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What is This is Gentlemen?

Started out as an error when writing “This is it, gentlemen”, This is gentlemen is now used during any crypto-related announcement considered to be good news, especially via social media. 

Typically used in like Reddit or Bitcoin Forum, “this is gentlemen” is used to introduce exciting news about an ongoing crypto project or a crypto asset’s performance. 

History and Common Usage

Since the advent of Bitcoin – the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization – in 2009, many crypto forums have been established; usually, a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts that share a common belief in a particular cryptocurrency project or the world of cryptos in general.

Over the years, organizers or coordinators of these forums have developed jovial terms and methods to announce exciting news on their platforms, usually when their favourite projects experience a long-awaited bull run.

Many similar terms exist for different purposes and discussions in the cryptocurrency community. A typical example is “When Lambo” – an expression of hope for when crypto investors will be profitable enough to be able to own a luxurious automobile known as Lamborghini (a car with an average price of around $200,000). 

Just as cryptocurrencies continue to attain widespread usage and global adoption, it is expected that the crypto lingua (formal and informal) will continue to evolve to express crypto news.