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What is Mainnet?

A Mainnet can be described as an independent blockchain network that utilizes its own protocols and technologies. Mainnet’s are effectively the ‘live’ version of a Testnet. Conversely, a Testnet is an alternative blockchain network that is often utilized by developers for beta testing new protocols and technology. The purpose of a Testnet is to develop the technologies and protocols that are intended to eventually be run on the Mainnet once developers are confident that they will not jeopardize the functionality of the Mainnet. 

Different blockchain startups approach the development of a Mainnet in different ways. But one way that has proven to be effective is the use of the existing ‘Ethereum Request for Comment’ technology, tethering the development of new technology into a pre-existing one. By using Etherum’s ERC-20 smart contracts, developers can issue their own tokenized assets and property and roll out their Mainnet.