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What is Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains (UD) is a company that sells blockchain-based domain names. Users receive a unique domain name instead of numerous account names or long crypto addresses. With a domain name like moon.crypto, you can use it as a crypto wallet address with eligible wallets and exchanges. The domain is intriguing, and others can also use it as a website domain for decentralized platforms.

Cryptocurrencies can be an essential part of the web through modifications and improvements to how users interact with digital assets. People can utilize decentralized domain name systems (crypto domains) to achieve that.

Why use Unstoppable Domains?

One can store these domains in your wallet just like Non Fungible Tokens. Thus they are the only people who can access them. Moreover, such domains are secure and under their possession forever.

Interestingly, apart from your Web3 domain, you can even come up with your dApps and games.

Owning a domain

To have a domain, you need to access Unstoppable Domains. With the search bar, check available domain names. You will see some of the domain variants available in all different price ranges to suit you. 

The names come connected to over 200 assets. Apart from .zil, the domain part does alter the assets you will be able to receive and send. The only difference is that one domain name looks somehow more extraordinary than the rest. After choosing a domain, add it to your cart. Proceed to register a free account. After making a payment, you immediately gain access to your domain.