Big Eyes Coin: Read Our Big Eyes Crypto Guide | 
Big Eyes Coin: Read Our Big Eyes Crypto Guide

Big Eyes Coin: Read Our Big Eyes Crypto Guide

The world of crypto is full of hyped up projects with major social media traction and loyal followers. Sometimes, a project can be highly lucrative, and in other cases, coins end up as rug pulls or exit scams.

We advise users to read our guide carefully, including the section called “Is Big Eyes Coin Legit?” before pulling the trigger on any investment in Big Eyes Coin.

What is Big Eyes Coin?

big eyes coin

Big Eyes Coin is being hyped as the next big meme coin, an ERC-20 meme token on Ethereum featuring cute cartoon cats. The coin has generated a major following online, with 37,000 followers on Twitter alone. 

A audit of the Twitter account shows that the account does not have a disproportionately high number of bot/fake followers.

The team states that the project is community-owned, although at the moment, it appears that the anonymous team has total control over the funds raised so far. While many decentralized finance (DeFi) projects are not fully decentralized, the anonymity of the team and their sole control over the Big Eyes presale funds does not indicate community ownership at this time.

At the time of writing, it appears that over $33 million USD has been raised in the pre-sale.

Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction

The total supply of Big Eyes Coin is 200 billion.

While we’ve seen price predictions online, nobody can say for certain what price a token will reach in the future.

The project auditor appears to be skeptical about the Big Eyes Coin presale which is taking place off-chain, with no mechanism in place to oblige the team to distribute tokens in exchange for funds raised, or to prevent them from pulling an exit scam if they want to. Any Big Eyes Coin price prediction should take into account the fact that the Big Eyes Coin presale has already broken records, but also the fact that the project itself has raised many red flags around centralization and legitimacy.

The token attached to the project is $BIG, and no $BIG tokens have been distributed at this time. The team, known as the Cat Crew, state that the Big Eyes Coin dashboard will allow users to redeem their tokens after the presale event.

BIG EYES COIN LAUNCH DATE: When Will Big Eyes Crypto Launch?

The presale is set to end on June 03, 2023. The Cat Crew of the Big Eyes project is offering a bonus code END300 which will allow users to redeem a 300% bonus. However, the Big Eyes Coin bonus code is, of course, a way of encouraging people to spend more money in order to receive a promise of receiving $BIG in the future. There is no guarantee in place that the Big Eyes Presale will result in people receiving $BIG tokens.

We will also highlight the features that make Big Eyes Coin stand out, including its security, privacy, innovation, loot boxes, meme coin, community-centric approach, high growth potential, decentralization, low transaction fee, and limited supply. There is no Big Eyes Coin listing date at this time, nor is it known which exchanges will list $BIG if the token launches. The Big Eyes token value remains to be seen.

Is Big Eyes Crypto Legit?

It’s always hard to evaluate a crypto project in the space based on limited information. The Big Eyes Coin is anonymous, making it difficult to look into their background, intentions, experience, and track record.

As always in the crypto space, it’s wise to never invest more money than you can afford to lose. We can’t speak to whether the project is legit or not – there is no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of Big Eyes token, and the hype train has left the station. 

The presale has been delayed multiple times, and the reasons for this are unclear. The team has also moved the goalposts on issues like the number of bonuses available to presale members.

Matt Williams at investigated the project and found what he believes are links between Big Eyes and the infamous Firepin (FRPN) and Seesaw (SSW) projects which both turned out to be presale scams (rugpulls).

Is Big Eyes legit?

Williams notes that members of the Big Eyes Coin Telegram channel state they were contacted by Big Eyes Coin through email addresses that the members had previously only used for Firepin, suggesting that the Big Eyes Coin team are using the same email list as Firepin and may be the same team behind the Firepin scam.

These alleged connections are not confirmed at this time.

A YouTuber called Carl Talks Crypto pointed out that when he emailed Solidity Finance, the auditor that audited the project, Solidity Finance stated that Big Eyes Finance appears to be doing an off-chain pre-sale event. He also states that Solidity Finance did not receive any code allowing them to review the pre-sale, telling Carl to “proceed with caution.”

It’s also worth noting that the team has claimed that 5% of the proceeds of the ongoing Big Eyes token raise will be donated to charities to “save the oceans,” although no specific charities or details are mentioned beyond that.

