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What is Brave Browser?

The Brave Browser is a popular if somewhat controversial web browser often favoured by cryptocurrency and web privacy enthusiasts. The Brave Browser is an innovative and increasingly popular alternative web browser that was co-founded by one of the Firefox creators Brendon Eich. The reason for Brave Browser’s increasing popularity is its inspired approach towards advertisements and web privacy. 

Brave Browser offers users a token for its usage, referred to as BATs. These ‘Basic Attention Tokkens’ are awarded to users for interaction with specific advertisements. The Brave Browser replaces much of the advertisements that would normally be found on websites when using more conventional browsers, with specifically curtailed ads of its own. Interacting with these ads is incentivized by awarding the user with BAT tokens which can be traded and tipped amongst the network. 

This creative approach to web advertisement changes the relation between user and advertisement in a fascinating way. The user, not the webpage has gained far more ownership over their web browsing and is incentivised to interact with ads as they choose. Giving more onus to the user and creating a healthier interaction between parties. Going further, this approach also speeds up web browsing when contrasted with other browsers.

By removing the ad scripts usually found on web pages the Brave Browser operates much faster and also removes much of the data harvesting found throughout most conventional browsers. This behavioural data harvesting is considered to be a contentious issue for many users, with many considering the modern practice anti-consumer or even unethical.

Brave browser: The bad and the ugly

The various innovative approaches found within the Brave Browser has made it very attractive to the cryptocurrency community, but it is not without its detractors. Many companies and interest groups have criticised the Brave Browser, claiming that its removal of advertising scripts effectively steals earnings for the webpage and its creator. Resulting in a form of content theft. Therefore some news media websites have attempted to sue the Brave Browser for lost revenue. Regardless of its controversy, the Brave Browser remains increasingly popular both for its design, innovation and privacy orientated function.