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Buy Pancat Cryptocurrency (Read This First!)
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Buy Pancat Cryptocurrency (Read This First!)

Sometimes in crypto, old trends see a new resurgence of popularity – even when they should perhaps have been left to fade away. The Pancat project has risen from the grave recently, at least in terms of people searching for it online.

In the interest of maintaining a safe and well-informed crypto space, we thought we’d clear things up about Pancat once and for all.

What is Pancat Cryptocurrency?

Pancat coin launched as a meme coin similar to Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. 

Pancat ran on Polygon, a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum that greatly reduces gas prices and transaction costs. 

The project burned over half of its tokens, and featured an NFT marketplace to capitalize on the NFT boom that was active at the time of the project launch.

Key features included:

  • 2 second block time
  • No transaction costs
  • Adorable cartoon cat theme to disarm skeptics

Buy Pancat Cryptocurrency: Tokenomics

Pancat coin charged a 6% commission to anyone buying Pancat cryptocurrency or transacting with it. 4% of that commission was then distributed to Pancat holders, like an airdrop, and again, this was another aspect of the coin’s popularity.

The total supply was 500 quadrillion, making the price of a single token extremely low. This, of course, gives the perception to novice investors that the token is “cheap,” although this is not the correct way to look at supply or market capitalization.

In reality, the price of an individual token is irrelevant, and to determine overall value, what matters is how much of the supply of a crypto you have purchased.

Buy Pancat Cryptocurrency Without Whales

Critically, an aspect of Pancat is that it featured a mechanism preventing people from buying too much of the supply at one time, and this was a major aspect of the popularity of Pancat coin, the perception that whales could not buy it all up and manipulate the price. 

In reality, it would be quite simple to bypass this feature by using multiple wallets.

Pancat Scam: Is Pancat Coin a Scam?

We can’t say whether Pancat Coin was a scam. The project, despite a resurgence of popularity, is largely inactive now online and the project website is now dead. It does appear that the project failed to achieve the tasks set out in its roadmap, including centralized exchange listings, strategic partnerships, and more.

Whether this is due to a Pancat scam or simply a failure on the part of the project to survive is unclear.

Regardless, the internet is still full of people trying to buy Pancat token. To buy Pancat, we’ll move to the next section – but we’ll do so with the knowledge that the project is likely not a viable investment at this point.

How to Buy Pancat Cryptocurrency

To buy Pancat cryptocurrency, you’ll need a wallet funded with USDT (Tether). Check our article on best Tether wallets here.

Buy Pancat Crypto Step 1: Open a Tether Wallet

Open a wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain, like Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet is a multi-currency wallet that supports the Tether stablecoin as well as other currencies, including Pancat, killing two birds with one stone.

Buy Pancat Crypto Step 2: Fund Your Wallet

Add Tether (USDT) to your wallet. If you don’t have any Tether, you can buy some at an exchange or with a debit or credit card purchase within Trust Wallet.

You can easily buy Tether at a lower cost than Trust Wallet right here on CryptoWallet and then simply send that instantly to Trust Wallet.

Buy Pancat Crypto Step 3: Connect Wallet to QuickSwap

Connect your wallet to the QuickSwap exchange where Pancat is sold. There will be a button on screen saying “connect wallet.”

Buy Pancat Crypto Step 4: Connect Wallet to QuickSwap

Navigate to the token swap section (“swap” on the top left of the screen). The default currency is MATIC.

Click the MATIC icon and type in USDT, and then select USDT as an option.

Then, in the “To” section, select Pancat and make your purchase. It’s likely that the liquidity will be extremely low, and we cannot recommend making a purchase of Pancat at this time.

Is Pancat a Good Investment?

It’s not our place to give investment advice. We wrote this guide to help you make up your own mind. However, despite the resurgence of interest in this project, it is, in effect, defunct. Is Pancat a good investment? At this point in the project’s lifecycle, it seems that the use case for Pancat token is extremely limited, to say the least, and there are perhaps other projects that would be better suited for investment.

Pancat Coin Price

The price of Pancat coin is not listed on Coinmarketcap due to extremely low liquidity for its trading pairs both with USDT and wMatic.

Pancake Crypto Price Prediction

We cannot anticipate any real price action coming up in Pancake’s future. While people are searching for information about it, the price action itself remains flat, and it seems unlikely to recover. If you want to buy Pancat token, be aware of all the risks in crypto, which apply doubly to this project due to the lack of activity on behalf of the team and, indeed, on the exchange order books.

CryptoWallet Card

The crypto space is full of niche altcoins and DeFi projects like Pancat. While most exchanges don’t list them, CryptoWallet aims not only to list a massive amount of altcoins, but to support them on our upcoming crypto card as well. 

Later this year, you’ll be able to tap your card and spend one of over 800 cryptocurrencies anywhere you like! Your wallet will simply automatically update with your new balance, solving a major pain point in crypto. To preorder your card, join our whitelist here.

And before you ask, no. We won’t be listing Pancat coin.

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