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What is Newb?

This is a jovial term generally used to refer to someone who is new to a particular industry. 

Popularly written as “newbie”, the term can refer to a person who has never owned, traded or interacted with any cryptocurrency or crypto exchange and the individual may genuinely be willing to learn

History and usage of the term “Newbie”

The term “Newbie” originated during World War II to refer to new recruits of the army.  It was not necessarily used derogatorily but to instead insinuate that a person is new to the scene and yet to know what to expect.

However, in modern-day internet usage, the term is used and written in different forms.  Some examples are “Newb”, “noob”, “nub” etc. Used jovially across the internet on various social media platforms like Reddit, and multi-player gaming communities. 

While some may consider the term derogatory, it is wildly not taken in a bad light as it can also mean someone new to a field, sector, job role, or … who is willing to learn. In more formal settings, other words (such as novice, newcomer)  that mean the same thing are primarily used. 

In the world of cryptocurrencies, a lot of education is still ongoing as there are more newbies than experienced hands.