pocket, which they weren’t expecting. So make sure you dig into the details, to make sure you’re really getting the “cheapest” rate.

What is the Easiest Way to Buy Crypto in the UK?

As we’ve discussed, getting crypto in the UK is getting easier all the time, but if you’re looking for an exchange that’s both easy and great to use, has plenty of both. offers a combination of exchange, wallet, and card all in one handy spot.

That means you can buy, sell, or trade any one of the 800+ cryptos available now on the Buy/Sell page, store them in a handy wallet, and then spend them with your very own CW Card.

With the CW Card, you can spend crypto in person or online with your very own crypto card, which makes crypto spending as easy as using a traditional card!

So if you are interested, check out the whitelist here for more information.

How can I Cash out Crypto in UK?

You can cash out crypto in the UK by selling your crypto for fiat and then transferring that fiat to a bank account. 

This can take some time, and there are a few different charges involved. 

But for pure convenience, you could use a service like’s CW Card.

With this card, you can spend the crypto as you would normally spend fiat and even withdraw the fiat equivalent of your stored crypto from an ATM. This method is super convenient and is much faster than waiting for bank transfers. 

Best Crypto Exchange UK 2023:

Best crypto exchange UK
Supported CryptosDeposit FeeFee to buy BTCWithdrawal FeeWalletTop Features
200+ (With thousands more coming)N/A0.5%N/AYesCard and Wallet, easy to use offers a huge amount of variety when it comes to buying crypto in the UK, coupled with some great services that make crypto spending easy.

With, not only can you buy any of the hundreds (and soon to be thousands) of cryptos, but you can also spend them virtually anywhere with nothing more than a tap of your very own CW Card.

Crypto exchanges are made up of lots of different services rolled into one. This can include DeFi, lending, referral bonuses, and crypto cards, and has all of these and more.

So if you’re UK based and looking for a fantastic crypto service, you might want to check out our whitelist here for more info.

At a Glance

Pros ✔️Cons ❌
A fantastic selection of cryptos is availableIntegrated with an easy-to-use wallet and crypto cardOffers referral bonuses and has upcoming lending optionsMay not have some advanced trading features


Best crypto exchange UK
Supported CryptosDeposit FeeFee to buy BTCWithdrawal FeeWalletTop Features
70+N/A0.75%$5YesFully regulated in most countries

Etoro is one of the most popular names in the crypto space, especially in the UK, and it isn’t hard to see why. 

Etoro offers a varied list of available cryptos, low rates on its exchange, and is very straightforward to use. And for customers, who are looking for more advanced features, the etoro exchange offers a variety of services such as smart portfolios, copy trading and stock trading. 

Etoro has been in the financial trading ecosystem since 2007, so they are a dependable pick for UK customers.

At a Glance

Pros ✔️Cons ❌
Low fees for transactions and withdrawalsFully regulatedOffers smart investment trading options for advanced tradersHas extra fees for non-etoro wallet usersHigh withdrawal feesLacking customer support


Best crypto exchange UK
Supported CryptosDeposit FeeFee to buy BTCWithdrawal FeeWalletTop Features
100+0.5%1% (flat rate for all purchases)1%YesEasy to use for newcomers

Crypto hasn’t been around very long, but even so, Coinbase is as much of a household name as you can get.

Created back in 2012, Coinbase offers a comprehensive crypto service that brings together an exchange, wallet, and even its own debit card, which is welcoming to traders of a more beginner level. In addition, Coinbase offers one of the best crypto app UK options on the market.

Coinbasse’s interface is very easy to use, and quite friendly if you’re just starting. While some of its prices can be a little steep, many new customers don’t mind paying a bit extra for simplicity’s sake.

At a Glance

Pros ✔️Cons ❌
Debit and credit card purchasing optionsBest crypto for beginners appHandy app/wallet comboDebit card fees are a little highTrading fees can be high


Supported CryptosDeposit FeeFee to buy BTCWithdrawal FeeWalletTop Features
140N/AThird-party fees only0.1%NoUK Focused service

OKX is a great exchange for traders who have a little bit more experience. 

Created in 2017, OKX offers a suite of different trading tools and passive income tools that more intermediate and advanced traders will enjoy. With a decent variety of crypto available, traders are free to get the most out of larger-scale trades.

OKX offers a sliding scale when it comes to transfers, with lower rates being offered for larger trades, making it ideal for customers who might be operating at higher levels.

Considered to be one of the best cryptocurrency exchange UK options available.

At a Glance

Pros ✔️Cons ❌
Trading cryptocurrency UK-focused serviceSliding scale of trading feesSavings are available for larger tradersLimitation for non-UK customersLow liquidity for some currencies


Supported CryptosDeposit FeeFee to buy BTCWithdrawal FeeWalletTop Features
350+N/A0.1%2.00 GBP per transactionYesLow fees

Binance is another household name in the crypto space.

With a large variety of crypto available, both beginner and advanced trading features, and some rock-bottom prices, many UK customers are drawn to Binance. 

Given Binance’s scale, this exchange can offer some very competitive rates, especially when it comes to commission fees. In fact, at the time of writing, Binance is actually offering more than a dozen commission-free trading pairs, designed to drum up sales for these tokens. 

While Binance does have a few unexpected fees here and there, it’s hard to argue with those savings. If you’re looking for the best app for cryptocurrency trading in the UK, Binance is a good place to start.