Carl has since released a video apologizing for some recent comments on Big Eyes Coin, such as suggesting that the project lost its blue tick on Twitter, and appears to have softened his view towards the project in general. However, he also stated that previous videos suggesting the project might pull an exit scam still stand.

Proceed with caution is always good advice, and it’s a good idea not to jump headfirst into Big Eyes Coin without prior crypto experience and knowing what you’re getting into and how to evaluate a crypto project for investment.

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Big Eyes Token Solidity Finance Audit

Big Eyes Coin was audited by Solidity Finance, and the audit can be viewed here. Here are the key findings from the audit:

  • No mint or burn functions exist, though the circulating supply can be decreased by sending tokens to the 0x. dead address.
  • At the time of writing this report, 100% of the total supply belongs to the owner.
  • The owner can blacklist any address from being able to participate in transfers at any time.
  • There are no fees associated with transferring tokens.
  • As the contract is deployed with Solidity v0.8.13, it is safe from any possible overflows/underflows.
  • The contract complies with the ERC-20 token standard.

The auditor specifically flagged the centralized control with a written warning in the audit, shown above.

Is Big Eyes Coin Decentralized?

No. Despite press releases issued from the team, the project is extremely centralized, as the project’s own auditor pointed out in a firmly-worded warning to any potential users. The Big Eyes team are in sole control of user funds, they are completely anonymous, and they are capable of withdrawing 100% of the funds and/or blacklisting any users they like with no warning.

Big Eyes Coin Whitepaper Review and Tokenomics

The whitepaper is fairly short, and sparse on specific details. It describes how the project aims to release NFTs and distribute them as rewards, as well as save the oceans by donating funds to unspecified charities. No team members are mentioned by name, with pseudonymous cat characters in place of a human team with searchable backgrounds. The project brings to mind Pancat coin, another meme coin that skated by on cure cartoon cat aesthetics.

Here are the tokenomics listed in the Big Eyes Coin whitepaper:

  • 200,000,000,000 tokens
  • No Buy Tax. 
  • No Sell Tax.
  • 70% of tokens will be sold via a public presale 
  • 20% for Exchanges
  • 5% marketing wallet
  • 5% visibly held for charity
  • 10% Tax NFT’s [sic]
  • 4% distributed to the original seller
  • 5% distributed to holders
  • 1% to charity.

The paper also states that the project will release merchandise and organize community events, unspecified, in the future.

How to Buy Big Eyes Crypto

You can buy Big Eyes crypto at the project’s website. However, no tokens, even IOU tokens, are being issued to buyers via a contract. The project is simply taking money at this time.

Again, while this is a guide aimed at educating users on the nature of the project, investments in centralized projects can be extremely risky, and caution is always advisable when getting involved in crypto projects like Big Eyes.

Everyone is always excited about the next meme coin, but the race to find the next big meme coin can often leave the community vulnerable to bad actors pulling exit scams or rug pulls.

Big Eyes Coin News

The latest news on Big Eyes Coin reveals an AMA taking place in the Telegram channel on April 06 2023.

Big Eyes states that the presale will end on June 03 2023. Some online users have stated that the Big Eyes Coin launch date has been moved several times in the past.

Big Eyes Crypto Features

Big Eyes features NFTs and loot boxes to add a gamification element to the coin. The loot boxes will offer users rewards, potentially greater than the money they spent buying the box.

These features are promised but not released. The project also claims to feature decentralization and security as core aspects of Big Eyes, although it’s worth reiterating that neither of these things are true — the project is centralized and highly vulnerable, as even a single individual could permanently withdraw all of the funds raised in the Big Eyes token presale.

Staking, lending, and liquidity pools are also in the pipeline for the Big Eyes crypto project.

There is no buy tax or sell tax for Big Eyes, setting it apart from other meme coins in the past.

Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction

Big Eyes Coin does not have a price at this time, as the project is still in presale. If the project turns out to be legit, it the price will be revealed upon the launch of the actual token. We can’t make a Big Eyes Coin price prediction, but the project has certainly raised a lot of money so far.

The Ethereum Shanghai and Capella upgrades are taking up most of the market’s attention at the moment, with both upgrades due in April. It’s possible that the Shanghai and Capella Ethereum upgrades will create bullish conditions ahead of the June 03 Big Eyes crypto presale.

Big Eyes Coin Presale Price

Big eyes coin

As of May 17, the time of writing, the Big Eyes Coin presale price is 1 USDT for 5833.33 Big Eyes tokens. The project has raised $38,548,683.55 out of the total goal of $44,700,000. While the last time we wrote about Big Eyes crypto there were 679 million coins remaining in the available pool of Big Eyes Coin presale tokens, that number has seemingly been increased to 10.9 billion coins.

