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Trump NFTs

It was both surprising and yet not surprising that Trump eventually found his way to the world of NFTs.

Number 45 released his first batch of Trump Trading Card NFTs in December 2022 and has since released a second batch, to considerably less success.

Many such cases.

So what are Trump NFTs? How are they performing? Are the detractors a bunch of losers and haters, or have people truly gone cold on Trump NFTs?

Let’s find out.

Buy Trump NFTs: Trump NFTs Explained

The first batch of Trump NFTs was released back in December 2022, and unsurprisingly, it was a controversial affair.

Trump has been referred to as the first “banned” president. 

At the time, he was indeed banned from most social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and was coming to the end of a two-year stint in Instagram jail.

“IM BACK” he exclaimed to his excited Facebook followers, and on Instagram he immediately started shilling his new NFTs.

Trump NFTs are available on the Polygon Blockchain and can be found on a variety of different NFT marketplaces, with the main market being OpeanSea.

Trump NFTs Sell Out

The first batch of Trump NFTs launched to initial success, with each card being sold for $99 and each fan being limited to buying 100 cards initially. Very quickly, however, the Trump cards sold out, and the floor price of each card rose to about 0.5 ETH, or $780.

So how many NFTs did Trump sell?

Around 45,000 Trump NFTs were sold, and that puts the collection’s value at $33,750,000.

Given the success of the cards, it came as a surprise to absolutely no one that they were going to try again with a second batch.

“Series 2” Trump NFT cards were released in April 2023, to little fanfare.

These cards, considered to have worse art and with a worsening public perception of NFTs, found themselves selling below their original price, with the floor resting at about $97. Check out their official page on OpenSea here for more information.

Now let’s talk about where to buy Trump NFTs.

How to Buy Trump’s NFT Cards?

Learning how to buy Trump NFTs is pretty straightforward; all you’ll need is a market, a crypto wallet, and a seller.

If you are looking for Trump NFTs where to buy? You can find them on OpenSea; check out this page for more info.

Purchasing Trump NFTs on OpenSea is pretty straightforward, all you have to do is register, link your wallet, and find a Trump NFT listing.

To register, you’ll have to create an account and fulfill a KYC check. Generally speaking, this process takes a few minutes and will require you to somewhat verify your identity.

Once you have an account, you can link your crypto wallet directly to your OpenSea account. Wallets such as TrustWallet, PancakeSwap, or MetaMask can be easily integrated into your OpenSea account.

Then all you have to do is find a Trump card listing, agree on the price, and pay.

How Much Are Trump NFT Cards Worth?

Can you put a price on something as special as a Trump Trading Card? Yes, it will cost a bit less than $200.

However, some of the original batches of Trump cards can sell for more, somewhere in the $700 region.

But there are elements to some of the Trump NFTs that potentially add some additional value that, to some people, is very valuable indeed.

Trump NFTs Price Prediction

Trying to predict the value of Trump NFTs price is a little tricky for two key reasons.

  1. The value is always going to be closely tied to relevance, popularity, and presidential status.
  2. Trump cards allegedly enter you into a referral in which you might get a chance to meet Donny himself.

Let’s go through both of these individually. 

  1. Trumps Profile

Trump is a very public figure, having moved from a shock jock radio show guest to a reality TV show personality and, finally, a surprise one-term president of the United States of America.

Throughout this entire time, Trump’s most valuable asset has always been his personal brand, which is tied to the idea of success.

However, as has been observed over and over again, beyond the branding, most Trump ventures fail.

Look no further than a series of failed casinos, hotels, steak companies, Trump business schools, and Trump magazines to see what happens when the Trump brand attempts a grounded venture.

Yet the brand is undoubtedly still extremely valuable.

This is what makes Trump NFTs price so tricky.

When the first batch was released, he had been somewhat out of the public eye, but his cards sold very well.

Yet oddly, another batch of “Trump NFTs for sale” was announced amidst an ongoing second presidential run and a massive media campaign, and they sold poorly. 

But it would stand to reason that if he does win the next presidential election, then the profile of the NFTs should rise, but will that increase Trump NFTs price?

Like everything to do with Trump, it’s hard to predict.

  1. Trump NFT Sweepstakes

To further add to the wildcard nature of Trump’s NFT valuation is the so-called “Sweepstakes.”

Put simply, all Trump NFTs are entered into a raffle in which there are all kinds of prizes, including:

Entry to cocktail hour at Mar-a-Lago, a Zoom call with Trump, a game on one of Trump’s golf courses (allegedly with an appearance from the man himself), and the most coveted prize of them all.

Dinner with Donny. 

If that has left you wondering, “where can I buy Trump NFTs?” Just remember, if you do win the coveted prize of getting to eat with Donald Trump, you will have to pay all your expenses, including travel, lodging, and the meal itself.

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