At a Glance

Pros ✔️Cons ❌
Very quick UK bank transfers available for a small feeOne of the best crypto apps UKLow feesSome market limitations for UK customersSome issues with registration have been reported


Supported CryptosDeposit FeeFee to buy BTCWithdrawal FeeWalletTop Features
700-10000.2%0.2%0.0001 BTCYesPlenty of DeFi trading options

Houbi is a crypto exchange that is becoming more popular for buying cryptocurrency in the UK.

With an impressive amount of cryptos available and some competitive rates, Houbi’s popularity isn’t difficult to understand. Houbi has focused a lot of its business structure around smaller-level traders and smaller-cap cryptos, enticing start-ups and investors alike with low commission rates. 

With debit card purchasing available for more popular cryptos like BTC, ETH, and USDT, Houbi is an impressive option for customers.

The only downside is that some of its DeFi options have yet to be rolled out in the UK.

At a Glance

Pros ✔️Cons ❌
Good selection of cryptosLots of DeFi trading optionsSome product services are limited for UK customersLengthy verification process reported


Supported CryptosDeposit FeeFee to buy BTCWithdrawal FeeWalletTop Features
70+1%-3.99%0.25%1%YesLots of onboarding options

Created back in 2013, is a growing UK crypto exchange with an impressive user base of around 4 million customers.

Where shines is in terms of its onboarding. CEX offers multiple different ways for you to pay for services, such as PayPay, Google Pay, Skrill, and, of course, debit or credit cards. The downside is that you will be paying a bit more than other exchanges.

CEX has some fees that aren’t the best UK crypto exchange rates on the market, but the platform is a good all-around service.

At a Glance

Pros ✔️Cons ❌
Good reputation for UK crypto tradersLong-standing reputationIn some cases, high feesThe UI may be difficult for new traders to navigate


Supported CryptosDeposit FeeFee to buy BTCWithdrawal FeeWalletTop Features
50+0.1%-0.05%5% via card, 0.5% on exchange0.5%NoEasy-to-use platform

Bitstamp is another solid option for buying cryptocurrency in the UK, and while it may not have the best selection of cryptos available, it does offer good rates and solid service. 

With a solid mixture of both beginner and advanced trading features, all kinds of crypto traders are welcome to use the highly regarded Bitstamp mobile trading app. While the exchange itself does lack a few of the more popular cryptocurrencies out there, what it does have is an easy-to-use interface and low rates.

At a Glance

Pros ✔️Cons ❌
Good rates and competitive feesGood advanced trading optionsLacks some big-name cryptocurrenciesHas a history of being hacked

Supported CryptosDeposit FeeFee to buy BTCWithdrawal FeeWalletTop Features
250+N/A0.4%0.0005 BTC (with CRO stakeholding)NoBetter deals for CRO holders is another well-known name on this list that is very popular with UK customers.

Offering a decent selection of cryptos and an easy-to-use app available on desktop, Android, and iOS.

The main selling point behind is that it can offer some truly fantastic rates, staking options, and additional perks, including discounts on popular services like Amazon and Netflix. 

However, many of these perks and savings are paywalled behind CRO staking requirements. CRO is the native token of the system, and you are required to stake CRO for different amounts of time and at different levels to get the upper tiers of the service. is a great service if you use CRO and an adequate service for everybody else.

At a Glance

Pros ✔️Cons ❌
Lots of perks and discounts are available.Low trading commissions (in some cases)A very complex tier systemThe best deals are paywalled behind CRO staking requirements


Supported CryptosDeposit FeeFee to buy BTCWithdrawal FeeWalletTop Features
115N/A1.2%N/AYesLow Fees in some areas

Bitcoin trading UK options can be really varied, and yet Uphold is still something of an odd man out.

While its crypto selection is average, it does offer a wide variety of trading options for cross-asset trading, including stocks, fiat currency, and precious metals like gold or silver. While this kind of trading is more geared toward advanced traders, it still represents an interesting opportunity for others.

A pretty good option in terms of usability, cost, and service, Uphold is a good choice for UK-based customers. On the flip side, it has been noted that its mobile service leaves something to be desired.

At a Glance

Pros ✔️Cons ❌
A decent selection of cryptos is availableGreat for cross-asset tradingGreat for traders learning how to invest in cryptocurrency UKNot the best cryptocurrency app UK reviewsSome secretary issues have been reported


We know that there are a lot of questions when it comes to the “best crypto exchange UK.” That’s why in this section we are going to go through some of the most frequently asked questions and help you find the best crypto exchanges UK.

Where is the best place to buy cryptocurrency in the UK?

It depends on what exactly you’re looking for. If you are looking for a great rate that’s simple to use, eToro is a great option, but for a huge variety of cryptos with some great perks, is a fantastic choice.

So if you’re looking for where to buy cryptocurrency in the UK, shop around, compare cryptocurrency prices UK, and find the best option for you.

What can I use instead of Binance UK?

If you’re looking for the best crypto exchange UK, Coinbase, Bitstamp, and CryptoWallet are all great alternatives to Binance!

It just depends on what kind of service you’re looking for when it comes to the best Bitcoin trading platform UK.

How do I avoid crypto tax UK?

Crypto exchange best practice means you should be aware that you have tax obligations. Sadly, taxes are a part of using crypto and avoiding them altogether isn’t possible or expressly legal.

However, with services like Coinly and Accointing, you can make paying crypto taxes much more straightforward. 

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