The BigEyes presale has reportedly moved its end date multiple times. $BIG tokens were priced at $0.0001 during the presale, and BIG crypto has already broken the record for the most successful presale event of any meme coin in crypto or DeFi history.

Big Eyes Coin: Key Takeaways

Here are our main takeaways from the Big Eyes Token project.

  • Big Eyes Coin is a meme token on the Ethereum network with an anonymous team.
  • Matt Williams at Business2Community has potentially linked the project to the Firepin presale scam.
  • The Big Eyes Coin project auditor, Solidity Finance, has issued a warning on the centralized nature of the project. The team has full control over the funds raised so far and could simply pull the rug at any time they want, if they chose to do so. The total funds raised now stand at $33 million, and the Big Eyes Coin team is anonymous.
  • The Big Eyes Coin price is unknown at this time, and the Big Eyes Coin presale price is currently 1 USDT for 2028.99 Big Eyes.
  • The exact nature and utility of the project is unclear, with the short whitepaper citing donating to unspecified charities and minting NFTs as part of the plan.
  • While we never give investment advice, is skeptical of the legitimacy of Big Eyes Coin. Anyone investing in Big Eyes Coin would do well to be extremely careful and thorough in their research of the project and similar pre-sale projects in the past.
  • The BIg Eyes crypto launch date is unureleased at this time, although the presale apparently ends on June 03, 2023.

Crypto Without Risk

Crypto without risk is never possible, as anyone who has spent some time in the space can tell you. However, there are degrees of risk., for example, is regulated by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit, a particularly strict regulator.

Where a lot of companies didn’t receive a license from Estonian regulators, we did, and that was due to the regulator investigating our company thoroughly and confirming that we have a viable product (including a crypto card with 800 supported cryptos and direct spending — sign up to preorder from our whitelist here!) as well as a reputable team, capital reserves, and a business plan.

Comparing this to a fully anonymous project like Big Eyes should perhaps give investors pause for thought (we’re struggling not to make a “paws” joke here) when pulling the trigger on an investment that could end up getting lost to yet another rug pull.

Is Big Eyes Coin the Next Meme Coin?

The next big meme coin is always just around the corner in crypto, and it’s difficult to say what it will be. In the case of Big Eyes, it seems that there are some red flags surrounding the project that may prevent it from being a big meme coin.

What does KYC Verified on CoinSniper Mean?’

KYC verified on CoinSniper means, according to CoinSniper, that the team has verified their identities to CoinSniper. CoinSniper does not guarantee the safety of any investments. CoinSniper has KYC verified the Big Eyes Coin project.

What are the next Meme Coins That Will Explode? can’t say for sure what the next big meme coin will be or which meme coins will explode in 2023. As always with crypto, and particularly with meme coins, extreme caution and good judgement is required when evaluating a project for investment.

What is the ticker for Big Eyes Token?

The ticker for Big Eyes token is $BIG

How much will Big Eyes crypto be worth?

Big Eyes Coin could be worth a little, or a lot, based on how the presale goes. While many believe that the coin’s price could skyrocket, we at are wary of the legitimacy of the project. That’s not to say that it’s definitely a scam! However, the fact that the project is so vulnerable to a rug pull is a major red flag, as flagged by the project’s own auditor. Big Eyes Coin investors should tread very carefully when pulling the trigger on an investment based on the potential connections to previous exit scams and the warning issued by the auditor.

Is Big Eyes Coin on Coinbase?

No, Big Eyes Coin is not on Coinbase. The project has not launched yet, and is still in the presale phase at the time of writing (May 17 2023). The project claims that the presale will end on the 3rd of June, although other users have stated that previous presale deadlines have been moved forward in the past, delaying the launch of the project.

Critics say that this is simply a way for the Big Eyes Coin team to accumulate more crypto from would-be investors, although it’s too early to tell how the project will turn out or whether it will ever trade on Coinbase.

Could Big Eyes reach $1?

The total supply of Big Eyes Coin is 200,000,000,000. It’s unlikely that Big Eyes could reach $1, as this would make the total market cap $200 billion, which is around half the current market cap of Bitcoin and close to the entire market cap of Ethereum. It isn’t likely that a meme coin will reach this valuation any time soon, if the project ever goes live at all, but anything is possible.

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