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What is Hash Power / Hash Rate?

Hash power, or hash rate, refers to the amount of computing power dedicated to validating and protecting a Proof-of-Work Blockchain such as Bitcoin. In order to contribute to the hash rate, mining rigs calculate cryptographic hashes that ensure the network runs smoothly. 

Hash rate can be calculated for both individual mining rigs as well as for the entire network.  Hash rate for an individual mining rig is measured by the amount of hashes it can calculate per second.  The network hash power is calculated by adding together the hash rate of all of the operating rigs. 

Higher hash rates are able to do complete more hashes and thus earn a larger percentage of mining rewards. This incentivizes mining operators to keep their hash rates as high as possible, which in turn provides a large amount of power dedicated to helping the network. 

Which cryptocurrency has the highest hash power?

Bitcoin has by far the highest hash power of any cryptocurrency network. At the time of writing the hash rate is 144 million TH/s (total hashes per second). 

What is a good hash rate for one mining rig?

High quality mining rigs currently have a hash rate of around 110 TH/s. To be profitable and worthwhile a miner rig likely needs a hash rate of at least 25 TH/s.