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What is Bitcointalk?

Bitcointalk is a popular online forum that was created in 2011 for Bitcoin enthusiasts to meet and talk about the emerging technology. Throughout Bitcoin’s early history Bitcointalk played a key role in coordinating important Bitcoin related discussions. It remains one of the most popular and largest cryptocurrency online forums to this day. 

Does Bitcointalk still exist?

As of the time of writing Bitcointalk still exists and has an active community of 3 million members. This is despite the rise of other popular Bitcoin related messaging forums such as the Bitcoin subreddit or various Bitcoin themed telegram channels. 

What is the best Bitcointalk forum? 

This of course depends on which of the various subtopics of Bitcoin (mining, monetary theory, general discussion etc.) interests you the most. 

The most active Bitcointalk forum is currently the general ‘Bitcoin Discussion’ forum which has over 2 million posts.