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What is Geth?

Geth (which stands for Go Ethereum) is a command-line interface used to run an Ethereum node implemented in Go language, allowing developers to mine ether – the platform’s native cryptocurrency, validate ether transactions and execute smart contracts on the Ethereum network.

What is Go Ethereum?

The Ethereum network is written in three main languages; Go, Python, and C++. An Ethereum node implemented in Go – a programming language developed by Google – can be accessed using Geth, which allows developers to write new codes or modify existing code in contribution to the development of the entire network. Given that the ethereum blockchain’s source code is readily available on Github as it is an entirely open-source project, developers may seldom add to the existing code base to fix known issues.

Geth (Go Ethereum) also allows users to create decentralized applications (dApps) that run on the EVM- Ethereum Virtual Machine. The EVM is the foundational infrastructure of the entire ethereum network responsible for enforcing the rules for creating new blocks on the network. 

Go Ethereum remains the most seamless, fast and secure way to connect to the Ethereum network. On initial start-up, Geth connects to Ethereum’s mainnet and allows users to download a copy of the entire blockchain information; hence, the user can verify transactions against that copy.