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What is Decryption?

Decryption is a cyber security strategy that makes it harder for someone to intercept and view private information. Where encryption involves scrambling or coding information to make it indecipherable for security purposes, decryption refers to making this information readable again. To read encrypted information, you need a decryption key (such as a password).

What Is SSL Decryption/TLS Decryption?

To protect crucial information, businesses and various other companies implement Transport Layer Security (TLS), frequently referred to as the superseded Secure Socket Layer (SSL), to encrypt information as it’s exchanged over IP networks.

SSL/TLS develops a safe and secure channel between the web server and the end user’s computer system or other devices as they trade information over the internet and various internet browsers.

TLS is an industry-standard based upon a system that relies on guidelines and certifications provided by certificate authorities and acknowledged by servers. SSL decryption was replaced by the TLS standard in 2015. In 2018, TLS 1.3 was standardized, which is a policy that mandates making use of Perfect Forward Secrecy for optimal security. 

While securing data, encryption also blinds network security and application surveillance tools. TLS/SSL decryption traffic is crucial for these tools. Nonetheless, it’s extremely computationally intensive and can introduce network latency.