How to Use Bitcoins on Amazon (and Other Cryptos)
How to Use Bitcoins on Amazon in 2024
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How to Use Bitcoins on Amazon in 2024

Amazon is the biggest retailer in the US, and the sixth largest retailer in the world. With rapid international delivery options and a huge selection of products, there’s no wonder why it’s so popular.

What some people have been wondering, however, is whether it’s possible to spend their favourite crypto on their favourite online store.

Does Amazon accept bitcoins? What about other crypto payment options? Let’s look into the options when it comes to spending bitcoins on Amazon.

Does Amazon Accept Bitcoins?

Technically, no, Amazon does not accept direct spending of bitcoins. Amazon’s stance on accepting cryptocurrency remains unclear at this time. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t spend Bitcoin or other cryptos on Amazon through other means!

With crypto cards and gift cards on the rise, there are a number of ways to use bitcoins on Amazon without spending it directly on the store.

How to Use Bitcoin on Amazon?

There are many ways to spend Bitcoin, even if a vendor doesn’t have direct Bitcoin transaction capabilities on their site or in their brick-and-mortar store.

There are 2 ways to use Bitcoin on Amazon.

  • Use Crypto Card to pay with crypto on Amazon
  • Buy Amazon gift cards with cryptocurrency

Use Crypto Card to Pay with Crypto on Amazon

This option is the best way to use Bitcoin on Amazon. Simply sign up for a crypto card, top it up, and spend Bitcoin or other cryptos on Amazon.

A crypto card is like a regular bank or payment card, but one that allows crypto payments. Most crypto cards support 5 – 10 cryptos and may require manual conversion of crypto to fiat before allowing a purchase, a process that can be slow and expensive.

Use Bitcoins on Amazon

However, the crypto card has the lowest fees and most supported cryptos in the world, plus direct spending! Check out our whitelist for more info.

Buy Amazon Gift Cards with Cryptocurrency

There’s another option when it comes to Amazon accepting crypto – gift cards!

Amazon gift cards are like vouchers that are only accepted on Amazon. You can buy them from many locations and redeem them online for Amazon products just like you would spend cash at a store.

Think of an Amazon gift card like a prepaid bank card – it has a balance, listed in fiat, which you can spend on anything you like on Amazon.

You can easily buy gift cards with Bitcoin on sites like Coinsbee or CryptoRefills. Read our section further down in this article for more details on how to complete this process.

Will Amazon Ever Accept Bitcoin?

It’s difficult to say whether Amazon will accept Bitcoin in the future. The last official statement on the matter was in 2014, when Amazon stated that it would not be accepting Bitcoin payments, but much has changed since then.

With major companies like PayPal, AT&T, and American Express embracing Bitcoin, it’s possible that Amazon will eventually come around as well.

However, there’s another point to consider. There are indications that Amazon may launch its own digital currency, with a beta project already being rolled out in Mexico. If Amazon intends to launch a major digital currency through its platform, the company may not wish to lend credence or support to existing competitors like Bitcoin.

Crypto Card: Spend Bitcoin and 800+ Cryptos on Amazon

The crypto card allows direct spending of crypto, meaning you can simply make a transaction and the card will instantly update your wallet balance. The card works with on-platform or third-party wallets, it supports over 800 cryptos, and it has the lowest fees out of any crypto card in the world.

Sign up for our crypto card here.

Amazon Crypto Payments FAQs

What can I buy with crypto on Amazon?

By using a crypto card, you can buy anything you like on Amazon with crypto – just like a regular debit card.

We believe that the crypto card is the best way to spend crypto directly on Amazon, as you can simply make a transaction as you would with any other payment card and the funds will be deducted from your crypto wallet holdings. However, this does not constitute Amazon accepting crypto directly.

Does Amazon accept cryptocurrency?

No, Amazon does not accept cryptocurrency at this time. However, you can use crypto to buy goods on Amazon by ordering and using a crypto card, or using crypto to buy Amazon gift cards.

When will Amazon accept cryptocurrency?

It’s unknown if or when Amazon might accept cryptocurrency. In 2014, the company said that it would not accept Bitcoin, and in 2021, Amazon began rolling out its own digital currency project in Mexico.

Does Amazon accept Bitcoin?

No, Amazon does not accept Bitcoin directly. However, you can use Bitcoin and other cryptos to buy goods on Amazon via a crypto card or by using BTC to purchase an Amazon gift card. With PayPal and other major companies dipping their toes into the crypto world, it’s possible that Amazon will accept Bitcoin at some point in the future. 

Of course, with the card, it doesn’t really matter whether they do or not, as you can effectively use Bitcoin on Amazon to buy anything.

How to spend Bitcoin on Amazon?

You can spend Bitcoin on Amazon via a Crypto Card to buy anything just like a regular debit card. Crypto card allows you to spend cryptos practically anywhere where card payments are accepted.

How to buy Amazon gift cards with Ethereum?

You can go to sites like Coinsbee or CryptoRefills to buy Amazon gift cards with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos. Simply choose the type of gift card you’d like to buy, select the value you want the card to be in fiat, and go to checkout. You’ll be prompted to pay in crypto, and can simply scan a QR code or enter the site wallet details in your crypto wallet to proceed with the transaction

How to spend Ethereum in Amazon?

You can’t spend Ethereum on Amazon directly but can use a crypto card or buy Amazon gift cards to spend your Ethereum on anything you want on the Amazon site.

Does Amazon accepts Dogecoin?

Amazon does not accept DOGE directly, but you can use a crypto card to pay with Dogecoin to buy anything on Amazon.

Alternatively, you can buy gift cards with DOGE and spend crypto on Amazon like that.

Amazon to accept Litecoin?

No Amazon does not accept Litecoin. However, you can use a crypto card to buy anything on Amazon with Litecoin.

Alternatively, you can use Litecoin to buy Amazon gift cards and shop for anything on Amazon.

Can you buy Bitcoin on Amazon?

No, you cannot buy Bitcoin on Amazon. Bitcoin can only be purchased through an crypto exchange like If you are a beginner, you can buy/sell Bitcoin and 800 other cryptos easily at low fees.

Does Amazon have its own cryptocurrency?

Amazon does not have its own cryptocurrency at this time. However, it’s possible that this will change in the future.

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