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What is Backend?

Backend often refers to the part of a functional application or service that is not accessible to users. 

For example, the Twitter homepage is the “front end” of the service that users interact with. The back end of the service can include everything from server maintenance, routers, moderation, and the actual software development of the site itself.

Web3/DAO Backend Development

In the world of Web3, DAO, and dApps, backend development can be a little different than its Web 2.0 counterpart.

One of the main criticisms levelled at Web 2.0 technology by Web3 fans is that too much of the system is completely out of the hands of the users. Web 2 essentially homogenized the control of the internet into a few key players, like IBM, Alphabet, META, and Microsoft. The key stakeholders make all of the decisions and don’t require much input from the consumer.

Any of these companies can make decisions about people’s data or change parts of the service without the need for their user’s input. They are in full control of the backend, and you merely interact with the front end.

This is why so many people refer to Web 2.0 as a largely centralized system.

Web3, however, can use blockchain-based systems and DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) to create systems that spread out control amongst their users, in theory.

Ethereum, for example, uses smart contracts to create backend development but is far more transparent and accessible to members of its network. Ethereum wants users to be able to take part in its system, and it will have to carry out votes from its DAO if it wants to change something.