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What is Honeyminer?

Honeyminer was a popular cloud mining app available for download on Windows and IOS devices. The mining app aimed to make mining and earning crypto easy for anyone who has a computer. 

Mining crypto from home has been unprofitable for several people who can’t compete with the hashrate of large mining farms. Honeyminer created a solution to this with their platform. They combine the hashrate of individual miners and successfully mine new blocks. Honeyminer makes use of the CPU and GPU power that users voluntarily provide for mining.

Honeyminer used the GPU/CPU power to mine the most profitable currencies and switches from coin to coin automatically within a 10 minutes interval. It focused on coins that have great market value so that mining can be as profitable as possible. The mined altcoins were later converted to Bitcoin and sent to users.

Honeyminer ceased operations in 2021.