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What is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)?

The Ethereum Virtual Machine is a computation engine used by the Ethereum network to handle millions of different commands. It exists in the code of the Ethereum network itself, and every Ethereum node runs on the EVM. The EVM also runs smart contracts on the network.

Smart contracts are self-executing computational processes that trigger when certain conditions are met. Thesmart contracts create conditions along with the nodes that trigger under certain circumstances. Implementing changes and enacting processes automatically in a decentralized fashion. The coding language of smart contracts is called Solidity.

The EVM converts these smart contracts into bytecodes. These are efficient and portable codes, that the EVM communicates across the network which in turn are used by the software interpreter to implement the contract. 

Key Example: The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

EVM technology is one of the most exciting and ambitious cryptocurrency projects to date. Combing various other pieces of blockchain technology into the exciting prospect of Web3’s ‘Internet of Blockchain.’ To date, various Ethereum Networks continue to develop the technology.

These exciting and innovative spaces have attracted many Dapp or Decentralised App developers. These include Uniswap Defi, Axie Infinity Games, and Sushi. Dapps are integral to the future of Ethereum technology as they represent a bold step forwards in decentralized application processing. Allowing users to pool the computational efforts of all nodes while defying standard centralized control found in classic web technology.